Written by Anon

7 Feb 2013

As the phone rang my heart skipped a beat and my pulse started racing. I had for so long fantasised about that woman that even the thought of speaking to her made me nervous and excited!

‘Hi Susan. What’s up? You OK?’

‘Yeah just thought you’d like to come over and see my new car. Last time we spoke you said you’d be interested when it arrived.’

‘Err OK! (My mouth had dried up and I was finding it difficult to talk) – when were you thinking?’

‘How about now!’

‘OK – see you in half an hour.’

I literally ran upstairs two at a time, stripped off and jumped in to the shower. Twenty minutes later I was at her front door ringing the bell. I waited nervously for what seemed like an eternity.

‘Come in. You were quick!’

She looked great even though she was dressed in jeans and a baggy jumper. The smell of her perfume hit me in the face. I could already feel a stirring in my loins as I mumbled my hello.

‘Wait here I’ve just got to change. I won’t be a minute. Help yourself to a coffee or whatever you want.’

I could have done with some alcohol to calm my nerves but that wasn’t going to happen at 10.30 in the morning. I watched her climb the stairs. Her ass looked amazing and I just make out the swell of her gorgeous breasts underneath the jumper. God I was already acting like some horny teenager!

‘Mike! Come up would you’?

I climbed the stairs – ‘Where are you’?

‘In my bedroom - at the top on the right. Come in there’s something I want to ask you’.

I walked in.

‘What do you think?’

Oh my God!! I was absolutely speechless. Susan was lying there sprawled on the bed wearing nothing but a sexy red bra and a matching thong. I could see her hard nipples poking through the bra and could even make out her areolae beneath the thin see through material. The thong was pulled tightly between her gorgeous thighs and it was obvious that she was clean shaven. Christ I nearly came in my trousers.

‘Beautiful’ was about all I could muster.

I almost had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming.

‘Mike I’ve wanted you ever since we first met. Come and kiss me’.

I climbed onto the bed next to her. I kissed her – slowly at first and then more and more passionately as I got turned on. My cock was as hard as an iron bar. I began to rub my hands over her body. I unhooked her bra and let her tits spill free. They looked so sexy. Not too big but not too small either – Firm and just right. Her nipples were very swollen and I bent my head to kiss and lick them. I loved that feeling in my mouth. She moaned as I was doing it.

As I did this I let my hand wander down her body to the juncture between her legs. I was shaking. I was so excited. I pushed my hand past the top of her thong and down between her legs. She spread her legs as wide as possible to give me easy access. I slipped one finger in to her sopping wet hole – quickly followed by two and then a third. I could feel her swollen clitoris on my hand and she moaned every time I brushed across it. I quickly pulled off her thong and slowly kissed my way down her body stopping between her thighs. This was a dream come true. I spent at least 20 minutes feasting on her clitoris and her soaking wet hole – delighting in making her come twice!!

Then she hauled me up and kissed me again tasting her own juices on my lips. ‘My turn – strip off.’

I didn’t need to be asked twice. I was soon as naked as her with my hard cock sticking out from my groin. She went down on me and gave me the most exquisite blowjob only stopping when I warned her that if she kept on I would come in her mouth.

She lay on her back again and begged me to feed my big hard cock in to her.

‘I need to feel you in me NOW!!!’

I obliged enjoying the exquisite sensation as I pushed my hard cock in to her soaking wet hole. The squelching noise was such a turn on.

I started fucking her slowly at first and then with more urgency as I could feel the need to come swelling in my balls. I wanted her to come with me so I slowed to build up the pressure for both of us.

‘I’m going to come’ she gasped. ‘Me too’.

Suddenly I came deep within her – spurt after spurt – I could feel it filling her up and running down between our thighs. God that was amazing!!

We lay together on the bed cuddling and stroking and kissing. It was so horny to feel between her legs and rub my slippery wet come all around her pussy and her arse. I slipped a couple of fingers in her pussy and another in to her tight arse. Suddenly she came again – ‘Oh my god. I never realised how sexy it was to have my arse fingered’.

Her sexy body and our fondling soon had me hard again. We got in to a 69 and I discovered that I loved the taste of my spunk mixed with her juices. After minutes of this she knelt up on all fours and asked me to fuck her doggy style. Watching her tits swinging and her arse jiggling whilst I screwed her from behind was so sexy. ‘Mike – I want you in my arse.’

I couldn’t believe my ears. Here was the woman I had fantasised about for as long as I could remember asking me to shove my hard cock up her arse.

I made sure she was well lubricated and then I fed my cock inch by inch up her tight hole. I rested to make sure she was used to the penetration. At the same time I slipped my fingers down and played with her soaking wet pussy. I could feel my own cock between the thin membrane.

Gradually I slipped in and out, getting faster and faster as she urged me on. Suddenly I was coming. As the first spurt hit her insides she screamed as her orgasm ripped through her.

We both collapsed on the bed spent! ‘Wow’ was about all I could muster. This was the start of something very special!!