Written by Graham

23 Dec 2017

We've been friends with Mitch and Maggie for 30 years and go on holiday and out for meals together. We're all in our early sixties or late fifties.

We were on holiday in Lanzarote when my friend asked if I still fancied Maggie. I was a little taken aback but said yes. He then asked if I wanted to fuck her. I was speechless, but spluttered yes did.

To my knowledge Maggie had been faithful all through their marriage and hadn't even looked at another man.

Apparently Mitch had gone of sex and felt guilty that he hadn't fulfilled his duty to his wife for over a year.

We spoke at length as to how it could be achieved and this is how it progressed.

Mitch set out the loungers by the pool the following morning with Ann first, then a small table, then Maggie, then me, then a table and finally Mitch. After breakfast we all went out to pool and lay on the appointed loungers. Mitch and I went to the bar for a couple of coffees and finalised what I was going to do. After about an hour on the loungers, which was about 11.00am I sat up and announced I was going for a swim and would anyone care to join me, knowing full well that neither Ann nor Mitch swam. Maggie said she'd join me as it was getting a bit hot. Now Maggie still has a great figure with a fabulous arse and lovely firm boobs, not too big or too small and apparently Mitch had been trying to persuade her to wear a bikini for years, but she always changed the subject when it came.

We swam around as you do, racing one another and messing about, yes even at our age. We'd probably been in the water for a good 45 minutes, so I said I was thirsty and did she want to join me for a drink. We sat down at the bar, on those high bar stool which she managed to get onto with a little help. We were both given a large vodka and Coke, which we downed reasonably quick. I ordered a second round which she didn't refuse and drank it more leisurely. It was now approaching 1.00pm and time for lunch so we went back to the loungers and all four of us set off for the dining room. The girls knew what we wanted for starters so Mitch and I went for the drinks. I told him that Maggie had been on vodka and Coke and he said to get her a large white wine, as she didn't mix drinks well. Mitch sat the wine down in front of Maggie, she looked at it, but didn't admit she'd already been drinking, probably didn't want to explain it to Mitch.

After lunch it was back to the pool for a spot of sun. Half an hour in I nudged Maggie and said I was going for a dip. I don't think she was really interested until I stood up and told her it would get rid of some of the calories from lunch. She sat on the side of the pool and I jumped in. I told her she wouldn't get wet just sitting there, went over to her manoeuvring in between her legs and lifted her into the pool. Nothing more nothing less. We swam about and chatted at the pool side about what we did when we were younger. I used to enjoy swimming underwater between my brothers outstretched legs and asked if she'd ever tried it. Of course she had. I asked who was going first and she said that she would. So I opened my legs wide and under she went coming out on the other side. My turn next and I simply repeated what she'd done. Then it was Maggie again. I closed my legs slightly which meant her touching me as she went through. She didn't change her opening when it was my turn. The final one for Maggie, I brought my legs in even more, which meant it was a little more difficult for her to get through. She managed but only after almost getting stuck. she said I was cheating.

After that I said I was going for a drink. She joined me again at the bar and again I helped her onto the stool. 2 vodka and Cokes and an hour later and she was getting quite tipsy. I pointed to our respective partners and said they were missing out on the fun, to which she agreed. I told her she had a great figure and why didn't she wear a bikini. She said that she didn't have a great figure, but had considered buying one for the holiday simply to stop Mitch moaning at her. I said right let's go, helped her down of the stool and went to the hotel shop. I told her to choose a bikini she liked and I would treat. She picked up a couple of really dull ones, which I said didn't suit her. I was skimming through the racks with her and asked what size she was. 12 was the answer. I found a really fashionable white bikini with halter and tied sides. She wasn't too sure and I'm sure if she'd been 100% sober she wouldn't have given it a second glance. She did succumb to my suggestion and I put it on my room bill. The shop didn't have a dressing room so I said she could try it on upstairs and I'd give her an honest opinion.

Up to my room. I conveniently had my room card and she didn't. The maid had closed the curtains and it was quite dark. I told her to just pop into the bathroom and try her present on. Five minutes later out she came in the new bikini. She looked fantastic. She thought it was perhaps a little small at the top, but did say the bottoms were perfect. I told her she looked magnificent and was surprised she hadn't worn bikinis earlier. What I hadn't told her, was that it was a size 10 and not a 12. I told her to do a spin for me and complimented her on her firm bottom and boobs. She thought I was just saying that. I reassured her that she really did look amazing and that Mitch was a very lucky guy. I needed to keep the momentum going and suggested we she do a NCBF bathe. Ann and I always wear eye masks on the plane so we can sleep. I opened the drawer in the bedside cabinet and pulled out both pairs. I then took her hand and led her onto the balcony which was a real sun trap. I'd left towels out ready and laid them on the floor. I said what we do now is put the masks on, then we take off our swimmers and lay down on the towels. Maggie looked at me and said, but you'll probably peek. I assured her that I wouldn't, despite being tempted by her great body. She agreed. We put our masks, mine first so she could see I wasn't cheating and then we took our swim wear off and lay down. A few minutes later I told her we'd have to put on suntan lotion or we'd burn and I said that it was just by her side and would she pass it over to me. She fumbled around and found it.

I said that because we were both blindfolded that I would put the lotion on for her and without giving her chance to object I started rubbing it onto her arms, the her boobs and then down to her legs, deliberately missing her pussy. I was doing this with the mask off and what a sight it was. I then took another canister next to me and rubbed a small amount of the contents onto her pussy, she groaned a little but let it go. This was the Durex lubricant that heats up the action. When I'd finished I said it was her turn. So making sure my mask was back on I lay down again. I told her there were 2 bottles the first I put into her right hand was the suntan lotion for all over my body and the second was the more sensitive one for our private parts to stop them burning. She followed the way I'd done it by starting with the arms and moving down leaving my cock till last. She then got some of the lubricant and started to rub it onto my cock. Needless to say, it grew in her hand as she moved up and down it, supposedly rubbing it in. By the time she'd finished I had a raging hard on. I said to her that she couldn't just leave it like that. There was a silence. I could feel that she was still sat up. Then I felt her hand on my cock again and could feel her climbing onto me. Slowly but surely she lowered herself onto my manhood until it was deep inside her. She was tight, even despite the lube. She moved very slowly up and down and slowly increased the speed. Eventually she was pounding up and down and I could feel her coming. She came and kept going and it was now my turn to feel the need to come and I burst inside her, encouraging her to come a few moments later. She collapsed on top of me. I decided the way forward was now to kiss, otherwise it could have been seen as a quick bang. We kissed for a while as I slid out of her. I told her how amazing it was and she really knew how to fuck a man.

That was the first full day of the holiday almost over, but needless to say it wasn't the last time we made love. But that's all I'm telling, no episode 2,3 or 4