Written by Lucky

27 Jul 2016

We have a true hot marriage. My wife is a slut, she knows that, says that about herself and is proud of it. I love having a slut for a wife. The benefits far out way any normal dull marriage. Sometimes that means a MFM threesome, sometimes that means she fucks other guys while I watch, and sometimes she plays alone. We're both deeply in love with each other and we mutually enjoy our (or her) activities.

Recently Sue, my wife had arranged an impromptu fuck date. One of those naughty little nooners that she doesn’t always tell me about beforehand or sometimes even for a while after (or ever?). Anyway I arrived home at lunch after an unexpected half day off work. She was almost ready to leave and asked if I wanted to tag along. I wasn’t that horny because I had other things on my mind but accepted her offer anyway.

We met her friend for a casual mid-day quickie. By this time I was horny with anticipation of what was to happen. We got down to business. She knows him well and she made use of both our cocks. I let the side down early and I blew my load in minutes.

Thankfully with the short-lived threesome now over, their steamy twosome began in earnest. I got dressed and then lingered around the room and watched them fuck, trying to look casual but feeling out of place. I knew I couldn’t get it up again quickly enough to join in again, despite the great view. I had fucked her before leaving for work earlier that morning.

In my sober mood and the bright afternoon light, watching them have sex made me feel awkward, almost creepy. Not so much unwelcome but maybe just a little intrusive. I know it sounds ridiculous. My wife and another man were naked and sweaty on the bed in front of me, humping each other like animals, and the only thing that felt sleazy about the scene was me ogling at them from above.

I knelt by the bed to kiss my wife goodbye and to assure her that everything was cool. She kissed me back instinctively, meeting my soft peck with an open mouth, forcing her tongue inside my mouth and finding my tongue. It was a sloppy and mindless kiss in between gasps for air but she was otherwise indifferent to my departure. When I looked back she was staring vacantly ahead, grunting softly and lost in her own mounting pleasure.

I missed tell you at the start that she often takes our Go Pro and records her activities to show and share with me later. It was a couple of weeks later when I finally watched the video. I still had this feeling of being intrusive.

She wanted me to watch it though. I am glad I did because her moaning and their fucking intensified shortly after I left. I had not spoiled their party. Sometimes she likes it a little rougher when I’m not watching. It’s my wife’s dirty little not-so-secret. She was almost completely out of frame when he yanked her off the side of the bed and emptied his load on her face. I could tell by the look on her face she was completely satisfied and she was more than happy with her afternoon.