Written by Andy

2 Jan 2013

Hi readers happy new year to you all, I have posted before and it seems you like my stories,

Well its been a good Christmas period for me,

The girl friend came to stay for a couple of nights and we had some of the best sex we have had,

And as she was leaving for work I get a txt from my fuck-buddy female,

Asking what am I up to, in need of a good fucking, so I reply G/f just leaving available to suit,

Within half hour she arrived, I am just out the shower so naked with only a towel around me,

She comes straight in as the key is in the door and says Mmmm just what I am looking for, a nice larg cock,

She grabs me by my cock and leads me to the sofa and starts to suck me of,

I say to her so have you had a nice Christmas ? removing my cock from her mouth says not really the old man has been ill so had no sex,

I have also been looking at sex on the internet and really fancy trying some anal,

Never done it before, so I say to her why not do it to me first and see how it opens up and then I will do it to you,

So I get a dildo and lub up my arse lay on the bed on all fours arse up in the air,

She starts to finger me and works it till its nice and loose and gets three fingers in me and playing with my balls with the other hand, now this is just lovely for me,

So I say time to change, and we do so I slowly massage some baby oil all over her bum and start to work on her arse hole, I say to her I will stop if it causes you any discomfort,

I get one finger in then two then I change to my thumb and play with her fanny at the same time,

I ask how is this she s fabulous don’t stop,

So now I can see her arse hole is opening up nicely I get the dildo and start to insert it into her,

And work it in and out with my fingers working away on her cunt and clit, its not long and she has a massive orgasm shaking all over her arse hole was pulsating and so was her cunt,

So when all this has stopped I insert my now very hard 8 inch x 4 1/2 inch diameter cock into arse hole and say to her how dose that feel ?, she says wow why have I not done this before I am 58 years old and fuck me I have been missing out, all because the first guy that tried to fuck me up the arse was not nice and gentle like you, I slowly sink my way in to full depth so my balls are touching her fanny, once she has excepted this size I start a slow rhythm,

So while I am fucking her up the arse with my cock I reach around and stick the dildo up my arse as well now this pushes me over the edge and I shoot my spunk right up into her, and loads of it too,

I then ask how that felt ? she says like nothing I have experienced before thanks you that was amazing,

From now on your going to be doing more of that, what away to start the coming new year,

So we have a break a smoke and a drink while I recover and get a hard-on again,

She then starts on my cock sucking and wanking me till its nice and hard again,

She is sat on the sofa and I am stood in front of her legs apart and she is fingering my arse while sucking my hard cock well this is just the best for me and to have this done by a female is even better, as normally this the sort of things that guys do for me, being the Bi that I am.

I must say I do like a cock to play with, I do have a guy that comes around to mine and we fuck each other for a couple of hours at a go, I am trying to arrange when the three of us can meet together,

Do love a three sum with a male and female, so many permutations to do,

Anyway this sucking and fingering as expected results in me shooting anther load of my spunk into her mouth she then stands up and we kiss sharing my spunk back and forth till she swallows the lot,

She then says let me dildo your arse a bit more I rather like doing that, so I bend over the end of the sofa while she lubs me up more then sticks the dildo up my arse again while squeezing my balls with her other hand, I say to her that is making me leak spunk, so she gets under me and starts to suck my cock at the same time as working the dildo in and out of my arse, now that is just the best,

And any one of you that have had that done will no,

Well that’s about it at the mo but as soon as I have more to report I will post it,

Good luck this coming year Andy