Written by Mark

15 Jun 2016

My GF of five years is away at the moment because her Mum is ill and the family are looking after her.

This has left me a bit sexually frustrated. Chatting to the GF at the weekend she suggested I write some more on here about her, she loves the attention, always has and probably always will. I have no problems about it!

So, I met her through a mate when she was about 38. She was going out with him for two years on and off and I can only tell you I could never really take my eyes off her. I knew what she was like from my mate and he was proud of what a slut she was. This in itself turns me on and I wanted her. When they turned up at a party or the pub she always wore mini skirts and had her tits on show. She's a 34B, size 10-12, 5'6 olive skinned British Indian.

My mate is a very open bloke and told me he had worked on her to change her to a slut as she never dressed like that before he met her so she changed character for him totally and it suited her. She would sit in the bar without panties and he would think nothing of lifting her skirt for the guys to ogle. And we did! She was and still is quite sub.

On my birthday, my mates present to me was 30 minutes with her. I could not believe my luck. I was not unique though as I learned he had done this for a few of his mates, some of which I knew. This just peaked my interest more in her as he had truly trained her to be a slut for him.

Eventually, their relationship ended due to him being indifferent and not wanting to commit to her.

This was my in and with his blessing I went for it and started seeing a lot more of her. I didn't want her to change and we joined this site as I wanted to share her with other guys and she remains keen on other guys having her and the attention she gets.

To this day we are still together and happy after five years.

Her ex remains my mate and he has been on holiday with us many times and he still fucks her fairly regularly . She even goes on holiday with him without me now and then and he shares her.

We have also met a few older guys off SH who I have watched have her and we have been invited to Spain on a few occasions now where she has organised sex sessions with guys there.

I'm very lucky I know.