Written by Anonymous

23 Oct 2018

We had not been out for some time just as a couple. Work generally intruding on our leisure time. however a new film which Liz wanted to see was released and she asked if we were going.Not being backwards at times like this i said I would be happy to go provided we could enjoy a bit of fun if it came our way afterwards. All went well, i had a light meal ready and we drove into town in good time to catch the feature film. Being in a cinema club we had booked our seats where we preferred to be so arrival time was arranged to miss the eternal adverts and trailers, some twenty minutes of wasted time from our viewpoint and enough time to grab a half pint at a local beforehand. I drink half pints in order not to need the loo halfway through the film and either miss a key part or disturb other filmgoers.

The film was good and we left the building in good spirits. I had noted Liz was in a skirt and so was prepared for a little flashing. She cuddled up in the chilly breeze and said why not go to a pub for a few minutes and see what was happening. We knew most would be fairly empty so chose a local with a few downstairs rooms and an upstairs bar, Having got the drinks I sought a nice table where she might just expose a little more leg than normal. She has done this before and sat with her legs crossed and leaned forwards on the table exposing the tight suspender strap at the top of her thigh. We spoke sexually together in low tones, as she loves me talking dirty to her. There were a few lads in the bar and a couple of older men who had immediately caught sight of her white thigh and stocking tops. I said she had two admirers and she said she thought they looked likely candidates, in late sixties at first sight. They made no secret of their focus and I said she was getting them hard. I was positioned sort of side on to them but the window made a good reflection giving me a great view of where they were staring.

I told Liz I was going to leave her for a few minutes and got my ringtone to go off. I picked up and answered to nobody, but looked at Liz and said I would be a few minutes as something had come up and went out of the bar looking as if I was in conversation with someone. She knew what to do, leaving her legs on show, she looked around and when she looked at the older guys, she smiled and asked if one of them would keep an eye on her drink while she went to the loo. Going to the ladies she removed her panties and waited a minute or so then returned to the bar after sending me a message to the effect that she was going to flash her cunt at them both. I was on the opposite side of the road and saw her return to the window seat and could only imagine how she was going to flash them. I started to send a message and then saw the old guys sit at the table so thought I would leave it a few minutes to see what happened.

They were sitting one next to her and one across the table blocking the view of anyone looking their way. I saw the one next to her getting closer and her head moved towards his. They were very close. It was obvious to me that the one next to her was fingering her and I felt almost jealous but this was what I wanted. They changed round after buying another round and I sent a message asking how things were going and she replied that it seemed they were drinking another then going for a walk down the riverbank. My heart leaped and my cock joined it. She spent some further time being touched up by the other guy and after almost half an hour I saw them getting up together, she went to the ladies and they for a quick pee themselves.

I got a message to keep out of the way and she was going to take them down to the boatyard. I knew where that was and a short route to it so I waited until they emerged with her in the middle and turned downstream towards the boatyard which was nice and dark and had some excellent places to conceal myself. I followed for a while and then turned into a lane where I was surprised they didn't take her down, this led down to the back of the boatyard and an alley alongside the moored pleasure craft with a chain link fence separating boats from public.

I got to the corner where they were going to come. Nobody else was around. I heard footsteps and hid in a deep alcove, behind a gate which was unlocked. They came close by and they were laughing and groping. I thought my heartbeat was loud enough to give me away, but they were more interested in Liz and they took her to a corner of an outbuilding and began to kiss her and loosen her clothes. I heard her say that maybe she should take her clothes off so they didn't get dirty. Both guys agreed and helped her remove her coat and skirt, the her top and bra. By a dim streetlight I saw her naked except her stockings and suspender belt and shoes. Both guys had their cocks out and were huddled around her making my view virtually impossible but as the fun began I saw her sucking old cocks and being licked by one and fingered by the other. They both fucked her but did not last long at all. They were fairly quiet about their business, obviously to avoid being discovered and when they had finished they both thanked her and helped her dress before escorting her back to the pub. I turned up from adifferent direction a few minutes later and said I was sorry I was called away