Written by sprinter

10 Aug 2016

We like walking and were doing one of the local mapped routes around the Lincoln Wolds, fabulous weather, (we don't do rain). It was our fifth consecutive day and had both woken up feeling very sexy, doing an extra bit of sexy talk which always turns my forty five year old wife on. I whispered that maybe she should wear something a bit sexy or adventurous this day just in case we found the chance to fuck or even find a lucky guy for her. As luck had it she picked a particular favourite summery dress which has a habit of being a victim to any winds and will expose her sexy size twelve body to any grateful or lucky passer by. We had walked for a while and come across a village pub where we decided on lunch and a drink.

Sitting in the beer garden we were near a solo drinker with rucksack. he was around fifty years old and we got into conversation, discussing the route we were using and he said he was going in that direction too, just waiting for a friend who was running late as usual. We spent a nice half hour and I went to the loo before we set off as did Liz, my wife. I could see from the toilet window as they were chatting so I hung around for a bit longer than normal to see if any rendezvous was being discussed. When i returned and she popped to freshen up I chatted with Rod for a few minutes and he said there was a nice copse of trees about half an hour's walk where there was a fabulous view across the countryside and he was aiming to get some pictures of curlews which were common at this time of year around a grassy meadow near a quiet stretch of river where no fishing was allowed. I said it sounded idyllic and we would look out for it. Liz returned at this and I slung the rucksack over my back and said farewell and maybe see you later, I thought I noticed a gleam in his eye but dismissed it until we had got back on the trail.

We chatted and Liz told me he was looking at her legs and breasts while I was at the loo and he had mentioned the copse to her. I said maybe he is hoping to record more than curlews. We walked on for a while and then stopped to take in the view as we walked a ridge across a cornfield. Sun was hot but a few clouds gave welcome respite as the temperature appeared not to be wavering. I gave her a kiss and we stopped for a bit of a snog (cornfields always turn her on with thoughts of fucking in the long stalks). I said that maybe Rod might get something better to photograph. Liz rubbed my prick over my shorts and said 'Is that what you're hoping?' I agreed I was and looked back down the slope where we had come. A man was in the distance and we both saw it was indeed him walking towards us. My hand brushed up her dress and found her panties were missing. Her grin confirmed her interest in maybe something happening. I suggested we walk on and find this copse of trees, which my map seemed to show as not being very far away. We walked with my arm now round her as I continued to explore her uncovered pussy and received that lazy, drowsy feminine look and attitude of a woman in a trance and anticipating something good about to occur.

At these times sometimes I stay quiet and sometimes I rack up the ante by making sexy suggestions about what might happen. As my fingers massaged her cunt, I told her Rod was just behind us and he was going to see her naked body and she was going to see his cock, and feel it in her hand as she wanked him before she was going to be naked with him and suck on his cock before he fucked her bareback and shot his spunk deep in her. this did the trick, she was breathing heavily and managed to soak my fingers as she came, hanging on to me and stopping our walk to concentrate on getting her to the point of no return, where she is drugged on the idea of getting a new cock in her, this is a fantastic time, you can feel the tension and anticipation in her body and breathing, eyes closed in concentration and sexually inflamed by my voice as I repeat the dirty words she is hooked on. She is about to let her dress be removed and her nipples sucked by another guy, i repeat this a few times while tweaking the nipples, her body is on another plane, I unzip her dress and drag it down to expose her breasts and then say we must walk on because we need to get to the copse. I see Rod is still a hundred yards or more behind us but I am certain he has noticed her dress is undone. we walk on as I keep saying she is going to get his cock in her very soon and he will fill her with his spunk. She moans heavily as I tell her again that he will fuck her nicely very soon. 'I want his cock' she whispers then 'Is he going to fuck me?' 'Of course he is, you will be naked for him when we get to the copse, I will strip you and he will see you and no doubt give you his big cock'

The copse was only fifty yards away and Rod around eighty behind us when i stopped her and said 'I am taking this dress off you now, he is getting closer but i want him to see you nude now so he knows you are his' I slid it off her arms with the zip already undone and the red dress slipped easily off her body and she stepped out of it. I picked it up and said 'You go on alone and I will follow, you look gorgeous and he is getting nearer, i am sure he has a hard on now'

I watched her beautiful naked, mature body move towards the copse and saw Rod was merely twenty yards off and a big smile on his face. 'Hi, you look like you are having fun' 'Yes, we wondered if you might like to join us?' 'Now that is something you don't see every day, more's the pity' Rod's face was a picture. I suggested we caught up with her and took it from there. We both walked on with me carrying the discarded dress, I never thought to put it in my rucksack until we were all standing in a small bowl of wildflower meadow overlooking the wolds southwards. Rod and I scoured the land around and noticed we were isolated and nobody appeared to be within miles of us. the vantage position we had allowed us to see up and down the footpath for far enough for us to get respectable should the occasion arise. We had no intention of offending or upsetting anyone.

Liz smiled at Rod and said 'Is this the place you told us about?' He nodded his head and said 'Beautiful isn't it, just like you' he went to her and kissed her. She closed her eyes and said 'I need cock, I want you to fuck me'. She asked us both to strip, which we did. I cursed my boots as they had long and complicated lacing arrangements whereas Rod was in trainers and naked before I was, his cock already hard, but then he had watched my wife walking naked in front of him. I got some pictures after confirming that rod was ok with it and she took him in her mouth in the bright sunshine. I clicked away as they tumbled around and i kept an eye out for any sign of other walkers before watching again as they explored each other. As he went down on her wet cunt, she sighed happily and asked for his tongue deep inside her to which he obliged and sent her into raptures. I presented my stiff cock to her lips as she was being licked and she had the red flush on her neck and chest and the sighs of contentment gave further evidence of her total commitment to this al fresco fuck.

I withdrew my cock being in grave danger of coming and i wanted to prolong my joy at this unexpected event. Rod came up from her pussy with his chin glistening with her juices and leaving her cunt lips open and inviting his bare cock to enter her. Rod said he would love to fuck her from behind and she turned over and instantly presented herself for his cock. I got a great shot as he ran his bell end into her furrow before sinking his shaft deep in her, the groan of joy was loud and long. They screwed for ages before he suddenly said he could not stop and was going to come. Liz demanded he shoot his load in her and I saw his bum clench as he drove his spunk deep in my wife. He was breathing deeply and as his cock withered and slopped out i managed to record the drip of come as it gathered on her fucked lips and dripped onto the grass.

Rod gathered his strength and asked if he could get some pictures of her for his album and then spent twenty minutes or so taking glamour shots and dirty pictures of my wife and her well fucked cunt. i managed to get to cum in her myself as rod recorded it and we were well satisfied with a great day's walking albeit getting nothing like the miles in that we intended to, but who cares after an unexpected day like that. rod has offered to walk with us again any time we like.

We have his number but wonder if a hotel after a walk would be a better idea, we are still considering it