Written by John

29 Aug 2008

I'd finished my work for the day and was heading for a motel I knew at Johnston near

Milford Haven. It had just started to rain when I saw a woman standing at a bus-stop way in a unpopulated part of the road, I didn't even know of a village nearby. I stopped and asked her where she was going, 'Haverfordwest,' she said, I told her to jump in. I asked her what she was doing standing at a bus stop miles from anywhere, 'We live miles from anywhere!' she replied in one of the more pleasant Welsh lilts. I asked why she was going to Haverfordwest so late in the afternoon. 'For a bit of fun,' she said, 'you know meal, few drinks and a shag if I'm lucky!'

I was a bit taken aback, I wouldn't have described her as a beautiful woman, but quite attractive nevertheless, it was obviously something she had done before. Well, if you have read any other of my stories you'll know that I take my fun where I find it. I'm away from home a lot and, while my wife is a great lover, if I'm away more than a couple of days I'm getting headaches because I'm not fucking.

At this point Gwen, for such was her name, asked where I was going. 'Motel at Johnston?' she mused, 'I wouldn't mind some of that.' From that point of course I knew that I had a partner, at least for a few hours. I was fifty at the time, my wife being fourteen years younger, Gwen it turned out was forty and, as I guessed, married.

We chatted the final few miles and when we reached Haverfordwest found a restaurant and had a meal. We found an off-licence where I bought a bottle of Smirnoff and a pack of those single drink cans of Schweppes Tonics. Then we drove to Johnston, leaving Gwen in the car I registered having previously booked. One booked a room there, not the guests individually, and the woman at reception said, with a twinkle in her eye, 'Breakfast for two is it this time?' I laughed, 'Depends how things work out,' I replied.

As soon as we got in the room Gwen had a bath, I took her in a vodka and tonic, with one for myself. It was a big bath, 'Why don't you jump in with me?' Gwen asked. So I stripped and did so, she looked at my soft cock, 'Looks like there are possibilities, John.' 'You'd better believe it!' I responded.

I kissed her, she had a nice mouth, I felt a breast, soft and full, her nipple rose. 'Like a good fuck, do you Gwen?' 'Oh yes, my husband's useless, used to be good mind but he's about your age, I would guess, and he's no longer interested. I've got a hot cunt though and it needs a good fucking from time to time, so I hope you can manage more than once!' 'You've no need to worry about that.\' I told her.

We finished our drinks then washed each other, I was soon hard and had explored her cunt. She had a full mound and her cunt was very long lipped with extended inner lips as she became aroused. She also had an abnormally large clit. She responded quickly so we soon got out of the bath and dried off. I took a couple of dry towels from the bathroom and spread them on the bed, then made two more drinks. We lay on the bed kissing, the heating was on and the room was lovely and warm. I gave both her nipples a good suck and she sucked my cock, she was very good at it and I had to stop her before I came. I asked her if she liked oral. 'Oh, John, it's the best thing for getting me going, come on!'

I pulled her round on the bed until her bum was on the edge, then I knelt in front of her, put her legs over my shoulders and kissed her cunt. I soon had my tongue in her, fucking with it and then teasing her big clit. Then I found that it was easy to suck her clit and the surrounding delicate flesh into my mouth, 'chewing' it with my lips then dragging my mouth off her with closed lips she cried out and came instantly. Her cunt-juice tasted nice and I sucked and swallowed several times before filling my mouth. I slid up her body to kiss her, she was an experienced woman and opened her mouth to receive it. 'Like your own cunt juice, do you, Gwen?' 'Like any woman's cunt juice,' she replied, I gave her some more before she said, urgently, 'Fuck me!'

We arranged ourselves on the bed and getting between her legs I pushed my cock at her open cunt. She wriggled a little and it found it's own way in and I pushed up her. She was incredibly wet and it was a gloriously messy fuck with her juice coating everything around her cunt, including me! I fucked her for about ten minutes with her rising to meet my thrusts, then I came. She loved my usual very fierce spurts and the amount I filled her with and she kissed me passionately when I'd finished. 'That's the best fucking I've had for a while,' she told me.

I rolled off and looked at her cunt, she smiled and spread her legs to give me a better view, 'I love being looked at,' she said. 'No wonder,' I repied, 'with a great cunt like that, I can't think why your husband doesn't want to fuck it.' The great lips were well spread, the inner ones, I now saw, spread out over the outer ones and her clit stood out from under the hood, spunk was oozing from her love-hole. She bent over and sucked my now limp cock into her mouth, two minutes later I was hard.

She mounted me, kneeling over my hips and lowering herself down onto my cock where she began fucking herself on me. Five minutes later her legs gave out and I rolled her onto her back and started fucking her with a firm, regular rhythm. I fucked her steadily for over an hour (the answer's lots of practice!), she came almost continually before she pleaded with me to fuck her really hard. I obliged ramming mny cock into her as hard as I could, I knew that I couldn't damage her because she was so wet that I could hardly feel the insides of her cunt. Nevertheless, when I came, she had a huge orgasm and actually passed out for a moment or two.

There was spunk and cunt juice everywhere, good job we'd used those towels! After we'd recovered Gwen said, 'That's the first time I have ever been fucked to a standstill, don't fuck me any more, I'm exhausted.' We went to sleep.

During the night I woke and pushed my cock up her from behind, I didn't have to move, half asleep she fucked herself on it. After coming I slept until I felt her sucking my cock then mounting me again. She fucked me gently for a long time, this time lying on me, not a lot of penetration but very erotic. I think I must have gone to sleep for I couldn't remember coming.

I woke in the morning at eight o'clock, unbelievably I was hard. Gwen was asleep but I pushed her legs open, mounted her and pushed my cock up her unresisting cunt. She hardly woke at all, when the time came I slipped out of her and putting my cock to her mouth shot my load. Her mouth had opened at the touch of my cock and I spurted into it, she swallowed, licked my cock and went to sleep again.

I got up and bathed again, then dressed and went to breakfast, the same lady served me. 'Has she gone?' she asked. 'No, no, I think she's worn out, I certainly am!' 'You're a right rogue you are, all the times you've been coming here and I never would have thought it!' 'Just shows that you never really know people,' I said.

I went back to the room and woke Gwen, 'I have to go, Gwen, what d'you wnat to do? If you get up I'll take you home.' 'No need for that,' she said, getting out of bed, 'just drop me off in Haverford, I can get the bus, it's no trouble.' 'Won't you're husband have been worried that you didn't come home last night?' She just shrugged, 'If he did, I don't care really, if he fucked me it wouldn't happen, would it?'

I waited and took Gwen into town before going to Milford Haven, already late for my first call. Gwen wasn't the only Welsh woman I fucked but she was certainly one of the best.