Written by happy couple

27 Feb 2014

This is not as hot as some stories but 100% true

I'd booked the last of my holiday off work along with my wife,and we decided to take a trip to London for the day. Although she is now in her forties she still turns heads with her blonde hair 38c bust and size 12 -14 frame, I teased her about going to Soho and visiting a sex shop, during our love making I'd suggest she wore a short skirt and choose dvd's from the bottom shelf showing off her legs and arse to others in the shop, I thought it was just bedroom talk until the day in question.

I was in the kitchen when she came down from the bedroom wearing a black leather look skater skirt and black blouse. Now my wife doesn't often wear underwear so slid my hand up her leg "behave" she said as she slapped my hand away " just wanted to check" was my reply

We drove to the station and boarded the train I noticed she was getting admiring glances throughout our journey, as she sat opposite me she crossed her legs giving me and anyone else who may of been looking a quick, although I was still unsure if she had knickers on.

Once in London we entered a bar and after a few drinks found ourselves in Soho, I took her hand and entered a store that sells toys, sexy clothing and dvd's we looked at the toys and my wife admired the large vibrators some looked like they were made of glass, she gave me a naughty grin as she entered the dvd's area three men stood looking through the selection my wife stood near to an older guy who was around sixty and when he saw her he hustled out of the shop, I saw her smile as she continued to browse through the dvd's, she moved towards a guy who was in his thirties who was looking at the gangbang selection, I watched as she looked at the dvd's then bent over looking at the ones lower down I noticed as he first took a sneaky look down her top then stepped back to check out her legs, she then crouched down taking a particular interest in one dvd who's cover showed a blonde getting serviced by three young studs, I watched as she parted her legs still making out she was looking at the cover her legs parted a bit more the guy was blatantly looking at her, I moved my viewing point to get a better look and discovered she was exposing her smooth pussy the guy stood open mouthed looking at her, she then stood back up and brushed past him, I quickly followed her out of the shop.

Outside she kissed me hard and felt my hardening cock " dirty girl" I said to her as we walked off, turning the corner we spotted a porn cinema 'shall we" I said "all slots love the cinema " she said as we entered, as we were paying for our tickets we noticed our friend from the sex shop,

I can tell you more if interested