4 Apr 2019

After our meet up we took about a week and a few carefully worded messages to come to terms with our sexy encounter. We agreed to meet again, this time at a neutral venue and met at a nice convenient hotel that did day-rooms. We both wanted to pursue and revisit our first fun meeting so a room booked and all afternoon to enjoy we met and had a light lunch and a drink.

She dressed very smartly and I complimented her. 'Thank you, and you look very smart too'. We were both being very polite.

She asked if I'd booked a room and I said 'yes'. Well you're in charge today, she said. I paid the bar bill to the waiter who'd been very attentive, particularly to my companion who 'd enjoyed leaning forward showing her cleavage off. As we walked off to our room she hooked her arm in mine saying 'that was 'fun! Once inside we gently kissed and I said she looked very sexy. I took off her Jacket and felt her slim waist up to her boobs. Her blouse was open at the top showing her lovely cleavage and her sexy bra 'just about' holding her huge boobs in. 'Did you see the waiter checking your cleavage out' I said. She giggled and said 'don't' but she wiggled her bottom back at me and said 'Oooh how naughty'.

As we slowly undressed each other I took a chance and pursued the theme. 'He was quite young and fit hey'. Mmm nice she said. As we got into bed I pressed the theme further. I started to kiss her tits and kissed slowly down to her pussy. As I did so I kept saying how fit he looked. 'Oh Mmmm yes he was and his trousers were quite tight and revealing'. We were both getting in to this as she held my head between her legs as I lapped her smooth pussy lips. 'I bet he looks good naked' she muttered. 'Yes' I said and maybe he has a lovely big smooth cock too'. She gripped my shoulders and said 'Oh isn't it a shame he can't watch us'. 'Oh yes' I said 'would you like us both together'? 'Oh yes please' I moved up and kissed her saying she tasted nice. She gripped my cock and I slowly eased in to her pussy. 'Oh my I'd love to be watched by him now' she said. As I moved faster she said 'Can I suck you while he fucks me' yes I said so I pulled out and she sank her mouth down my shaft. As she sucked I played with her pussy and she came quickly. I had to say careful not to bite. As she calmed down she gripped my cock and wanked me slowly then sped up until I spurted my cum over her huge tits. She sat back watching as it dripped down and then she rubbed my cum into her tits taking her fingers and tasting the results.

After we calmed down she said what a turn on it was fantasising about the waiter. I know how nice I said. 'Maybe we can try that' I said. She just gave me a sexy glance,' well lets see, but it would be a turn on being watched'!!

Part 3 to follow