9 Apr 2016

We spent the next day in the dunes but the breeze was up so not many there we did get a couple of couples walk past but not much else apart from one guy who stood on top of our sand dune posing and playing with his cock, about 2 pm we decided to call it a day go back to our villa for an early shower and have a snack before we went out for our final night there.

We lay on our bed naked and talked about our holiday and the sexy fun we'd had so far but babe smiled and asked me if I'd had a good time too I replied my cock has been hard for you since we got here knowing you'd asked me would I mind her having some fun, she moved closer gave me a sexy snog her tongue probing my mouth her hand gently massaging my cock till I said shall we fuck now or later babe she just said later babe I want to be fresh for our night out, she dressed about six thirty looking a million bucks in a smooth silky blouse leaving the top buttons open showing off her tanned cleavage and her favourite denim skirt that buttoned all the way up the front and again she left a few buttons open turning and asking me how she looked, I said mmm shall we stay home but she growled her answer NO then laughed but I did say just one little thing needs to be altered babe as I lowered my hand to undo two more buttons on her skirt showing more of her tanned thighs but I couldn't resist sliding my hand between her thighs up to her pussy pushing my fingers along her lips then inside her warm juicy pussy making me say to her you've not wore any underwear since we've been here she just replied not needed any they would have gotten in the way she bit her lip as I fingered her till she pushed me away saying later babe lets go out ok.

We got a taxi to the Yumbo centre in Playa del Ingles as I now she liked the bars there we had a few drinks as the sun went down it stayed warm so we sat outside watching the world go by I glanced at her sitting there relaxing her tanned body looking so sexy her blouse fluttering in the breeze showing her nipples through the silk blouse her legs crossed showing her legs and a lot of thigh, she slapped my hand saying behave and laughed all I said was well ever body else is looking at which she said I know there's a lady moved three times over there do you think she fancies me I just laughed and said mmm what do you think babe she just uncrossed her legs leaving them slightly open to see if the lady was looking.

I smiled as I looked over at her and asked mmm do you fancy more pussy babe she bit her lip again telling me she did so I said I'd go into the bar and get more drinks, I stood looking out of a window onto the patio where babe was sat side on to me my cock twitching as babe crossed her legs again her skirt sliding up her sexy thighs I looked at the other lady as she sipped her drink not taking her eyes off babe her hand resting on her knee she uncrossed her legs her hand sliding up her thigh moving her dress further up her legs not taking her eyes from babe opening her legs a little, I looked at babe she to was focused on the other woman as she uncrossed her legs leaving her hand between her thighs sliding it up then down her thigh she took her drink and sipped it letting a few drops run down her chin and onto her blouse she pretended to brush them off the other woman fast thinking offered babe a hanky and started to wipe her blouse laughing but she left her hand on babe's tit longer than was needed and said something, babe put her hand over the woman's squeezed it onto her breast still looking at her face so I knew she'd made contact and decided to take our drinks out.

I strolled over to them saying hello as I placed our drinks down I turned to the other woman and asked if she fancied a drink, she smiled politely saying that would be nice can I have a G&T no problem I said looking at babe and winked walked into the bar and looked out the window as they chatted away, the woman moved over to sit near babe and I knew I was in for a good night's entertainment, they both had a say about this n that but I did notice there hands becoming more intimate with each other, I joined them after awhile saying how you two ladies getting on babe telling me Iris "her name" has said there's a good bar down stairs that opens shortly if we'd like to go with her as she was out on her own tonight I said ok sounds nice but I did notice they where drinking a bit faster so decided to go the bar again for drinks again looking out the window my cock stirred as they leaned into each other to whisper into each others ear giving each other a playful kiss before I re-joined them saying you two getting on ok the ladies replied in harmony yes we all laughed, I sat the other side of babe real close letting my hand fall over her shoulder Iris looking on saying you two are very close I see, babe put her hand over mine holding it over her tit and kissed my cheek so I squeezed her tit playfully with Iris saying that looks sexy can I try it moving the other side of babe placing her arm over her shoulder her hand close to babes tit babe wasted no time in placing her hand over hers and pushed it playfully onto her other tit now babe was sitting between us with both her tits being playfully groped, we laughed finished our drinks then followed Iris down the stairway to the bottom floor and into a bar tucked away in the corner dimly lit I could make out two big red lips over the door as we walked in Iris saying it was her turn to pay and told us to find some quiet seats in the corner we sat down on some high stools with a bar top close by the bar still nearly empty seemed to say it was no ordinary bar and I leaned into babe saying are you ok babe she kissed me lips open her tongue darting into my mouth I sucked it in deep opening our mouths wide till we heard Iris say that looks nice can I join in as she put our drinks down, we broke our embrace babe calling Iris closer and duly kissed her open mouthed her tongue probing her mouth as Iris needed no hesitation in moving between us pulling babe hard to her there breathing becoming heavy there bodies moulding together as babe slid from her stool placing her arms around Iris's neck giving her body to Iris to fondle.

