Written by zxzxzx

11 Feb 2011

We are a happily married couple,okay we are middle aged but don't think so, we seem to enjoy life, about six months ago Heather my wife seemed to be a little moody as if she was unhappy nothing I could put my finger on at the time, but she did change, as the weeks went past I noticed it more, I tried to talk to her to find out what was wrong, but all I got was nothing

It was a couple of months later, she seemed to lose interest in sex, I put all this down to maybe the change in life a hormone thing women get, and she was edgy and sharp with me a lot of the time,then at Christmas it was her firms do, which we go to most years, but this year it looked as if I would be working,so I told her expecting her to say she not go, but to my surprise she said she would go alone, a bit unusual for her, it came to the day of bash, and I did get home late but not that late she was getting ready, she was surprised to see me, the thing that stuck out was how dressed up she was,and she seemed nervous to see, I didn't think much about at the time and offered to give her a lift, but she said she booked a cab and it be here soon, I said I would pick her up, but no she had a life back

After she had gone I had the meal she left me,and went to the bin, and as I tipped my plate in, I could see a packet,what made me look at it I don't know, but it had or did have stockings in it some thing she not warn for years

I wouldn't say I was suspicious more curios,it was when I had my shower and came into the bedroom, thought I have a look round, it was all very normal, and for maybe the first time ever I looked in her knicker draw, and at the back was some more sexy undies I had never seen before, that did make me a bit suspicious,it also got me thinking and wondering if she was up to some thing behind my back

It was about ten and Heather phoned to say she be later than she had said, and I should go to bed and not wait up,I stayed up till twelve then went to bed, but couldn't sleep,it was an hour and half later a car pulled up, I looked out the window, it was parked behind my van, I had the impression she was coming home with her friend and her husband,but as far as I could make out there was only two in the car,and you would expect her to get out almost straight away and come in, but no, it seemed as if they leaned into each other the light was poor,it was half an hour before she came in, I was in bed pretending to be asleep, she looked in the bedroom, then went to the bathroom and had a shower why not use our ensuite, maybe not to wake me up

The next morning I was up before Heather , she was still in bed when I when to work, I phoned later, she did seem a little sheepish and didn't really want to talk to much, saying she was busy, I was milling this over in my head all day,and was going to have it out with her that evening, but when I got home it didn't work out quite like that, I was very busy in run up to the holiday,there was one unusual thing she went out with a friend from work, as she told me a girls night out,it was a day I was working late, I phoned her mobile twice that night with out getting an answerer the third time it was switched off

She got in at about half past twelve, once more I was in bed, and looked out to see the what looked like the same car outside the house

I was getting suspicious, by the day all over the holiday,I caught on the phone twice and asked who it was and was told a friend she works with, I got the number and did call it, a man answered, I said sorry and hung up

Heather knew I was dew to be working away in January,I don't know if I was imagining it but it seemed she was always asking when and how long I be away, I was hatching a plan to fined out what she was up to if any thing,the gamble was she have to meet some one at home,but luck was with me a little, I got a look on her computer there was a email saying its safe next week his away all week,that was in the sent box to look at the incoming ones she had to open them first or she see I had looked, the morning I left I was up early, and had another look, bingo there was one, it went thats good see you Tuesday

On Tuesday afternoon I was on my way back home,it was quite late by the time I got home nine thirty, and there was that car park out side my house,there was a light in the lounge and one on in the bedroom,I looked in a gap in the lounge curtains,all I could see was two glasses, and a pair of mens shoes laying by the sofa,I tried the front door but dead lock was on, round the back that door opened with my key, at the bottom of the stairs, I could hear murmuring noises, then a laugh which was Heather,I started to go up

I was afraid and confused all at the same time, as I got near the top the sounds where louder and my wifes voice and that of a man where quite plane, once on the landing our bedroom door was ajar, it was like I was rooted to the spot,then I heard oh yes, it was her,then to my horror a sound I knew what it was, it was our bed, the sound it makes when we make love,but this time it was far louder,and faster then we make, when we do it

I very slowly pushed the door, as it opened, there in front of me was my wife on her knees on our bed with a man behind her with his cock up her, frantically fucking her,she had her arms out holding her self up, her tits swinging as he trusted into her,her head hung down as she gasped,I think I was standing there with my mouth open,in shock, transfixed, I had the noises of there shagging in my ears, I could smell the sex in the room, Heather squealed as she must of climaxed he never missed a beat, as she panted tossing her head back,she seemed to buck back onto his cock at the same time as he pounded her, it was like a marathon, then with out warning he stiffened grunting and jerking as he shot his lot inside her, she fell forward with him on top still jerking

He was first to look up he looked at me as if in shock,some thing snapped in me, I shouted what the fuck are you doing,there was moment of panic and confusion, Heather screamed out MY GOD, and tried to cover her self up, he stood there ballcock naked his cock was going down but it look fucking big,I shouted you get out, and you stay where you are, he was picking up his closes and almost ran past me, Heather was going to bits crying and sobbing saying sorry sorry, it very interesting what happened next