Written by Helen

18 Nov 2017

I thought I would never have another experience like that on Thursday, but how wrong could I be.

Angela phoned Friday afternoon and said her and 2 friends were going out for a bit of fun that night, were booking into a hotel and would I like to join them. I phoned hubby told him I was going out to stay with a friend and he said fine.

I bathed, shaved and put on my sexiest dress, hold ups and no underwear. Met Angela outside the hotel and booked in. Angela took me into her room and produced a carrier bag and told me to follow the instructions in the bag and put on the contents. I took the bag and went to my room. In the bag was a white T shirt, shiny black leggings, a checked mini skirt, a tube of lube and a see through baby doll type nightie. The instructions told me to put the nightie on the back of the bathroom door, rub some lube into my love hole and put the leggings on, pulling them up at the front so my pussy was clearly outlined. Then put the T shirt and mini skirt on.

I went down to the reception to meet Angela and her 2 friends, both we Chinese and I'd met them before at an event. We all had similar outfits on. We went to the usual nightclub where we once again started on the shots. Angela was quite insistent that we had 4 shots, then 4 dances which would be repeated until she told us to stop. 2 hours later and probably 16 shots we were all pissed, when in walked a group of 6 Chinese guys, a couple of whom I knew. We all chatted at the bar and were bought a drink. The Chinese girls Kate and Jill were totally blitzed and were virtually hanging onto 2 of the guys. Angela suggested we should all go up for a slow dance with the guys which we did. 2 dances later with 2 different guys, Angela took my hand and we went to the Ladies. Have a pee she said, because you may not get a chance later. Then take the mini skirt of and leave it in the toilet. I did it reluctantly. Pull the leggings up at the front and back she said. The boys want to see you pussy and bottom.

We got back to the bar and both guys I'd been dancing with were staring at me as I was naked. Angela whispered to me, if you fancy one of them and they put their hands on your arse, rub up against them and they'll know they're on a winner. The first guy took me up to dance and within a few moments his hand was on my arse, pulling me towards him. I was starting to enjoy this and of course being pissed removed any inhibitions, as ground myself against this guy. I was dancing in the middle of the floor and had my hands round his neck when he started kissing me passionately. 5 minutes later we were back at the bar. The second guy bought me a drink and when the next slow number came on he took me up to dance. This was virtually a repeat of the first dance, but this guy had a hard on which excited me and I found myself taking the lead in kissing.

Angela suggested that we should all go back to the hotel. My 2 new friends help me to walk to the hotel, as I was now very wobbly on my high heels. One of the girls had passed out and was being carried by 2 of the guys. We all got to the hotel and my 2 friends and were first into the lift, followed by the other 2 guys carrying the girl. One guy stood behind me and had his hands on my breasts, rubbing them and getting my nipples erect and I could feel his cock stiffening behind me. The lift stopped and I took the guys and hands and lead them to my room. The other went their own way to her room.

I knew that I was going to get fucked by these 2 guys, but even in my enibriated state I wanted to be in control. I told them to get underessed and I would go into the bathroom to do the same. I removed my clothe and put on the nightie from behind the door and noticed the lube. I thought I'd probably get a bit dry or soar, so I put a reasonable amount onto my fingers and rubbed it in. When I stepped out into the room the guys were stood in front of me totally naked. They quickly and expertly removed the nightie one took me to the bed, where he lay on his back and told me to get on top of him and ride him for all I'm worth because I'm nothing but a white slut. I did as he said. Because I was well lubricated he slipped in no bother as I started to ride him slowly. The other guy was now standing on the bed with his cock right in front of my face. Blow me slut, he said. I took his cock in my mouth and did just that. The guy standing decided to get off the bed and I thought maybe he was waiting for his friend to finish fucking me, but no, he pushed me flat onto the guy below me and inserted one finger then two into my arse, this made me come instantly and he knew what it did. Within seconds he was pushing his cock dep into my arse. I never had a cock up there before, let alone 2 cocks inside me at the same time. We all came at different points, with me coming at least 4 times. I thought it would now be a matter of them dressing and going, but I was wrong.

One of the guys was on his mobile speaking in Cantonese to someone. After he came of the phone he said we would now have some fun. There was a knock at the door and there were the 2 guys who had carried the girl to her room. The four guys chatted in Cantonese and the 2 new ones took of their clothes. These guys were only in their early 20's. The guy who had called me a slut said in English, this slut needs to be taught a lesson in respect. The young guys nodded and came over to me. They pushed me onto my back and my legs were spread. I noticed as this was happening the man I'd ridden was busy either filming what was happening or taking pictures. There was absolutely nothing I could do about it. One of the guys entered my hard and was pushing fast as his cock went in up to the hilt. He wasn't as big as either of the other guys but he was longer, so the penetration was deeper. I did come just before he shot his load. I was then pulled up onto my knees and the other young guy entered me from behind. I don't remember too much after that. I don't know if I passed out or was just so drunk I had no memory.

I woke up on my own on the bed. I could taste semen in my mouth and both my holes had semen dripping from them. I was really soar and uncomfortable. I cleaned myself up and got dressed, just as my mobile bleeped with a text coming in. Here was a text with 2 photos of me with the guys and a simple message you are a white slut and you are now ours to do with what we want when we want. When we call, you will come, and if not we will send some photos to your husband. You will tell your husband you have a part time job in a Chinese restaurant and will be on call until late some nights.

I was horrified. This is not what I had expected, as my life has changed virtually overnight. The thought of having to do what my new Chinese masters tell me is not something I'm looking forward to, but I have enjoyed the sex and there's a certain amount of excitement in my mind.