Written by M&Dx

24 Feb 2014

Just as a quick recap my husband Darren and his friend Paul (Sally’s husband) had bought me and Sally a Spa visit, an evening at a London hotel and a night at a club as birthday treats.

At the spa Sally and I had a very horny bi experience (See post from 17th Feb) and later at the hotel I had my first ever threesome with Sally and Paul. (See post 20th Feb).

The story continues with our trip to the club and where I met my husband and what happened at the club.

Getting ready for the club

Our husbands have planned ahead and organised some clothes for night out.

They have purchased for both of us some black sheer see through tops and black short skirts with a slit up the front and back. Our outfits are completed with black high heels and hold ups. No bra or pants are allowed to be worn tonight much to Sally and my protests. We are both given a bracelet to put on our ankles. Sally tells me this means I are happy to fuck with both men and women.  I am not sure if this is true but I was feeling so sexy at this point I think I would try anything.

We head to the hotels reception with Sally’s husband feeling up our bare pussies in the lift.

We get into a taxi. We sit either side of Sally’s husband. He instructs us to give the taxi driver

a show and unbutton our shirts and pull them open which we do. Sally’s husband plays with and sucks my nipples. All the time the cabbie drives with one eye on his rear view mirror.

Paul instructs us both to part our legs and his hands drop down to mine and Sally’s pussies and plays with them while he talks to driver about how horny and wet we both are.

He explains it's a belated birthday night out but he doesn't want to pay the fare but offers me as payment.

The taxi driver pulls his cab up in an alley off the main street.

I am told to get out and take off my skirt and lean over the bonnet with my legs spread, which I do. I can feel cool air on my naked bum and pussy.

At any point any one could walk or drive down the alley and see me prostrate over the bonnet.

The taxi driver unzips his flies and with his short fat cock frantically begins to give me a quick hard fuck. He soon adds his spunk to Sally’s husbands in my pussy.

I am told to lick the taxi drivers cock clean of his spunk and my come which I eagerly do.

For the rest of trip in the taxi the spunk is dribbling out of my pussy and Sally’s husband instructs me to scoop it out and lick it off my fingers and also to scoop some more from my cunt and push my fingers into Sally’s mouth which she enjoys and greedily licks clean.

Originally I thought I we were going to a spa and show but it’s not a west end show we are going to. 

We arrive at the private club and the taxi driver says please ring my office and ask for me if you would like a free trip back to the hotel and winks at I as I head into the club and I smile back.

At the Club.

I meet my husband Darren inside the club and we go and sit at a table near the small bar.

I excitedly tell him what I have been up to whilst under the table he is finger fucking my spunky pussy and I have unzipped him and I am wanking his hard erect cock while we both get more excited whilst I recounted today's events,

We need our own quick hard fuck now and we get up and explore the club. We go to a room which has a small circular bed surrounded by a circular wall with many holes cut in the side of the wall so other couples can watch us fuck. Also the wall is only inches away from the bed so men and women’s hands can reach through and stroke, caress, touch and fondle as we fuck.

We quickly undress and I am now naked except for my ankle bracelet. We fuck hard and passionately with Darren on top and then my legs over his shoulders and with each position we get into strangers fingers reach through and play with my boobs or try to finger clit or my bum. I get onto all fours and as we do this a cock appears through the one of the many holes and Darren shuffles me forward so I can suck it as he fucks I from behind, spit roasting me. Soon another two cocks appear through separate holes either side of the original one and I reach forward and start to wank both cocks at the same time one in each hand. Other male and female hands appear through other holes pulling on my nipples and stroking my body. Soon the first guy I am sucking spunks his load deep down my throat. As he withdraws his cock it is replaced by another cock with the guy pulling back his foreskin and I lean forward again to begin to suck and lick the new cock.

Soon the guys I am wanking are tensing and ready to come. They shoot their spunk and it flies over the side of my face and into my hair. Darren tells me, when the guy I am sucking now is ready to come let him spray his come over my face - which after a 4-5 more minutes of my blow job he does. His cock is replaced by a women’s breast next. I lick my lips and begin sucking on the pink hard nipple whilst more new hands reach through to run their hands over my body. After a few minutes of sucking her boob Darren spots a new thick chunky cock being poked through a new hole to one side. Darren pulls out of me and I turn around and whilst still on all fours, I reverse my cunt onto it whilst Daren pushes his cock into my mouth. We fuck like this until I feel the cock in my cunt contract and begin to fill me with his spunk which makes me come and triggers Darren to come in my mouth. His spunk dribbling out of the side of my mouth and mixing with the other spunk dripping off my face and hair.

