Written by Graham

29 Dec 2017

My friend's wife Mitch was definitely on the hook for more fun, but it was how we could enjoy each other without my wife Ann becoming suspicious.

On night 3 of the holiday we were all enjoying the hotel entertainment. I took Maggie up for a slow dance and made sure we were in the middle of the dance floor well out of sight of Ann and Mitch. We managed to kiss and I was pulling Maggie's arse into my growing cock. Mitch of course was playing the game with me and he'd suggested that he would pretend to be a little worse for wear and I should tell Maggie to suggest going to bed. Mitch would say he was staying for another few drinks and I would stay with him and we'd be up soon. Maggie did as I'd asked, knowing that she was going to get fucked very soon thereafter. Maggie and Ann went up to bed. After 10 minutes I went up. I knocked on Maggie's door and was greeted by a naked Maggie who quickly pulled me inside. Off came my shirt, trousers and boxers. Maggie jumped on the bed an said she was well lubricated and wanted me inside her now. I obliged and seconds later she was coming. She rolled us over and began to ride me at her pace and came at least twice more before eventually came. Twenty minutes later I was downstairs reporting in to Mitch.

The following day was market day, with both Ann and Maggie keen to have a good rake. We agreed to meet up two hours later at the entrance, if we got separated. Needless to say we got separated just 30 minutes later, which I thought was quite a respectable time delay. Maggie and I headed back to the hotel and with over an hour before we had to meet Mitch and Ann we were able to fuck at our leisure. I was touching and kissing Maggie all over eventually inserting my rock hard cock into her. She came 3 times and was begging for it, so I thought I'd give her something extra. I pulled her up on her knees, with me behind her. My fingers were moving in and out of her soaking wet pussy, and moving some of her juices onto and into her anus. She was moving up and down on my fingers, when I pulled them out and started to push my cock into her. I was careful not to push too hard, as it was obvious she never had anal before. With that patience and continual reassurance she started to push against my cock and was coming on my hand. 5 minutes later I came inside her. We lay still for ages with my cock still inside her very tight hole, not slipping out as it would from her pussy. Her hand came between my legs and started to squeeze my balls which gave her the desired end result of my cock going hard again inside her. Conscious we only had about 20 minutes before we needed to be back at the market, i fucked her fast and hard.

We managed to get back in time to meet Ann and Mitch, neither of who had bought anything.