Written by davebriggs

8 Oct 2009

I was on my way home from the pub when I was 18-ish... I\'d had my usual skinful, spent every penny, and had to walk home. It was about 3 miles, but the bulk of it was downhill, so not too bad even though I was staggering all over the place.

On the way, I had to walk past a park. There was a public toilet at the far end of the park, and I had to stop and have a piss. The toilet block was pitch black - it was obvious the light bulb had gone, so I got my lighter out, and flicked it inside. I was quite surprised to see another bloke standing at a urinal, but didn\'t really think anything of it. There were only two urinals, so I went and stood next to him. He was much bigger than me - I was quite small for my age, and I was aware of his bulk as I undid my zip, pushed my boxers aside and got out my prick. I remember this took some time as I was quite pissed, and as I started to piss, I leant against the wall next to me. It meant that I was turned slightly towards this bloke, and I was aware as I looked down at my small prick pissing I was aware that he had started wanking. In the dim light from the skylight above, I was aware that he had a huge cock in his hand, and was slowly rubbing his hand up and down his shaft. I was aware that my piss had slowed to a trickle and my own cock started to get hard. I guess it was because of all the beer I\'d drunk, because I\'d never really thought of another bloke sexually before.

Anyway, he must have been watching me, because as I felt my cock harden, he shifted around towards me, so I could see his hard cock more clearly. He was uncut, which I\'d never really seen before, being cut myself, and I was fascinated by the way his tight foreskin slid softly up and down over his helmet, which shone faintly with the moisture of his precum in the dim light. He must have been all of 8\" long, and when he saw that I was watching him, he pushed his trousers down so I could see that he had shaved, his smooth balls swinging gently in time with his masturbating. I must only have been about 5\" then, and hardly needed to shave!

Slowly, I began to stroke my own cock, and leant my back against the wall. I just wanted him to see my little cock as I pumped it: I felt so horny, cheap and dirty and I loved it.

I gradually became aware that he was slowly moving forwards, and that now the tip of his cock was only inches from mine. I remember feeling so fucking horny that I couldn\'t have cared less what happened, I didn\'t have any experience of this so I didn\'t really know what could happen, but I just wanted to feel him holding my prick. I pushed my hips forwards and felt his wet bell end rub gently over my own cock, a small groan escaping from his lips at the touch: I knew how he felt. He took his hand off of his cock and wrapped it around mine, and I loved the feeling and he slowly started to wank me off. He moved forwards more, opening his hand to take his own dick in it as well. I loved the feeling as he wanked off both of our cocks together, his huge shaved dick alongside my small bald one, feeling them touching skin to skin as his big hand stoked them both. He reached out with his other hand and took my hand, bringing it towards our cocks. I felt so dirty and horny as I took both our cocks in my hand, it\'s smallness making his look even bigger.

He reached up and unbuttoned my shirt, running his hand over my nipples and across my stomach before pushing my trousers down further so they were around my knees. As he brought his hand back up, he gently cupped my balls. By now, he was breathing heavily, and I felt so horny that I speeded up my wanking. I could feel his prick beginning to twitch, and I knew that I was close to coming too.

All of a sudden, he put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me down, pulling my head in towards his straining cock. I didn\'t have any choice, he just jammed it into my mouth and began fucking my face. It only took him two or three strokes and he groaned loudly as his buttocks clenched, and then his cock twitched madly in my mouth as he began spurting his spunk. If someone had told me I\'d do this on the way home I\'d have been horrified, but instead, I was so pissed and horny I was loving it. His come hit the back of my throat making me gag, and I had to move my head backwards, bringing my hand up to stroke his shaft as he continued to spurt come. The second spurt hit me square in the face, spattering across my nose and cheek. The third spurt hit me in my hair, while the rest spurted across my chin and chest. he seemed to come forever, and I could feel his sticky warm seed as it dripped down my body and ran toward my own still straining cock. I stood back up, and spread my legs as far apart as I could. He stepped back watching as I pumped my own prick furiously. Looking down, I could see my stomach and chest wet and sticky wth his come, in the dim light I seemed to be covered with it. He knelt down in front of me, his own cock having hardly gone down at all. He pushed his knees inside mine: I had to spread my legs wider, which meant I moved lower down the wall I was leaning on. I could feel the tip of his still hard prick as it touched my arse cheeks, while my cock was in his face. I could feel the warm wet come still on his helmet as it rubbed over my arse, and he buried my straining little cock in his face as he gave me my first ever blow job. I held on for as long as I could, pumping his face, and each thrust lowering my virgin arsehole until I could feel his helmet pushing against it. I was aware that he was wanking himself off very quickly with one hand as well. I could feel wet on my balls as his spit ran off my cock to mingle with his come running down my body. It was just wet enough to let him get the tip of his helmet into my tight hole, and that was more than I could take. I felt my orgasm from the tip of my toes to the top of my head as I shot my come into his mouth and over his face. I was vaguely aware that he was wanking himself even harder, and then, before I\'d spurted again I felt him come for the second time, a jet of it shooting into my arse. I almost collapesed on him it felt so good, and my come seemed to go on for ever as I came spurt for spurt with him. My cock had come out of his mouth and I watched as my own spunk shot out over my own stomach as he twitched his cum up me, each spurt making me wetter and better able to slide down onto his eager coming prick. I almost collapsed onto him and his prick slipped out of my arsehole, releasing a gentle rush of warm liquid which ran don the inside of my thighs. My legs seemed to be made of jelly and I slumped backwards onto the floor.

He stood up and took a step backwards. The alcohol was really kicking in now, and I just lay there for a minute to get my breath back. Looking down I could see the spunk across my chest, and knew it was also across my face. My shirt was wide open, and my trousers pushed down to my knees. My cock was still hard and was also wet with come while the inside of my thighs were wet from the spunk dribbling out of my arsehole. He looked down at me as he put his softening cock back into his trousers.

\'Wow, thanks.\", he said. And then just walked out, leaving me lying there.