Written by somedude_85

29 Dec 2009

Those of you who have read my previous stories will be familiar with my friends Ben and Susan. My last story told of a hookup with my Ex, but after that came another weekend with Susan. Apologies to those who enjoy the bi side of my stories - it didn't happen this time.

So I'd not long (2 weeks or so) fucked my ex with her boyfriend upstairs when Ben called me up. We hadn't spoken for a few weeks, maybe a month, so it was good to hear from him. We chatted briefly before he got to the real reason for the call - he wanted me to visit again. I had a free weekend coming up, so naturally I agreed. Both he and susan were looking forward to it, he said. Now, I was too!

It was a week and half later that I was scheduled to go to their place, but he called me a few days later saying that work was sending him on a conference and he was going to have to cancel. I was gutted - not least of all because it was the only weekend we could do it before the new year - with xmas approaching, I was booked up to see family and friends for a lot of the time, and they were busy the few times that I wasn't.

I was a little bit annoyed to tell the truth. I was still thinking of them both quite a lot, but after speaking to him and arranging things I had been getting really excited, so it was all a big let down. I didn't show my annoyance when speaking to him and Susan, but they could tell I was gutted and vice versa - Susan seemed particularly so.

That Friday night - the day I'd been due to go to theirs - I got another call from Ben. He was in a hotel up in Glasgow for his conference and feeling horny. We ended up web-camming each other on our laptops. During the wanking, he told me he wanted me to go to his house tomorrow and fuck Susan - and take my laptop so he could watch! I thought it was just dirty talk, but after we'd finished, he still said it.

Next morning I sent him a text - "Still want me to go fuck Susan?" "Definitely! I've already spoken to her and she's expecting you this afternoon. Don't forget the laptop!" half hour later I was on the train and soon in the car with Susan. Depsite everything that had happened, the two of us hadn't really spoken that much, or ever really been alone. We done some pretty rude stuff with each other, but there was an awkwardness there now.

Getting back to theirs we sat chatting for a while. It was only the late afternoon so Ben would still be in his conference. It turned out that we actually get on really well together and were soon laughing and joking together like old friends. Every light tough she gave me though was getting me horny and I decided to through caution to the wind and kiss her. She kissed me back, fiercely, and we ended up on the floor together.

I fucked her hard and fast, emphasis on fast if I'm honest, and unloaded in her pussy right there on the floor. It felt great and we lay there kissing for a few minutes before getting dressed and chatting again. Ben rang at about 630, back in his hotel room, naked and horny.

I set the laptop up and sorted out positioning and angles etc until Ben was happy - he was already wanking, I noticed. He then watched as I sensually sucked his wife's big tits for him and then started licking her pussy. He was directing our activities how he wanted, the only pauses coming to move the camera. I fucked her in multiple positions, for a good hour or so before giving her a nice facial. She blew a kiss at the camera before planting one on me, my own cum wetting my face.

Ben shot all over the hotel bed and thanked us both, turning the camera off to clean up. Me and Susan spent a great night together in their bed. We'd had a quick fuck and a directed fuck, but now we made love comfortably. After cumming inside her again and the falling asleep, I woke up and licked my cum out of her pussy before having sex again.

All in all, it was a good weekend, though I must admit, I missed Ben's cock. We're due a meet this weekend, just after New years, so finger's crossed I'll have a good story for you. One more left to tell, involving my ex.