Written by Steve

22 Oct 2016

I met Fi when I was 20 and she was 21 and we were students. She was olive-skinned, beautifully-proportioned, with thick shaped and trimmed public hair, pronounced dark brown nipples - all rather sensual. In 30yrs I never tired of entering her and relished flooding her with my sperm, which she willingly accepted as deep as possible until the final time in 2007 when I had shot my last sperm into her from behind.

Fi was outwardly reserved, but once engaged in sex enjoyed accepting the lead - seldom leading herself... she loved to 'show' her body and would enjoy kneel in front of me running her hands over her engorged nipples, down across her stomach, and feeling her vulva with pressure on her clitoris - and when encouraged she would run in finger insider and in later years using a vibrator...

It's hard to pick 3 sexual encounters, but here are the top ones that stand out which were not particularly the most erotic to write about:

First lingerie - Her sister made a point of giving her a lingerie set with us both there; knickers, bra, suspender belt, and stockings in a dark grey that looked rather sophisticated set against her olive skin. A Saturday evening came and I proceeded to her room at college to find her in her dressing gown clearly with stockings underneath. I pushed the red thick dressing gown off her shoulders and she clearly felt excited wearing lingerie with the sole purpose of making herself more attractive for sex. I quickly removed her bra and firmly bit her nipples - and ran a hand into the back of her knickers with my middle finger running down the crack of her bottom as her legs slightly parted to help.

We had a lingering kiss and she moved to the bed, lying back in what would become a customary pose; one knee slightly raised and leaning back on her elbows. I undressed and joined her on the (single) bed for a lingering kiss before placing one, and then the other knee between her opening thighs. My erect cock was stimulated by the texture of thick public hair and I moved up and down that gently drew my foreskin back and she angled her vulva to include her clitoris, then then as she lay back to gently divide her vulva for my cock to slip effortlessly inside.

I always moved my hands to her buttocks and starting slowly she told me how much she wanted me (and I her) and I simply loved the sensation of the suspender belt pressed against me and her stockinged legs now wrapped around my waist. We kissed deeply and I felt her stiffen so I increased my thrusting and she pressed her vulva hard against me as I felt myself spurt my sperm deep inside her.

We lay like lovers for a while, I removed the rest of her lingerie, and I entered her a further 5 times that night, and on the last occasion she simply lay legs apart encouraging me, as she could reach no orgasm, as I used her vagina to empty the dwindling remaining sperm into her. Quite a night and I never forgot it.

Porn mags - we were sharing a flat by now with some other students and slept together every night. We explored sex together, she became more effective at oral sex, we discussed our fantasies, unsuccessfully attempted anal, we talked dirty, and looked at porn as we fucked - somehow more erotic in some top-shelf contact mag than high-resolution perfectly lit positions executed by over-acting american actors.

If we had the run of the place she would lie on her tummy on my bed looking and turning the pages of a porn mag and we would discuss the images and the prospect of having a maid assist us that she particularly enjoyed, as I entered her from behind. Simple, naughty, sordid, and a shared moment of intimacy not forgotten.

Vibrators and ejaculation - Sex has dwindled to about twice monthly and I am aware Fi may be bisexual at least and suspect she is seeing another woman. She had 2 lesbian aunts and the thought might explain the lack of sex, albeit when it happened it was always good.

I kept the vibrator I had bought her in the drawer of bedside table, handing it to her as I loved to watch her with a vibrator, which she used with aplomb. She would frequently initiate sex by moving her ass onto my erect cock and press back hard so my cock stimulated the entrance. She loved to kiss madly over her shoulder as I pinched her engorged nipples very hard which she absolutely loved making her particularly wet.

She kneeled and use the vibrators running it over her clit and then up into herself all the time keeping eye contact. I positioned myself behind her and gently moved her onto all 4s with her legs wider to display her vulva holding the vibrator on her clitoris. I loved behind her and entered her from behind deeply and we both enjoyed the sensation of the shared sensation of the vibrator. We could not hold it for too long, and Fi loved me gently pulling out, and masturbating behind her so my clenched hand impacted her vulva, and she would extend her hand beneath her vulva to collect my sperm ejeculated over her vulva, rub it into her public hair, finger some inside and use it as lube to finisher herself on the vibrator, shuddering as she came. An abiding memory...

I'm sure every long marriage has enduring unspoken sexual memories, these are mine, and whilst we sadly drifted apart they were formative times and even now the thoughts can turn me on!