Written by Johnthe rep.

24 Dec 2009

I once worked for a company that allowed two Christmas parties, one was a general one for all staff and their wives or partners, the other for Sales Reps and any lady they wished to invite and was totally private. My story is about one of the latter.

I was a Sales Rep with this company and, without boasting had been the top salesman for three years running. This engendered quite a bit of interest from various females working for the company. One of them a woman called Maria worked in the warehouse, I didn't visit Head Office very often as it was some way from my territory but one day I was there and had to visit the warehouse to sort out a problem for a customer. I had to speak to Maria and right out of the blue she said to me, 'When are you going to take me out then, John?' Surprised I replied 'Anytime you like Maria.' Maria was a married woman who lived locally and I had met her husband at a previous Christmas Social, she was attractive if rather buxom and I always had the impression that her husband, Ted, left something to be desired. Anyway she said, 'When are you next anywhere near?' I told her that it was in two weeks time, she said, 'Okay, ring me the evening before and we'll meet up.' She obviously was not worried about her husband at all.

In due course I rang her after making sure tha I was staying at a hotel not too far away. We met up and went for a drink at an out of the way pub that she knew about. She was very matter of fact about things and said, 'Can we go to your hotel?' As it happened that hotel was one where I wouldn't risk taking a woman, so I told her. 'Oh, not to worry, you'll just have to do me in the car!' Well, being the man I was, itcertainly wouldn't be the first time and I followed her instructions to a quiet spot where she assured me that we wouldn't be disturbed.

We got in the back of the car and she couldn't get her clothes off quick enough. Just bra and knickers under her dress and that was it, she then undressed me. She approved of my seven and a half inches and was soon sucking it while I played with her breasts and nipples and then her cunt. She was soaking wet and a couple of caresses of her erect clit and she was begging to be fucked. She lay back across the seat, one foot on the floor the other half way up the back cushion displaying her cunt to good advantage. She had a very plump mound with quite a lot of dark hair that half hid the lips of her cunt but still leaving enough for me to see how wet she was. 'You needn't fuck about,' she told me, 'I couldn't be more ready!'

I got over her and she grabbed my cock and rubbed her open lipped cunt with it, then she masturbated her clit with the tip, gasping with pleasure she implored me to enter her. I had guessed her well experienced and it was confirmed when my cock slid easily into her. I pushed as far up inside as I could go and she asked me just to stop there for a moment or two while she felt me there, then she said, 'Fuck me, John!' I began to fuck her fairly steadily, making full use of the length of my cock. She murmured, 'Move up a bit, John, you're not rubbing my clit.' I moved up until she said that I was where she wanted and I gave her a really good fucking lasting at least fifteen minutes, during which she came several times. When I knew that I was nearing my climax I said, 'Where do you want my spunk?' 'Up my cunt!,' she replied, 'Where else?' I laughed and a few strokes later I shot my load deep inside her cunt, she gasped and grabbed me as she felt the hot, fierce spurts. 'Christ!' she panted, 'I ent never bin fucked like that before! Can you go again?'

I replied, 'You suck and clean my cock and get me hard and I'll last as long as you like!' She didn't need any further invitation and, drawing herself off my cock, wriggled around until she could take my cock in her mouth. It took her about four minutes, I heard her swallowing what she sucked off my cock before she sucked and wanked me hard. Then she turned and knelt on the seat so that I could take her doggy fashion. She got what she wanted, I just kept going easily until she'd had enough and begged me to come. I said, 'Turn round, I want to cum all over you!' She did as I asked and I tossed off over her, the fierce spurts going all over her face, neck, breasts and belly. She loved it, she wanked as I came, and came herself, gasping, 'You lovely fucker, I knew you'd be a good fuck!' I kissed her, tasting my spunk on her lips, she said, 'I want some of that!' So I licked it off her face and everything, pushing my tongue onto her mouth so she could suck it off. Then she sucked my cock clean again.

I took her home after that, on the way she said, 'I loved the taste of your spunk and I could taste my cunt on it!' 'Is that what you like?' I asked. 'Yeah, I know you probably think I'm a dirty bitch, but Ted don't give me none and I need it!' I said 'That's alright, love, I always enjoy a good fuck with a woman who knows what she wants and you've got a great cunt!' She obviously enjoyed the compliment and I promised that I'd fuck her again before she went indoors.

Now, a fortnight after that encounter were the two Christmas Socials, her husband wasn't invited and she stuck to me like glue, it didn't go unnoticed! Of course during the course of the evening I fucked her in the room I shared with another Rep, we had arranged to tell each other if we were taking a woman to our room, so we had a good uninterrupted fuck which pleased her no end. The one thing she didn't like was that I didn't invite her to the Reps do and the fact that I wouldn't tell her who I had invited! In fact I'd had my eye on a very pretty and attractive young girl from the main office and I invited her. She blushed very prettily and said that she thought that no-one would invite her because she was so young. Alarm bells rang and it turned out that she was only seventeen and was a virgin, she wouldn't have anything to do with an old roue like me! 'Serve you right, you dirty old man!' my room-mate Colin said when I told him, 'You ought to do what I do.' Oh, and what's that?' I asked. 'I go for the old'uns,' he replied, 'I asked Gladys from the cafeteria, the old 'uns are always so grateful, they don't get it at home!' He was right, of course.

Anway, that evening the Sales Manager's secretary, who went by the nickname of 'Jimmy', and who was being fucked regularly by him, made a point of asking me to dance several times. The way she danced with me left no room for doubt that she wanted me, I not only felt her not inconsiderable breasts pressed against me, but also an incredibly prominent mons veneris! She said, 'I know what you are, John, and I want you! Next week ring me I want to sleep with you!', not leaving any doubt in my mind! I didn't ring her that week but the following week I was again in the area nearest to Head Office that I worked every fourth week so I rang then.Although it was January she met me in a car park and got into my car loaded up with blankets.

