Written by sally

25 Feb 2008

Hi my name is Sally and I have been reading stories on this site for quite a while now, probably out of frustration. Paul (hubby of 3 months) is lovely and kind but our sex life is crap which is probably why I allowed what I am about to tell you to happen. I am a 20 year old student, size 10 and I suppose I have reasonable size breasts which I am very proud of. Last August I was on my way home after visiting my mother in Glasgow. Living in London s quite a coach trip but as I don\'t drive its the cheapest option. The coach was nearly empty 10 of us at the most, one of the passengers was a old my called Eric, I never found out his age but I guess he was 65 to 69ish but looked handsome and very business like. I notice he kept looking over at me ( well my chest actually, as men do). I found his attention quite flattering and after a while we got talking. Without an invite he moved over a sat by me. He was quite attractive I suppose because he looked important he made me a bit nervous. We agreed it was a bit cold so he got out a blanket which he took and covered us both. We talked and laughed for ages about lots of things. when I said I was uncomfortable he moved and turned me so I was leaning with my back to him. He put his hand on my stomach and asked if I was ok and did I mind, I said I was ok and no I didn\'t. He must have taken this as a a green light because without either of us saying anything his hand moved up slowly until he was cupping my breast.

I have to admit I was shocked and thought he was just a dirty old man but for some reason I didn\'t move or say anything (another green light). Slowly he lifted my bra up and started massaging my breast and nipple. The only other man to have done that was Paul and that was some time ago, I had never ever considered doing anything with another man. This continued for a little while until he was rubbing both breasts. I looked up to see if anyone was looking but it was late and everyone appeared asleep. Eric pulled me towards him and soon had his tong deep in my mouth and his fingers deep in me. As he finger fucked me we just looked at each other whilst he pulled my knockers to the floor. I undid his trousers and pulled out his thick shaft. I have never had or given oral sex before put Eric changed that by taking hold of the back of my head and pushing me down and feeding his cock into my mouth. I sucked for a while and just that feeling made me orgasm, the first time in months. After a few minutes he pulled me up lifed me onto his lap and entered me. I rocked slowly, luckily we where close to the back because very soon he was slamming his cock into me and to anyone who cared to look it would have been obvious what was going, I started to grunt so Eric covered my mouth and continued to pump me. I could feel his cock deep in me deeper that my husband had ever gone. I wanted the fucking to go on and on but soon I could feel his cum filling my womb, it was hot and as I slid off I put my hand on his shaft and felt how warm and sticky he was. We didn\'t say anything as we pulled into a bus station. He got off and as we pulled away he just waved and smiled. That trip has woken me up to how good sex canbe and I suppose you will think I am a slut but now I can\'t get enough sex and I am shocked at how many strangers like to fuck a pregnant woman whoever the father !