Written by Smilodon

25 Jul 2007

I\'m 21 now but when I was 19 going on 20 , in fact the day before my 20th birthday, I was still living with my parents- I now live by myself in Central Glasgow,at Art School now _ & my parents house , on the South Side of the City has a large back garden.

Our next door neighbours were a nice older couple whom I knew from my early age, in fact the older man - Davey, Mr. Forrest-taught me how to swim.

I am a fit , athlectic guy - see pics- and have always been interested in the Outdoor Life, hillwalking, skinny dipping etc. Mr. Forrest used to be a hillwalker & advised me on kit.

I had just started Art School and my parents asked me to look after their house for their holidays, and as last summer was cooking I liked to sunbathe in the back garden . There are no houses overlooking so I stripped down to very brief speedos and spread out. At one point I was reading and over the top of the book I could see Mr. Forrest working in his garden. He was stripped to the waist & in shorts. He is a tall wiry, skinny man in his 60\'s. Great legs & nice definition on his body, hairy too.

I\'m smooth and find hairy men very attractive.

Anyway the sun was very hot, too hot to be out really but I like the sun, the heat. I went in to get some juice & coming out Mr. Forrest was takin a rest & he spotted me and came over to our side of the fence for a chat. I could see hi big cock long and heavy in the heat swinging in his shorts and hoped that I wouldn\'t get a hardon in my speedos. we cahtted for a bit , I mentioned that I had a swimmeet in the next few days and that I was trying out my new speedos. He gave me a good look and commented that I had \'filled\' out well . I said that i would like to be a bit less hairy round my speedoes but didn\'t kknow what to do about it. He laffed and said that I should be shaving that area in this heat at least. I said that I was thinkin that too but was too nervous to shave just in case....!!! He then offered to help me because that\'s what he does- has to do coz he\'s so hairy. I wasa bit embarrassed but he said it was his duty coz he taught me how to swim in the 1st place. So we went into my folk\'s house. His wife was away at her sisiters\' for a couple of weeks.

He went into the bathroom & looked for my dad\'s shaving kit. I waited on the edge of my bedin my old bedroom with its old posters & stuff on the wall. when he came in I was sitting at waist level & was looking at the way his thigh muscles moved . He caught me looking and laffed saying that he wasn\'t in bad nick for an OAP.

He said to me to take off my speedos & I did. I hace quite big nuts and they hang low - like any man\'s in the heat- & my dick is quite thick even when soft. he whistled saying that I had really filled out well. He told me to lay back and spread my legs. He lathered my balls & pubes with shaving foam well, but not too much so he could see what he was doing. It felt weird a strange rasping sound and a bit scary as he carefully shaved my nutsac . He told me to stand up as he sat on the edge pf the bed and he held my cock down to get at my pubes. I started to get hard & he gripped it harder carefully shaving the rest of the hair off. I could see that he had a hardon in his shorts & his cockhead was peeking outta his shorts. With all my cockbush gone my cock looked bigger that ever. he looked up at me str8 into my eyes and held me by my balls , then took my big cock into his mouth. I nearly exploded there & then. I had had some wankin in m8s place or in the woods but nothing like this. I felt totally in his control. He licked up over my abs and was standing real close his big thick nob pressing against mine thru his shorts, he kissed me & I kissed back hard & wet - I love snogging- . He pushed my head down to his waist & I lifted up his shorts to see a thick veiny cock. I sucked on it & it felt wonderful. I pulled down his shorts to get a little more and was glad to see a big pair of smooth balls hanging ready to be sucked. I sucked them & he groaned. I licked his cock, balls a, nipples . i licked all the sweat off him. He turned me over & licked my back right down to my arsecrack, then in all the way to my hole. I went crazy when he did that. He shoved a finger up my hole, then two. He went over to his shorts - I could see his arsemuscles work as he walked and reached into a zipped pocket & brought out a wrinked cocndom packet. He stood infront of my face and I could see him roll the rubber onto his big, thick, veiny hard cock right down to his ballsac then turned me over over the egde opf the bed. I could feel him rubbing his cockhead up & down my crack & he groaned when he found my hole and I could feel a heavy pressure against my hole, he kept this up gripping my hips until it slipped in . Gawd I thought i eas gonna slit in two it was so sore, but he kept on going until he was ball deep in me. He held it there for a while then stated to move, slowliy at first then faster, harder till his hips and nutsac were bashin offa my arsecheeks. He reached around and grabbed my balls as he fucked me . I could feel his cock swell and he hammered his cock into my virgin hole as he pumped his spunk into me. After what seemed like ages lying with him in me , he told me to turn over onto my back trying carefully to keep his nob in me. When I was staring upat him started to wank my half hard cock. It got hard real quick and he felt my freshly shaved balls as he milked me. I soon shot a huge, white sticky load all over my abs. It was the best orgasm i had ever had from this 67 yr old man.

Last summer was great. I had lots of pertners now I knew what to expect ,I even fucked my 1st man.

I have a swimmeet on Saturday & Mr. Forrest- Forrie- is coming over to shave me down. So I will be having a 68 yr old , wiry , hung married man up my arse for ages tonight.

Sorry for this \'book\' but I have been wanting to tell this tale for a while.

I bloody love older, fit, well hung men. They are the best.

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