Written by M&Dxx

20 Feb 2014

In the first part of my experience ‘A Day at the Spa’ posted here on the 17th Feb, I let you know about the sexual experiences I had a few years back with my girlfriend Sally.

Prior to this and when in bed with my husband, we have often discussed how I would like to try girl on girl love making and even try a threesome. Whilst it’s been a great fantasy and he has always encouraged me; I have always been a bit shy and when he has suggested setting anything up I have always shied away.

Don’t get me wrong I enjoy sex as much as the next woman but I have historically been a bit too shy to step over the mark with others although over the years I have been happy to try new things. Darren my husband has taken some naughty pictures on his phone; we have tried some mild bondage; light spanking and I even have come to enjoy anal sex but only when it is in the safety of my own bedroom and with my hubby. In many ways I was a little submissive, willing to be coerced and compliant as my husband tried new things.

So whilst I was happy to go along with Sally’s suggestions in the spa. I knew I would never instigate it but was very happy to try out new things although there was a little drink involved!

After the spa Sally and I got changed to leave for the hotel.

Sally rang her husband to come over now asking him to go straight to the hotel rather than meeting us with Darren at the club as previously had been planned.

Now Sally has often commented that her husband Paul was well endowed and we had had a few girlie chats about how Sally’s pussy was sometimes sore after they had made love due his size and girth. So to be honest I was intrigued and horny in equal measure after today’s events at the spa

Sally and her husband talked for a while on her mobile whilst I dried my hair and reapplied some make up in the spas changing room.

At The Hotel

We had a quick drink and then another and another :-) and then headed to the hotel and checked into our rooms. The receptionist handed Sally a bag which her husband had dropped off and Sally asked for an envelope and put a spare room key in the envelope for her husband to pick up and left it behind the front desk. Sally then invited me back to her room.

Once in the room Sally holds my hands and moves in closer to kiss me. She rubs her body against mine and kisses down my neck which I love and whispers in my ear that she has been instructed to get me ready for her boyfriend who will be arriving shortly. Then Sally began to undress me.

Once naked Sally laid me down on the bed face up and took out four silk scarves from the bag and tied me prostrate to the bed. She sat on the bed beside me with one hand playing and gently pulling on my nipples whilst the other reached into her bag to pull out a tube of KY jelly. Sally says her boyfriend will give me the 'fuck of my life' but she will need to stretch my pussy first to accommodate him.

She kissed me on my mouth and then placed a blind fold over my eyes.I felt her kiss her way down my body and I felt her tongue parting my pussy lips and sucking and licking on my clit. Soon the cold slick feeling of KJ Jelly coated fingers are stretching my pussy lips apart. First two then three fingers and then over time and as I get more and more turned on four fingers.I bucked my hips as much as the tight scarves would allow me. Soon, I came with the lovely horny ripples pulsing through my body as Sally continued to lick and suck on my clit whilst fucking me with her fingers.

I heard the door room opening and close and then heard Paul, Sally’s boyfriend giving her more instructions. Out of the very corner of the blind fold I can see a flash and hear the click of a camera as Sally’s boyfriend takes photos of me with Sally’s fingers in my cunt, He speaks again and she swivels around into the 69 position and lowers her wet cunt down onto my now eager face and tongue. Sally put more lube on her fingers and inserts her small fist into my cunt and begins to fist my eager wet willing cunt which brought me to a large climax as Sally came over my face.

As Sally climbed off me she removed the blindfold and standing at the side of the bed is Sally’s boyfriend who is undressing. Soon he is removing his trousers and pants revealing his large cock which is growing from big and flaccid to very big and half erect.

He says to me that I am even more beautiful and sexy than Sally had said I was that I look even better in the flesh than the pictures that Darren had sent to him. My mouth dropped as I didn’t like the idea of Darren sending my pics to anyone let alone my girlfriends husband. Probably mistaking my dropped jaw as invitation Paul climbed onto the bed and knelt by the side of my head. He held my head in both hands turning it towards him as he began to feed his cock into my mouth. I stretched my mouth as much as I could to take his half erect cock and he began to literally fuck my mouth. Soon I am gagging but enjoying the challenge of feeding as much of his large cock into my mouth. Sally is now taking photos of me being mouth fucked.

Her boyfriend removed his cock and I gasped in air. It still seemed to be getting bigger now it had been removed from the restrictions of my mouth.

Paul now gets between my legs and instructs Sally to rub KY jelly on his cock and to hold open my pussy lips whilst he rubs his knob up and down my cunt gently pushing and stretching me wider than I have been stretched before. Sally turned to me and said ‘you are going to have the fuck of your life’ as inch by inch he fed his massive cock into my wet and now throbbing cunt.

He pulled out and pushed in deeper and deeper with each stroke. Long hard stroke, after long hard stroke as I feel my body beginning to shake. It feels like his long big cock is pushing against my cervix and entering my womb. It’s an amazing full and intense experience. As we fuck Sally is untying the scarves so I can wrap my arms and legs around her husband’s neck and back. Soon he is filling me with his thick, white creamy spunk and I am having wave after wave of multiple little comes.

All three of us lay on the bed. I feel very comfortable naked in each other’s company. Laughing and joking, kissing and touching each other feeling happy and sexy.

Paul is soon getting hard again. He lays face up on the bed with his cock jutting up into the air. He pulled me over on top of him with my legs astride him and Sally got between my legs and guides his cock back into my willing and now very wet cunt.

I look between my legs as his massive cock stretches and fills my cunt up as I begin to ride his cock again. Sally now uses the juices now dribbling out of my cunt and smears it around my bum hole. Sally goes to her bag and pulls out what looks like a black objects with a bulb end attached to it. As I ride her husbands big cock Sally explains it is a dildo that can expand and then proceeds to gently feed it into my bum. Once inserted she hands the inflating bulb handle to her boyfriend who pumps the bulb a few times and I feel the inflatable dildo beginning to stretch my bum hole. The boyfriend asks if I am enjoying it and I smiled and say quite out of character ‘yes very much so’. He responded ‘that’s good - as after I have finished filling your cunt with my spunk, I’m going to spank you and then fuck your bum as well’. I increased the pace of riding his cock and he puts his hand behind my neck and pulls me down to suck my nipples while I ride him. He then began to spank my bum cheeks quite hard. The added pain and pleasure meant I soon was coming again over his large cock.

I rolled over and off his cock and Sally removed the dildo from my bum. Paul lifted my legs onto his shoulders and lined his still erect cock with my bum. He gently nudged inside me and as he does this Sally climbed back on top of me in the 69 position and she began to lick my pussy and clit as I return the favour. Her boyfriend now begins to bugger my tight bum.

After quite a short time I am coming again with Sally grinding her cunt on my face. We lay panting on the bed for a few minutes with me feeling well fucked and full of spunk. Sally and I head for the shower as her husband Paul sends my husband Darren a text with a few pics of what we have been up to in the hotel and the address of the club we are proposing to go to.

I hope you enjoyed reading this. I am feeling quite wet now thinking about how it all happened and recounting all the sexy going ons. More later it you liked it.