Written by Frankie

18 Dec 2010

Linda and I were out for a drive one summer day she wore a button thru dress stilletos and nothing else.She played with herself most of the drive until i parked by a small copse.As we walked around i spotted a suitable tree and i told Linda to remove her dress and lean against it with feet apart and arms round the trunk.I then proceeded to spank her firm arse until it became pink.

Linda however told me it was not hard enough to bring her off so i found a supple sapling and began to beat her bottom with it.Ever demanding Linda now asked to be tied for maximum effect but i couldnt find anything to use then i spotted a tractor in a nearby field.I surprised the driver by popping out of the woods and asking him for some rope on the pretext of tying up my broken exhaust.Though lokking suspicious he gave me some twine.

I returned to find Linda rubbing her nipples and cunt against the rough bark and tied her hands and feet and then resumed the beating bringing up a deeper red on her arse as she groaned and urged me to do it harder.Just then i became aware that the farmer was standing behind a bush taking this all in.My first thought was he will report us so i stopped and stuttered an excuse while Linda cursed and swore she was almost there.

The farmer took the switch from me and said cant let a lady down and began to lay into her arse back and shoulders fiercely frightening me with his ferocity but Linda just wailed thats it thats it and came with a giant gush.

We untied her and i was thinking of a way to get away from there when she said to tie her over the car bonnet and each give her six hard strokes which we duly did then she demanded we both fuck her the farmer first then me.She looked so sexy collapsed over the car with spunk dripping from her cunt and covered in wheals.

I dont know how she took it all but she really loved it and amazingly recovered in just two days when she demanded to know what i had planned for next time but thats another story if anyone wants to hear it so let me know