Written by JohntheRep

12 Jan 2009

As far as I was concerned it was just a normal service call. I knocked at the door and an attractive woman I guessed in her late thirties answered the door, I told her who I was and she invited me in. She led me to the kitchen and brought out the cleaner she wanted serviced. Like a lot of customers she sat and watched me work and chatted as well. I got the impression that she was a bit lonely and I asked about her husband, she told me that she was married but that their marriage was not going anywhere. My interest was aroused when she said, 'I bet you get to meet lots of attractive, lonely women.' I admitted that it did happen. 'Don't you ever get tempted?', she asked. I laughed, 'That would be telling, what I can say is that I think you are a very attractive woman.'

She was sitting on a high kitchen stool facing me as I knelt on the floor taking the cleaner apart. She blushed slightly then said, 'Go on, you can tell me, don't you ever.... well, you know?' I told her that it had been known but that I had to be extremely careful as one word out of place and I could lose my job. 'I suppose so,' she agreed. I went on doing my job noticing at the same time that, somehow, her legs had parted somewhat. She was barelegged and her skirt wasn't pulled right down, after a while I could see her white knickers between her thighs. I didn't disguise the fact that I was having a good look. As I went on, although it doesn't take long to service a cleaner, her legs parted more and more and it was quite obvious that she was inviting me to look.

Eventually I finished and got up to plug the machine in and try it, it worked perfectly. She said, 'Here, come and wash your hands.' I went over to the sink and washed. Drying my hands on the towel she gave me, I turned to find her standing right up against me. Although she was blushing she said, 'I do find you very attractive,' and she kissed me. I could feel her shaking as I took her in my arms and returned her kiss passionately. I said, 'I hope that I'm not making a mistake.' She said, quietly, 'I've never done anything like this before, but I'm so frustrated and you're so sexy.' We kissed some more and she pressed herself against me, her breasts felt surprisingly firm and I put my hand up to caress her through her clothes. She took a step back, 'If you're not leading me on and really are going to do anything, let's go somewhere more comfortable.' She led me upstairs to a bedroom, she turned to kiss me and began unbuttoning her blouse. She soon took it off and her bra, she had lovely breasts. She continued undressing and I started to do the same, I could see her shaking.

We were both naked and she looked at my cock, 'It looks lovely,' she said, 'I've only ever seen my husband's and yours is much nicer.' We got on the bed and I was soon kissing and fondling her breasts while she took my cock in her hand, 'My husband has never let me play with his, am I doing it right?' 'You certainly are,' I assured her letting my hand slide down over her stomach and starting to caress the lips of her cunt.

She was slippery already and I said, 'Show me.' She lay back on the bed and opened her legs, she had a nice looking cunt. A bit of a mound with long closed lips that had rounded edges, she had very little pubic hair. Sounding quite breathless she said, 'Feel me, my husband bever does anything like that and, in any case he was always too quick.' 'How long since you last had it?' I asked. 'Oh, I don't know, a year? Eighteen months, perhaps more.' She blushed vividly, 'I have to play with myself if the pressure gets too much. Do other women do that?' 'Of course they do,' I told her. Then I said your....erm...whatever you call it, is very pretty it makes me want to kiss it.' 'Oh, I've never had that,' she replied, 'I've read about people kissing the other's things of course, but no-one's ever done it to me.' 'It feels like this,' I told her and bent over her to kiss and use my tongue.

She cried out as soon as I touched her clit, when I raised my head, she cried, 'Oh please, don't stop, it feesl so exciting!' So I went the whole hog, finishing up by sucking her clit and inner lips into my mouth and moving my head away so that they were pulled out of my tightened lips. She cried out and moaned, she grabbed hold of my cock and I mounted her, she entered it for me and I pushed into her. Then I began fucking her hard until she begged me to stop, 'Oh, I can't stand it!', she cried, 'Be gentle, be gentle!' So I fucked her gently. Her cunt was tight but very slippery and she was easy to fuck as I moved up slightly to make sure that my cock was rubbing her clit.

She sighed and moaned and kissed me, pushing her hips up at my thrusts. 'Is this what you like?' I asked. 'Oh, yes, it's wonderful, I've never felt like this before!' 'I'm going to have to cum in a minute,' I told her, 'where d'you want it.' 'Oh,' she panted, 'I'd love to see you come, but I need to feel it inside, it's quite safe and I want you to fill me with your...er... you know.'

About a dozen strokes later, the last of which was very hard, I began ejaculating. She cried out, pushing her cunt hard up at me, she got her wish, I always come a lot and had no doubt that I was filling her as she wanted. Then I flopped on her stomach, she showered me with kisses and stroked the back of my head. She didn't say anything but I felt her whole body quivering.

After I had recovered I said, 'I hope that satisfied you?' 'It certainly did,' she told me, I have never, ever, felt anything like it, I felt most peculiar when you came inside me, I thought I was going to faint.' 'Have you ever cum?' I asked. 'I don't know,' she replied. 'If you don't know, you haven't,' I said, 'next time I'll give you an orgasm and you will certainly know that that is what is happening!'

'Could you really be certain that you could give me an orgasm?' 'Oh yes, of course I can.' 'I can't wait for the next time then, you will come and do me again, won't you?' 'Yes, I really enjoyed it, anyway, you don't ahve to wait, I can do you again now, if you can get me hard.' 'Gosh, how ould I do that?' 'Well, the best way would be for you to take my cock in your mouth and suck and use your tongue.' She looked ahocked, 'But you've only just taken it out of my... pussy, it wouild be all messy.' I said, 'Well lots of women like it that way, haven't you ever tasted your pussy?' She went red and replied, 'Well, only by putting my figers in my mouth after Ive played with myself.' 'And you're worried that my spunk might taste nasty?' 'Yes,' she admitted. 'Well, just get some on your finger and taste it, I bet even if you didn't particularly

like it, you wouldn't really find it unpleasant.'

Rather doubtfully she drew her finger through the open lips of her cunt, which was now drooling spunk, and hesitantly licked it. Her face brightened, 'Oh, how strange, it's just like you said.' 'Come on then,' I urged her, 'suck my cock into your mouth.' She bent over me and tentatively

put her lips round my glans, I was all soft of course and once she'd done that she suddenly did actually suck it inot her mouth. Two minutes later I was hard, 'Now,' I said, 'on your back and open your legs!' She blushingly obeyed and I, in turn, bent over her and began giving her clit a good licking, she was soon crying out in pleasure and thrashing about. Then suddenly she convulsed, she cried out loudly, 'Oh, oh! Oh, what's happening?', she was thrashing around agaoinm as I went on tonguing her glorious cunt and making her cum. In the end she just sort of collapsed and went all quiet.

I mounted and entered her pushing my throbbing cock as deep into her as I could get it, then I fucked her, this time she didn't complain that I was being too hard. I just kept going as long as I could before I just had to slow down. She opened her eyes and looked at me, 'This is the most fantastic sex I've ever had, you have made me cum, lots. All I can think of is your thing, my pussy and being .....well, you know.' 'Fucked?' I suggested. 'Yes, that's right.' She blushed again.

I fucked her for half an hour o rso then, without warning, pulled out and shot my load all over her. She loved it. I shall have to make her one of my regulars now, she loved it so much.