Written by Helen

17 Nov 2017

I had a call yesterday afternoon from my hubby's friend Angela asking if I fancied going out on the town. Hubby was working late so I thought why not. She told me to be minimalistic with my underwear, which I tend to be anyway, as she knew. We arranged the time and place, so off I went to get ready. I decided to have a good drink before I left by taxi.

I arrived at the pub as planned and Angela was waiting for me. She gave me a hug, and put her hands on my bum. Just checking she said.. obviously making sure I was knickerless. We went to the bar we she'd already lined up 6 shot glasses each. 5 minutes later I'd knocked them back and 2 of her friends had arrived. We introduced each other and gave each other a hug. Angela told the barman to load up some more shots. 4 new rows of 6 shots wee now in front of us. Angela started us off and all were finished within 5 minutes. I was now feeling quite light headed and found it difficult to keep my balance. Angela announced that we were moving on and took my arm leading me out the front door.

The next bar we went to was not one I would have chosen to go into, but the girls were wild and wanted to have some fun. This pub was in the harbour area and attracted a variety of people, who were all after one thing - sex. Angela helped me onto one of the swivel bar stools towards the back of the bar which was a little darker and the girls stood either side of me. After a few more drinks we were surrounded by a number of guys offering to buy us all a drink. Angela introduced me to Jack who was interested in meeting me. Angela got him to stand in between me and the bar, she lifted my skirt up to my waist and asked the guy what he thought. He went to touch me and Angela took hold of his hand and said no touch. I could sense what was going on around me but was too pissed to do anything about it.

Angela took the guys huge hand and placed it in between my thighs. My legs opened automatically and his fingers were pushing inside me. I was getting wet and beginning to feel horny. Next thing I know two hands are on my breasts and working their way inside my low cut dress. I started push myself onto the fingers, which suddenly pulled out only to be replaced by one of the biggest cocks I'd ever had inside me and I came on the first stroke. I looked to the side of me and saw the three girls screening me from the rest of the bar, so apart from them, the two guys working on me and me, no one else in the bar knew what was happening. Here I was, sat on the edge of the stool with a guy just about to come inside me and another guy wanting to be next. I came twice more before he shot his load and I could feel the excitement of wanting the other guy inside me now. He spun the chair round and was in me like a flash. He was pumping hard and again I was coming. He was much smaller than the other guy and slipped out a couple of times before he eventually came inside me.

My head was spinning and the next thing I remember was the girls standing round me covering me up. I looked around and everything seemed so normal in the bar. What happened I ask Angela. You've just passed initiation.

We left the bar after 10 minutes by which time I'd recovered relatively well. It was now off to the nightclub Angela, my hubby and I had been in previously. Four girls dressed to kill definitely attracted male attention. I went up to dance with a good looking guy, who obviously wanted to fuck me, an hour later he did exactly that, finishing off was one of the most erotic, exciting experiences I had ever had. I want to do it again.