Written by Bunnyslave

11 Jun 2008

Hi again this is Bunnyslave and I posted on here a few weeks ago about my first gangbang with my master.

This is what happened when we met yesterday afternoon. After fucking my arse, cunt and having me suck my Master clean, he the made me dress in a see through black top a short skirt and nothing else.

We went to local dogging sites but had no joy.

Then he took me to a beach near Shoreham. There were a lot of naked guys sunbathing on the beach and I had to walk past them for about 800 yards. By this time I was very horny and wet as they could see my tits clearly and up my skirt at my cunt.

Then my Master stopped and made me undress. We near 3 guys sunbathing. My Master lay down and I had to bend over in front of him and suck his cock until it was nice and hard.

He then told me to lie down and open my legs for everyone to see me. He them started to finger fuck me and as he did that a guy walked up and sat down next to us. He stripped off and had a handy 6 inch cock. My Master called him over and I was told to suck him nice and hard, as I did this he played with my tits and got my nipples nice and hard. Whilst this was happening another guy with a great 8 inch cock had moved next to us. It was nice and long but not to thick and I began to suck him off. Meanwhile the other guy had me on all fours and was underneath me licking my sopping wet cunt.

The guy I was sucking got bigger and harder and he cum in my mouth. My Master held my mouth in place so I had to swallow all his cum down my throat, there was so much I was gagging on it.

This guy was replaced by anther guy who I started to suck and the guy licking me then entered my cunt from behind and started to fuck me. I was so hormy that I started to cum on his cock and was sucking on this new guy as hard as I could. Unfortunately after a couple of minutes he was ready to cum and pulled out of my mouth and shot his cum all over my tits.

The guy in my cunt also filled me with his cum.

My Master then said it was time to go, I was told not to clean myself up or get dressed yet. I had to walk back the length of the beach naked with a cum filled cunt and cum dripping off my tits and body.

I had been well fucked and used. At the end of the beach I was allowed to get dressed and go back to the car.

I would like to thank the guys that used me as I had a great time and my Master has promised to take me there again for a couple of hours.

If you would like me to post some more please let me know.