Written by Peter A

24 Jun 2014

Following on from our recent events flashing my wife, we did some more last week-end.

She was dressed in my all-time favourite grey skirt, just above the knee and with a zip all the way up.

Underneath she had on her 8 strap black satin suspender belt, black seamed stockings and matching black satin tanga panties.

Whilst in the restaurant I got her to raise the zip a bit higher but all quite decent really.

As we were about to leave she went to the toilets which were unisex. Here I gave her the little present I'd got for her, a remote vibrating love egg,which she inserted whilst we were in the cubicle together.

I set it going and rubbed her at the same time through her panties.

I then waited until we were outside before flicking the switch again as it was quite a strong buzzing noise and it wasn't my intention to embarrass her by using it indoors close to people.

However, in the street with a bit of noise going on, it was fine to use when walking towards people.

We were going on to a pub but weren't sure where it was. So she walked towards three very drunk guys and asked directions. Just before this I'd managed to get her zip a bit higher and when she walked sometimes you could see her suspenders. It was quite a turn-on watching her walk towards the men, with me buzzing her egg and her skirt exposing a bit of stocking top.

We only had one drink in the pub but as we sat down I managed to get the zip a but further up to I would say about 3/4. The 3 drunks were also in there and they said hello and waved several times.

When I went to the toilet and came out, I could see the guys whispering and looking over. As I walked towards my wife, I could see right above her stocking tops and the 'v' of her black panties.

It was now time to go home and the guys all smiled and said goodbye.

When we got to the car park and in the car, I now raised her zip all the way up and slid her skirt up underneath her on the seat.

As we were driving through the town centre, although I doubt anyone noticed, it was great seeing her fully exposed as we drove.

When we got just outside of the town, we joined the dual carriageway. Leading up to a roundabout, the traffic was moving slowly, which is when we crawled past 2 lorries. As we stopped right next to both of them, I flicked the switch on her egg and whilst we sat next to the second one, she looked up just as he was looking down.

I was so thrilled that after just a few seconds she had had an orgasm.

Needless to say once we got home it was straight to the bedroom.

I appreciate your kind comments on my previous offerings. It may be next week or months before I write in again but I'd much rather wait if needs be and recount a true happening rather than submit one of the frankly ludicrous 'true' events plucked from someone's imagination.