She gave me directions and we ended up in a very large park, she grabbed the blankets and we walked a considerable distance before she said, 'We should be okay here.' She put a thick blanket on the grass then stripped! Shecovered herself with another blanket, 'Come on!' she said, impatiently. I stripped, hardly believing that I was doing this in the depths of winter! We were soon at it though, under the blankets, she had big soft breasts of which she was inordinately proud and demanded that her nipples be sucked ferociously. It obviously got her going and, feeling her for the first time I found her sloppy wet, so much so that her juice was running round her bottom. She had a huge cunt, I reckon the lips must have been at least nine inches long and her clit was a long half buried finger that stretched almost to the entrance to her fuck canal. I teased it until she came, then I said, 'I know what you need, Jimmy.' 'And what's that?' she asked. I said, quite deliberately, 'A cunt like yours needs a really good, hard, fucking and filling with loads of spunk' She gasped and I realised that she wasn't used to such language, she didn't say anything.

I mounted her, holding my cock in my hand I rubbed her clit with it until she came, then I rammed it straight up her. She gasped and I began fucking her with great thrusts that buried my cock so deep inside her that my balls squashed themselves against her well padded bum. 'Oh God!' she gasped. I said, 'What's the matter, I thought that this was what you wanted?' 'Oh, I do, I do! Don't stop!' The fact was that she loved it. I'd been fucking quite a lot during the preceeding few days, both my wife, who was demanding, and a mistress I had at home, who was equally demanding, had ensured that I wouldn't cum quickly. I must have fucked Jimmy, almost without pause for well over half an hour before I knew that I was close to cumming, 'Where do you want it?' I asked, 'Oh, inside,' Jimmy panted, 'I hope to watch you cum next time we meet!' There was no doubt that she was an experienced and satisfying lover who contributed to our enjoyment by clenching and releasing her internal muscles as I fucked her. After I had cum and we'd recovered a bit I told her what a good fuck she was, then she said, 'But I don't like the language you use.' 'Tough,' I replied, 'that's me, let's face it, this isn't love it'sjust fucking and you either like it or you don't. But I did notice how you were cumming all the time!'

'I didn't say I didn't like what you were doing, it's the best sex I've ever had. I do want to do it with again!' 'Good,' I replied, 'that's good beacause I ceratinly want to have you again,I love fucking an experienced woman.'

I rang her a couple of weeks later, I was staying in a town fully sixty miles away and I wanted to see how keen she was because I knew that I could take her back there for love-making in bed. She couldn't say yes quickly enough. We met roughly halfway and we arrived back at the hotel late evening. We met no-one as we made our way to my room. There we stripped quickly, I laid a bath sheet on the bed and we got down to it, she had no objection to having it with the light on. We began kissing, she was a good kisser, then I was kissing her big breasts and her nipples, after that I sucked them. That got to her and she writhed about on the bed. Once I felt that she was fully aroused I kissed my way down to her cunt, her reaction told me that it was something she had not experienced an awful lot of and she came almost immediately. She absolutely convulsed when I began sucking her long clit and I had to put my hand over her mouth to stifle her screams of pleasure.

Her juice pulsed out of her cunt laving my face with it, I slid up the bed and, kneeling over her, put my cock in her mouth. She eagerly sucked and wanked it until I had to stop her from making me cum. I mounted her and she spread her legs wide giving me a perfect view of her open cunt. Her coarse pubic hair was iron grey, her lips engorged and bulging, the inner lips were thick and slick with juice, but the main feature was her enormous clit. It emerged from beneath the clitoral hood like a finger, although, as I have said, half buried. Nevertheless, it had all the appearance of a small cock even to the extent of seeming to have a glans. Holding my cock in my hand I directed it into her love canal, she was so relaxed that I hardly felt the muscles at the entrance.

I pushed up inside, 'Now you beautiful cunt, how do you want it?' I asked. 'Oh darling, as hard as you can do it!' she replied. My strong thrusts rocked the bed, I fucked her as hard as I knew how. When I asked her where she wanted my spunk, she replied, 'All over me, I want to see you do it!' Another five minutes hard fucking and I pulled my cock out and, taking it in hand, wanked hard until I ejaculated. I deliberately directed the first spurts at her face, to her credit she didn't flinch, 'She's had that before,' I thought. Her face was almost completely covered with my seed which I then aimed over her breasts then, at the last to the wide open mouth of her cunt

She gasped as she felt it hitting her and began to cum, she put her hand down between her thighs and started masturbating to keep herself going, she didn't stop until she was exhausted. I slid down and sucked at the juice and spunk and she began to cum again, I filled my mouth and slid back up her to kiss her and empty my mouth into hers. She sucked greedily and swallowed, 'More!' she panted. I obliged,licking it from her body, breasts and face. 'You fucking slut!' I murmured. 'Oh, I can't help it,' she panted, 'not when I'm like this, I wantit again, I want it filling my fanny!' I said, 'Well, you know what to do!'

She did and I was soon fucking her again, how long for I have no idea but I eventually did as she wanted and filled her with my spunk. We rested afterwards until we were able to shower, she was so grateful, she kept thanking me. I asked her about her husband, she said, 'Oh,he knows what I do! He'll want it when I get home, a bonus for being a good boy, if you like! Not that he's much good at it, but I do feel great when I feel his prick doing my spunk filled fanny!' I took her back to where her car was parked and returned to the hotel, by then it was nearly four o'clock in the morning but, boy, did I sleep!