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A club night

"Lots of fun"

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I had spent the night with Cherry. It was not my first plan. My first plan was to pick her up and go directly to the club. Plan B was to see a second woman who surprised me by inviting me to her house. I left her suddenly when her husband came home. I went out the backdoor and invited Cherry to the hotel last night extending Plan A.

In the morning we fucked, packed the car and went for breakfast. 

We did not have to leave for a few hours so we went back to bed and fucked so more.

We made our way slowly to the club doing some sightseeing on the way and arrived just before the club opened. 

The club filled quickly but no one was playing. I pulled the towel from Cherry and led her by the hand though the chill room to the bedrooms. We both expected to be followed but we were not.

I fucked her on her back thinking of the next man to have her.

Then she rode me. It was a woman who came to find us.

"Are you a couple?" She asked.

"That depends on what a couple is." I answered. 

She watched us for a few minutes and then walked off.

Cherry threw her arms apart as she came and I flooded her.

We found our way to the hot tub, no one followed us.

By the time we got back to the bedroom there was a couple fucking. We watched. A man stood near us in stockings and a bodysuit. Cherry put my hand on his ass. She kissed him then let a man handle her tit.

Cherry turned on the man and backed him to the bed. A few moments later she had  his cock in her hand, then in her cunt. 

Then the man in stockings knelt in front of me. He began to suck on my cock as I watched two women being fucked. I place my hand on his head. The men in front of me soon came. Cherry approached me, the other woman pulled herself together and left. 

"Fuck me, claim me back." Cherry requested as she placed her hand next to mine on the man's head.

I kissed her. The man who had been sucking my cock moved away.

I fucked her on the bed where she had just been fucked by a nameless man. 

"I want more cock." She said.

"That is why we are here, cock and pussy."

"Who for?"

"Both of us."

"I like cock."

"You're a slut."

"I'm your slut if you want."

"You're my slut."

We went back to the tub and then I shared her with a man. The woman who asked us if we were a couple sucked my cock as Cherry got herself finger fucked. The woman left with a mouthful of cum.

I turned Cherry on her back and fucked her.

We went down to the tub and we were caught with her sitting astride me.

"No playing in the tub." The staff said.

"I'm not capable of anything." I stood up and shook my limp cock at her.

We spoke to a couple. Cherry told them how she was my second choice. They were shocked. I explained that she was my first choice, just a change of order.

We exchanged partners and I drove Cherry home, but that is another story…..

Written by tmann

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