We leave the room and go to tidy up and I put on my black sheer top but Darren won’t let me wear my skirt. We meet Sally and her husband and he asks ‘Ready for the main event?’ Darren says ‘I think Mandy is’ and gives me a reassuring kiss and hug.

In the basement.

As we go down the stairs our eyes begin to adjust to the dark. The basement is lit by red light. Barely noticeable around the edge of the room are black leather sofas and chairs with groups of 2 and 3 people in various states of undress with boobs and cocks on show. Two women are giving a man a blow job whilst another woman with her legs spread apart is being fingered by a man. It’s almost like they are heavy petting waiting for the show to start.

As we reach the bottom of the stairs a tall dark haired girl in a black one piece basque and long thigh high boots with heels approaches us. So who is the lucky newbie girl here tonight? The girl looks at Sally and says ‘Hi hun, nice to see you again’ and continues ‘So we know it’s not you’ and turns to me and grabs my hand and leads me away. Darren says enjoy it. Sally adds ‘Mandy will don’t worry!’ and says to me ‘We will be over there on the sofas watching - so have lots of horny fun.’

The tall dark haired girl leads me over to a corner of the room and reaches out and flips a light switch and the spotlights illuminate a large black wooden cross X that hangs on the wall. She strips off what little clothes I have on and unfastens the poppers in the crotch of her basque and pulls it off over her head leaving her just in her boots. She rubs her boobs against mine and runs her hands over my body and pushes her tongue in my mouth.

Her hard pink nipples rub against my long brown nipples and I am feeling really horny as she kisses down my neck and sucks each nipple into her mouth.

She backs me up to the wooden cross X and lifts one foot and then the other into their respective foot holds then steps up and fastens my wrists above my head and then the strap that goes around my middle until I am secured, suspended and spread out on the large wooden X.

She then wheels over a machine with a motor and straight piston arm and positions it below me. She walks over to a draw and takes out a silver hard solid dildo about eight inches long and quite thick. She screws it to the top of the long piston arm and positions the machine and the dildo below my pussy lips. She switches the machine on and it pushes the cold silver dildo up into my pussy and pulls back out again. The woman repositions the arm so it sits with the tip of the dildo just inside my cunt and switches the machine back on. The fucking machine begins its steady fucking motion slowly in and out, in and out. She increases the machines speed and its hardness and width begins to have its effect as I close my eyes and concentrate on the sensations building inside me. She switches up the speed again, faster now, After a few minutes I open my eyes and look down and I see a the people from the sofas are now standing in front of me, Some single men wanking, others being wanked by their partners and women playing with their own boobs and pussies enjoying the show.

The tall woman says to me and the crowd ‘1st pleasure and now some pain and pleasure.’ She attaches two wires to the base of the solid silver dildo and switches a second dial and the electric current jolts into my pussy through the vibe. ‘Ummm’ I gasp as bite my lip.’ ‘

‘I think she likes it’ the woman says to the crowd as she switches the dial up.

My cunt twitches as the current increases. The electric current and the cold hard thick dildo pumping hard, in and out of my pussy makes my thighs tremble as my whole cunt begins to involuntary spasm and grip and release and grip and release on the dildo in time with the pulsating current.

I look down to see the guys in front of me wanking harder now. Sally is on all fours with a glazed horny expression on her face smiling up at me with her husband fucking her from behind. Darren is wanking his cock and mouthing to me ‘You are beautiful’.

The woman flicks the dials on the fucking machine and the current up to its next setting. Not only is my cunt gripping and releasing the dildo over and over but the current is now making my hips involuntary jerk back and forth on the dildo too.

The women comes over and slips her hand behind my bum and the wooden cross and slides her finger up my arse which sends me over the edge into a writhing jerking multi climaxing come which never seems to end. My legs tremble and give way and I am impaled on the dildo. I look down and woman smiles at me with my cunt still coming on the dildo.

The tall dark haired woman now goes over to Darren and kneels at his cock and says to Darren ‘come in my mouth’. He needs no second invitation and aims his prick at her mouth whilst watching me writhe on the wooden X and soon spunks into her mouth and over her face.

She then gets up and climbs up on the footholds, pressing her body next to mine on the X and pushes her tongue and Darren’s spunk into my mouth. She rubs her spunky face over my face and whispers in my ear.

‘You are very sexy ……that’s stage one over are you ready for stage two?’

I smile and whisper back to her ‘Yes I loved it …..more please’ 