Written by maxblythe

22 Nov 2010

Pete and I had been friends since junior school,now in 1967 we were both working ,but still were almost like brothers ,played for the same cricket and football teams and now we were in danger of trying to drink all the beer in Manchester every Friday night ! Last night Pete was hammered and I decided he could not be trusted to get home safely , pissed as I felt I was significantly more coordinated than him .His Mum had heard us staggering to his room ,helping me to tuck him safely in his bed she insisted I stayed in his sisters room as I wasn't safe to let out again ,her thoughts not mine .Pete and I regularily stayed at each others home , and his Mum, Jen was always friendly and had been since the early days ,now his sister Sally had gone to Uni I seemed to stay at his virtually every weekend and was always made welcome .

Jen's voice broke into my thoughts " if you two drunkards aren't down here in two minutes the bacon's going to the dog " ,struggling out of bed I shuffled into my jeans and T shirt ans dragged a still hung over Pete from his bed , yhe said I should go down first as Jen was less likely to to bollock me .As I entered the kitchen Jen passed across my bacon sandwich indicating I should sit down at the table as she made coffee ,Jen always looked good ,sometimes it was difficult to see her as Pete's mum ,she dressed in modern styles and almost appeared as his older sister .His mum ans sister Sally were very similar in looks ,but at 19 Sally was willowy wheras Jen was a real woman , very curvacious , short hair in the style of Mary Quant ,and fit as a butchers dog ,Pete's dad by comparison seemed positively ancient .Pete appeared looking suitably sheepish ,pecked Jen on her cheek and passed me my coffee ,as he sat beside me she joined us at the table ,"when are you two going to learn ,you were in a shocking state last night , anyone could have taken advantage of you in that state " , as she finished her remark she was looking directly at me and just a hint of a smile crossed her lips ,laughing Pete replied that we wouldn't have felt a thing ,"trust me I know that's true " again a slight smile touched her lips .Finishing our sandwich and coffee I asked if I could grab a quick bath before heading home ,Jen nodded her agreement and I headed off upstairs , I undressed and headed to the bathroom , Jen had left a towel over the bath ,as the bath filled I removed my boxers ,noticing for the first time dried spunk covering the inside ,what a bloody mess I must have had one hell of a wet dream ,it was as if my mum had starched the front !! As I lay in the bath I thought about Jen's remark ,fearful she had seen me wanking in a drunken stupour ,how bloody embarrasing would that be .Jen's voice through the door interupted my thoughts "I've left some clean boxers on your bed , leave yours and I'll was them with the football kit " how the hell did she know ,god I must have been really pissed . Getting dressed quickly I was desparate to make my escape ,embarrasement colouring my face ,as I shot down the stairs Jen met me in the hall ,"come and have another coffee ,Pete's just having a bath,he want's you to wait ." Following her into the kitchen my eyes were drawn to her swaying hips ,turning quickly she noticed my gaze ," do you remember now ?" she enquired ,a lecivious smile spread across her face ,I stammered an apology explaining that I couldn't remember anything and insisting it would never happen again ,"never say never " she replied passing me a coffee .The situation was eased as Pete arrived ,draining our coffee's we picked up the soccer strips and left ,Jen's final comments accompanying our exit ,"I'll get your rooms ready ,don't make so much noise tonight "

Despite last nights beer ,we played well won the match and went back to mine to change ,mum fed us and by 8 we were in town , Pete hit the beer yet again ,I decided that I would take it steady ,by 11.30 he was legless again ,as it was relatively early we caught the bus and then walked the last mile to his ,as we entered the house Jen was just going to bed "come on I'll help you with him ,he's getting more like his father every day ." As we got to Pete's room she left us to it ,obviously upset she left without another word ,with relatively little fuss he was on his bed and I retired to Sally's room ,hitting the sack and quickly drifting into sleep .I was in the middle of a fantastic dream ,a slender hand was stroking my cock and balls ,the resulting hardon the best I'd ever achieved ,hard and throbbing intensely,so hard it was starting to hurt , blood rushing to its tip , then the hand circled its girth before gently starting to move up and down its length .As the hand continued it's work a hot tongue flicked at my ear ,it felt so real I could feel hot breath on my neck ,the tip of the tongue probing my ear .Very quickly the magic hand brought its climax ,spunk shot from my shaft ,the damp sticky feeling interupted my slumber as I moaned ,fucking hell I'd done itb again !!Starting to move the hand pushed into my chest "stay where youn are ,don't say anything " christ it was Jen ,"I'll clean you up ,its my fault " expert hands removed my boxers and used the garment to mop up the mess ,her fingers moving my prick to allow her cleaning ,they lingered as she realised her touch was bringing me back to life ,yet again my cock was rampant .She removed her hand and pulled back the covers "move over " she instructed ,quickly sliding in beside me ," don't make a noise " her fingers back on my prick ,"have you ever had sex ?" I whispered that I hadn't,a moan followed my answer ,her hands all over my cock ,she sat up and reached into the bedside cabinet ,removing the condom from its packet she expertly covered my erect shaft and kneeling over me guided me into her ,as she removed her night dress she leaned forward placing a hard nipple to my lips "dont move ,leave everything to me " she whispered as she gently moved her hips ,"suck my tits" she whispered still gently rocking her hips ,her muscles clamping my cock then releasing .As I nuzzled her nipples she quickly had me on the edge again ,releasing her nipple I groaned ,telling her I was near again ,she continued to rock her muscles now gripping hard ,quickly bringing forth another jet of spunk,my body jerking with each spurt her movement more urgent with each jet .As my cock softened she slid from me ,removed the condom and replaced her gown ,covering me up she kissed me on the lips "breakfast in bed for you boys tomorrow I think ,sleep tight " with that she left