Written by zzz

1 Oct 2015

Strange things happen to us all, but this seems to be a bit special. We are married and Di likes fun with other guys. We have enjoyed some great times and on occasions used hotels. however though the anonymity of hotels allows bedroom sex aside from local curtain twitchers or the fear of someone you know just being there and making things awkward when another guy is on the scene, you all know how off putting that can be. also of course the suspicions of the hotel receptionists also add to the tension.

We have found a fabulous place where the hotel is pretty classy, good restaurant and bar, a spa area with external jaccuzi, and best of all, lodge type hotel rooms with access to them from the car park without any need to pass the eyes of the spooky type receptionist, male or female. We discovered it by chance on a weekend away with friends. Di must have read my mind as within ten minutes of arrival, she had her wicked smile on and said 'Good venue for fucking' I agreed and said that though it was fairly isolated, a threesome could easily be attained with free movement of either me or her lover undetected. One of the really awkward things about sex in hotels is when a threesome has been played out, the lover might have to make tracks past the receptionist on his way home, we also find it hard to remain out all night due to the needs of our animals at home, therefore midnight movings must look very odd to the staff on a desk. However we have gone through with the scenario a few times and had a laugh of relief when back in our car after a great night of sex and going home again as Mr and Mrs almost normal (except for the smell of sex and the recent very sexy memories of naked fucking).

The story picks up when we got back home and decided this was a perfect venue for her and a lover so she sent a text to Chris, a fairly new guy I had not as yet met, but she had been mad to get her hands on his cock after several business meetings and him being mad keen to meet her away from work. She managed this one night but i was away. They had kissed a bit and had a fumble but things were not good enough for more, so they had each other's mobiles and had been communicating regularly, especially at bed time with inuendo and ever more risque chat.

On Monday night she asked me if it was alright to go to the hotel with Chris on Wednesday (last night). I confirmed it and she rang and booked, specifically requesting the room we had used, which was no problem. I heard her arrangements which were that Chris, although he knew I was aware of their liaison, did not want me present. I suggested that I was cool with it but said if I could be there and a curtain or blind be left with a viewing hole, I was happy.

We had the day off on the Wednesday and went to the hotel in the afternoon and she took a spa treatment and massage while I had a beer in the bar. We were excited and Chris text said he would be at the hotel by eight that evening and asked if she would book a table he would pay the tab. I booked a separate table and knew he had no idea what I looked like. Di booked their table to be just close enough for me to watch them, it was so good to know the table numbers from our previous visit and also the layout of the place. There were a few ladies in bathrobes having treatment, sitting in the bar, one or two being a tad careless with their posture, I got a lovely treat of a naked pussy from one girl who was oblivious to my presence, but put a grin on my face.

Di was getting changed and dolling herself up when I returned to the room, she had stashed any evidence of me in the wardrobe and she was moving around in her undies looking utterly gorgeous with her lovely breasts displaying hard nipples, her hair looked great and her make up was just on the tarty side, like he loved. I had some pictures of them together and I scanned through them, watching her preparing for his cock as I did so. I felt a pang of envy for him, knowing how much she loves being fucked and I knew she loves the feel of his cock in her mouth or cunt.

I checked my watch, half seven, just half an hour before my wife becomes a lover with another man, my cock was already stiff in anticipation. At ten to eight I gave her a kiss and a grope of her tits before I said I would make myself scarce and that I would be watching them enjoying themselves and asked that we could check the viewing situation before I left. With heavy breathing and me skulking in the dark of the evening, made darker by the canopy of the trees, I checked my view and Di held up her dress, showing her panties round her knees, perfect, I could see the bed and an area around it, a lovely preview of things to come. I left for the dining room and sat near the window watching for any cars approaching. Bang on time one arrived, a normal car, nothing flashy, passed my viewing point and halted in a bay twenty metres away, one male got out, medium build, clean and smart. He came to the building and there she was, smiling at him, exchanging kisses and moving to the dining room and sitting close. Discovery 2 in a couple of hours, I am wanted by a very sexy woman