Written by Paul

25 Jun 2015

A few years ago I moved jobs and settled in a little village in the north of the country. I had a small cottage, semi-detached, and set about some renovation. As the weeks passed I became friendly with my neighbour, Liz. She was my age, had a lovely smile and as we got to know each other we talked over the garden fence. Occasionally we bumped into each other in the pub, more chat and looking back developing our friendship.

One lovely summers evening I was cutting the grass and saw Liz struggling to do the same. After I finished I took my awn mower round and offered to help. She seemed delighted to accept my offer and we chatted for ages in the warmth of the evening. As we talked I started to notice how really attractive she was tome. Noticing features I had previously missed, as our conversations could be fleeting and during the winter she was usually well wrapped up. Tonight was different and she was wearing more flowing, summery clothes. I like what I saw!! As I was leaving I noticed Liz had a pile of paving slabs and sand stored in a corner. She had wanted to create a paved patio, but was struggling to get it done. As I had worked on buildings as a students and still remembered the basics I offered to help her out. She was delighted and in accepting the offer gave me a lovely hug and planted a very soft kiss on my cheek. Innocent, but somehow very erotic.

Over a few evenings I got the preparation work done, and then one Saturday started the work. It was a hot day, and the heat was taking it's toll. Fortunately Liz provided regular drinks for me, and the work was progressing nicely. She went shopping at dinner time and when she returned I notice that the jeans and t-shirt of the morning had been swapped for a front buttoned, short, denim skirt light blouse. Very easy on the eye and displaying a pair of legs that were right up my street. The denim skirt was like a magnet to my eyes, trying to keep my glances discreet was difficult. I have always found them erotic, especially when short or with buttons undone and particularly on a pair of legs that were on view.

Around three o'clock I was almost finished, just starting to apply the finishing touches. Liz was sat on the step of the back door watching the work progress, and passing favourable comments about the standard of my work. As I looked towards her I enjoyed the view again. She was sat with her legs outstretched and crossed, legs looking wonderful and had the biggest smile I could remember. Liz went to get another dink and soon returned. I did not immediately notice she had changed her sitting position, but as I turned to talk to her the view that greeted my eyes sent a definite twitch to the groin region. Liz was sitting on the step again, which was almost level with my eyes . Her legs were no longer crossed, and it was difficult to not stare up her skirt. Her legs were not too wide apart, which meant there was nothing on display but the imagination was working over time.

30 mins later and the job was just about done. Throughout the afternoon I had turned down offers of cold lager, but I now had no choice. "With the work almost done, no choice I'll get the beer" As I turned again to speak Liz was just standing up, she had to move her legs to stand and I got the full benefit of a better look at the inner thighs - and a definite stirring down below, so much so that while she was out of sight I had a quick re-shuffle of the crown jewels to keep things in-check.

Stiill on my knees and finishing the last little job, I turned to look at Liz again. I was more than greatful for my earlier re-adjustment as Liz was now sitting with legs slightly wider, and a couple of buttons undone. As she leaned over to pick up a glass the view, and my erection, were complete. A really good eyeful of the inner thighs and what appeared to be a pair of light blue knickers.

With the job done and the beer poured we started chatting, me taking in every ounce of Liz. Day by day as I had been preparing the work she had been getting more and more attractive to me, and now she looked superb.

"I don't know how to thanks you" she said. I had one idea, and when asked what it was I asked if I could use her shower as mine was out of action. I got a wicked smile and grin, and was told to get a change of clothes and come back. This done I followed Liz and her legs to the bathroom. I did ask if she could pull my t-shirt off - I had tried but the sweat made it impossible. Liz gave the help needed, but then stood and just looked. I leant forward and planted a small kiss on her forehead. When Liz asked if there was anything else I needed I was gobsmacked! All I thought was, keep cool, don't rush and blow it. I did try my luck a little "Well my back and shoulders are stiff, if you fancy giving me a hand . . ." Liz smiled, turned and just said "enjoy the shower"

As I undressed and walked in to the shower I thought I had blown it. After cleaning myself up I stood in the water flow, hands on the wall in front of me water pouring over my head. I nearly jumped out of my skin when I felt a pair of hands on my shoulders. In my ear I heard Liz order me "Don't turn around" As she massaged soap in to my shoulders and back, my best friend - John Thomas - stood to attention. It was unexpected and totally erotic. Liz spoke again "Trust me, close your eyes." I did as told, and she eased me back a few steps. I felt her brush by me, and then heard her telling me to open my eyes again. Liz had taken up my previous position. It was now my turn, and I slowly massaged her neck, shoulders and back. I continued down to her lovely bum and then rubbed the soap in to the back of those legs I had been admiring all afternoon. Working my way back up her body I eventually got back to the neck and planted a kiss. "What next?" was all I could think of saying.

Liz just turned to face me, her hands instantly on my erection. As she gently rubbed the head "Front please" was all she said. She then smiled and followed it up with "I've got my hands full, you need to soap me all over . . . and I mean all over"

N second invitation needed, I spent ages massaging her breasts. They were superb, round soft and topped with by now wonderfully hard nipples. As I moved my mouth to suck and lick the nipples my hands moved south and eventually arrived at a soft, smooth shaven pussy. As I massaged I rubbed the lips and slipped a finger in. The warmth and wetness was not from water, it was a really hot and turned on Liz. As I moved my hands and fingers her breathing changed. She stopped playing with my erection and moved her hands around my neck. She kissed me and as she did so came for the first time. We carried on kissing for a while, the water still pouring over us. Liz pushed back a little, looked at me and spoke one word "Bed"

Although we were wet we did not stop to get dry, she lay on the bed and I put my head between her legs. It was superb, licking and sucking her lips and clit to bring another orgasm. As I slowly moved up over tummy and kissed breasts again Liz moved her hips. I move to kiss her and felt the tip of my erection touch her soaking wet pussy. Liz moved again and I just slipped all the way in. She just sighed as the length entered her and we seemed to be in a slow rhythm immediately. I went as slowly as I could, I was so turned on and wanted to last as long as I could. The sound and feel of liz heading towards another orgasm did not help, and before long I had shot my load inside. We just lay there, although spent I desperately wanted to stay inside her. Liz started kissing passionately again, and her French kissing was amazing. This has always turned me on, and once Liz felt that her technique was having an effect down below she moved up a gear. My erection was returning, and we were still together. As I felt the erection reach full strength I stated to move again, at which point Liz exploded. We carried on making love until I came again and then lay exhausted in each others arms.

We did clean each other up in the shower, another erotic experience which brought me back to life. Although Liz started stroking she did say "We'll let him recover. How about we go down the pub for a bite to eat? I did say I wanted to thank you for helping me. When we come back I'll really show my appreciation.. this has just been a warm up"

She was right, but the evening events are for another time.