Written by Kajon

15 May 2018

I had a good friend who moved to a nice village out in the sticks but just an hours drive away. He often visited me and Karen and we'd go for a drink. Sometimes there was Stag nights on with Strippers at the nearby clubs and we'd go round to them all cos we were two horny buggers . One night a stripper came on who looked a bit like my wife so Colin said 'She looks like Karen'. I said she'd never have the courage to strip on a stage infront of hundreds of wankers so its definitely not her. He just said that's a shame isnt it? Thinking back I knew the first time he saw Joan he fancied her and they got on really well. She liked a bit daft carry on and so did he so they'd take the mick out of each other, or was it flirting?. I often visited him as I liked his local Pub. After a few pints we'd start talking dirty and he'd tell me what books he had to lend me (Mens Mags) . . One week he brought a couple of porno videos for me. Both were two men and a girl ones. The next week he asked if I watched them and did Karen?. I told him the truth because me and Joan enjoyed watching them. She got turned on seeing a woman taking on two men . She'd had two cocks in one night but not together. Looking back I think he was grooming us to find out more about Karen and hoping to fuck her. One night I was a bit drunk and boasted I bought a video camera so his reply was have I videoed her yet. So big mouth me bragged I had filmed her so he said he'd love to see it cos it will be miles better than any videos he'd seen. I just said maybe sometime, but I don't know if I should. He said sneak it out when Julie his wife is at her mothers . So I said I'd have a think about it. He was talking to me on the phone mid week and he said 'fancy coming tomorrow when Julie's out? So I said aslong as you can keep it a secret I'll pop up.

Next night I sneaked the video out and took it up to his. He'd got a few cans in so we sat drinking and looking through his mens magazines to borrow a couple. Joan liked me to read the readers letters as she gobbled me, and her favourites were two men and a girl. Getting the books out was to get me horny which I knew. Then he said can we have the video on now. He put it on and as soon as he saw Karen opening her skirt up to reveal her stockings & suspenders and with no knickers and he couldn't believe how ravishing she looked. Then she opened her blouse and lifted her tits out of her sexy bra and her tits were big enough for her to tease us by sucking a nipple. Then she lay down on the sofa with her feet on the floor, legs wide open and while still filming I threw her a cucumber . She caught it and went mmmm lovely and give it a good long lick then started to slide 4 or 5 inches of it into her fanny. Colin got his cock out and I got mine out and we both sat stroking. The video was good quality and really got him going. He said he wishes he was that cucumber. The video was only 15 mins and he wanted it on again.

After watching her masturbating with that thick cucumber he said he'd love to fuck Karen. So with us being turned on I told him a little secret . I told him she's had cock off a friend called John a Taxi driver (who he didnt know) . I said she is normally shy so when she's out with her pals she makes sure she has a few drinks to get a bit courage and he brings her home in his taxi but he gets paid first in the carpark. He wanted to know more so I told him.

I told him it started when she was going on a girls night out so I mentioned it to John cos he was a taxi driver & told him its a chance to tap her up when shes drunk/tipsy. He was keen to get a fuck of Karen & said he's up for it even if it meant missing a shift. I told her that he was gona pick her up she'd said OK even though I was expecting her to say she'll get her own taxi. Colin wanted to hear the whole tale so I said on the night he was waiting for her and she came out abt 11pm ish. She'd had a ggod drink cos she'd been out since 7pm ish so got in the back & he he drove towards our place then turned into an old Church carpark She'd guessed she'd have to pay when he got into the back & snuggled into her. She wouldnt let him kiss her so he had a feel of her and kissed her on the neck instead and that seemed ok. After that hands were all over her & she said it was pointless fighting him off cos she was in a randy mood no . I told Colin he got her tits out &to cut a long story short they fucked in the back of his taxi and she's done it quite a few times since so she likes a bit extra cock. As you'll guess Colin was amazed Karen liked extra cock so I told him I'll try and arrange something for him. He said if he fucks Karen does that mean I need a fuck of Julie? I said I cant keep up with Joan cos she wants sex two or three times a day , seven days a week so no thanks. So he wanked off watching Joan on Video and I went off home for a fuck. She is very clever and she knew I had took the video from the Safe. As we were fucking she said did Colin like my video. I knew it was a waste of time lying so I told her he fucking loved seeing how sexy she is. I said he wanted to watch it twice and wanked off as she slid the cucumber up and then speeded up to make it cum . She said I hope he doesn't brag about it so I reassured her he is a good friend. She said 'I bet you told him I've been getting Taxi fucks as well so I said I told him just bits. She said what did he think so I said he wants a fuck now. She said she quite likes him but definitely needs to be drunk so I said come to the Pub with us at the weekend. She didnt say no, which meant she was gona say ok. So I said this weekend come out with us and she said OK. On the Sunday night when its a bit quieter, we went to a country pub near us. Me and him drank half's and Karen had whisky and lemonades which were doubles and she knew it. She got pretty drunk by 10pm so when she got in the back I told Colin to sit with her. I drove along a country lane and pulled into a field via the path the Tractor used, then parked out of site hidden by the hedge. She knew why we were there andclosed her eyes. She wasnt asleep just resting . I whispered help yourself Colin so he opened her blouse and she'd put on her platform bra she'd bought in a Ann Summers shop in London. Her tits were sitting bare ontop so he started sucking a nipple so I climbed over.She was in the centre and us two either side of her. He got his cock out and put her hand on it. It was rock hard so she started stroking it as if it was mine. I started sucking a tit and he knelt on the floor and lifted her skirt up. She'd put on her stockings and suspenders like on the video and had left her knickers off aswell. She must have been dead keen dressing like she did on the video. Colin pushed her legs a bit wider and slipped his cock up her. I just sat sucking her tit, put her hand on my cock and she played with it as he fucked her. I forgot to say that I'd told him to have a wank before hand or he'll cum too quick in her tight fanny. Luckily he took notice and gave Karen a really good fuck. Once he'd cum we drove back and dropped him off then drove home. Back home we had a usual great fuck and a bit dirty talk. So after that night I got Colin to come down to ours for a fuck. Once she'd done it that first time she didnt need to be drunk. Just a couple of drinks and then he'd have a bit flirt with her and she'll have skimpy clothes on making it obvious she's dressed to tease. I'd give her a bit encouragement telling her how she turns us on. Once she sees we both have the horn she is ready for it. So with Colin and John both wanting to fuck her she is well looked after by us.