Iris moaned into babes mouth there bodies began grind into each other Iris seemed to be more in control making all the moves, first her hands expertly started to undo the buttons on babes blouse freeing her tits her hands soon started to feel them her fingers squeezing and pinching babes nipples making her squeal with pleasure I looked around the bar only a few women over the far side chatting a couple of bar maids working but glancing at the girls playing not a word said and me the only guy in there, Iris soon bent her head down to suck on babes hard nipples babe in turn gripped the back of her head pulling her onto her tits her breathing came in pants as she moaned looking at me her eyes glazed her mouth open she whispered into Iris's ear making her drop to her knee's her hands running up between babes thighs forcing her legs to open she licked her way up till her tongue found babes pussy lips flicking them open her mouth opened wider over her cunt mound her tongue lapping the juices flowing from babes cunt before she expertly licked up her long tongue till it roughly found her clit and began to eat her, I stood watching babe be eaten by Iris her head working up and back down her pussy babes juices oozing over her face as she pushed her head hard onto her cunt, she then began to grind her mound harder against her face making Iris take her roughly her breathing mixed with her slurping babes juices soon had babe whimpering she was cuming Iris rapidly moving her head from side to side her teeth must have been giving her clit some work out as babe stiffened her thighs opening wider as she fucked hard back onto her mouth her orgasm hit her hard making her grunt as she came, Iris still lapping her juices from her pussy and thighs then slid up babes body licking and sucking her tits as she went till there mouths met again each opening wide as there tongues danced there breathing heavy as there mouths devoured each other.

I looked around the room again noticing a few more people had come in still not a word said about the girls playing but then I noticed a few other ladies kissing and feeling each other making me smile as I realised it was a gay bar for ladies who preferred the touch of another woman, I turned towards the girls just coming down from there first play together Iris slid to the side of babe pushing her cunt mound against her hip bone and started to grind into her as her hand slid between babes thighs onto her pussy and pushed her fingers up into her cunt making babe hiss as her thumb rubbed hard onto babes clit and slowly at first pumped her hand into babes pussy building up a rhythm making babe thrust her cunt back onto the hand that was giving her pleasure Iris now pounding into babes pussy as she still rubbed her cunt mound into babes hip bone she started to lick babes neck before she playfully bit into it calling her a sexy bitch, babe now panting hard as the hand rammed into her cunt harder and faster her juices running down her thighs her groans now becoming louder with people close by looking over at the girls giving them a show in the corner, soon a small crowd surrounded us but still giving us space as they obviously got a kick from the girls having a good time until there lust now high started there own play time.

I looked back at babe as she started to groan again with another orgasm close Iris grunting as she talked dirty to babe saying her cunt loved to be fucked hard then saying how she was going to give it to her hard all night making her leave a cum trail as she walked babe groaned again panting hard she hissed a long yesss, I was about to join in when another woman moved behind Iris pulling her arse back onto her as her hands slid around her body up to her tits groping them hard making Iris moan as she opened her dress to reveal her naked body to babe for the first time, the other woman then let her left hand run down her body till she found her pussy and started to finger Iris so here was babe in a bi threesome having the time of her life with me enjoying every minute of a live sex show by a group of sexy ladies, another lady moved in to the threesome on the other side of babe she turned babes head to her head then started to kiss her deeply her lust for babe was obvious as she came on hard her hand gripping a tit and mauling it and her other hand slid down babes back to her bum cheeks and slid a finger over her bum hole slowly pushing it in, man what a sight there was babe taking her cunt being nearly fisted her arse now being finger fucked she rocked her hips back and to so her bum got fingered then forward so her cunt rammed onto a fist while her tits where being mauled and sucked hard as this other woman was eating her mouth, Iris was still rubbing her cunt mound against babes hip as this other woman was finger fucking her cunt she groped her tits hard pinching her nipples till babe growled another orgasm from her mouth shuddering hard back onto the fingers giving her pleasure, Iris still ramming her fingers into babe her juices squelching over her hand as she to started to cum hard from her friend finger fucking her from behind her body twitching as she came hard panting her hand now still inside babes pussy before she slowly pulled it out babe moaning as it came free they all came down to earth and slowly regain there composure the two other women I think wanted more but babe and Iris said they needed a break so the group sort of broke up as I watched babe and Iris still with there bodies on show there clothes open showing there sexy bodies off to all there before they both moved closer gently caressing and kissing the other.

Iris thanked us for a lovely time saying she had to meet her partner at there hotel and gave us her number to ring back home she kissed babe gently then left with babe now fastening her clothes up she looked radiant her skin glistening with her sweat making her blouse stick to her body showing her tits and nipples for all to see but she was so turned on she didn't care, she put her arms around my neck thanking me for a great time then said take me outside and fuck me babe my pussy needs cock to mmm I said my cock needs pussy so we strolled out me looking for a nice spot to fuck her finding it on the far side of the car park with little light but enough to see her taking my cock up her dripping cunt I fucked her against a wall pulling her blouse open so I could see her tits bounce as I rammed into her I opened my shirt so I could feel her sexy body against mine, she put her arms around my neck pulling herself up my body my hands slid under her thighs lifting her till her legs dangled wide and open for my cock to slide into her dripping pussy time and time again I rammed into her hard with long strong strokes my cock touching her womb her cervix rubbing my head she began to slowly thrust onto me her cum squirting from her as she shuddered hard on my cock, my balls twitched as I pumped my cum deep inside her cunt her body went stiff her thighs clamped me into her my cock still rubbing her my cum oozing from her cunt she grunted for me to leave it in as she kept grinding against my head still deep inside her she began to orgasm again her head dropped back her mouth wide open her breathing came in heavy gasp's as she growled at me not to stop leave it in babe she hissed her orgasm was a long shuddering climax to a great sexy night ! it still makes my cock stand to just remembering our sexy holiday in Maspolomas .