17 Feb 2016

I was leaving work and met a old friend of mine Gary now 52 years old who used to play in the football team I used to manage when he was 15 thru to 25 years of age, I am now 60 years old married to Sue who is a young looking 49 year old ( and can pass for looking 9-10 years younger even now ), who used to know all the lads in the team as I met her when she was just 16 and married her at 18 years old. He began to tell me that a few of the lads from the Football team were having a get together to chat , laugh and have a meal and beers at a local Restaurant and would we both like to come along on the following Saturday night.

I said I would ask Sue when I got home and get her to call him back later that night so he could tell the Restaurant, on telling Sue she was thrilled as I know when younger she had some fun with some of the lads behind my back , as they were a team they would all chat about her and I did manage to listen in on a few secret chats they had about her , so secrets they were not. I left Sue to ring Gary and she came off the lengthy phone call looking flushed and guessed they had been talking old times as well as the invite, while chatting to Gary he had asked about my health amongst other things, so I told him well I have had a few problems over the past 18 months and hadn't been able to perform my manly duties with Sue due to the injections and drugs I was now having to take.

He laughed it off saying bet your missing that then as Sue looked great last time we saw you both , I said not as much as Sue tho, I was trying to drop the hint that she might be up for a bit of fun as I felt sorry for her to miss out on her sex life, as she has always been a sexy woman who enjoys a good fucking as well as loving to suck my cock when ever she could manage . I saw a grin appear on Gary's face and I assumed he had taken the bait and knew he would soon be telling the other lads all about my situation and Sue's dilemma.

On the Saturday Sue went up to the bathroom spending a age to bath and get herself ready , I went to have a shower as she did her hair and dried herself , I came out threw my gown on and went to watch the TV peeking thru the door to see a naked Sue laying out her clothes , stockings, etc , for the evening. I was pleased the lads would see her at her best as she came down a bit later looking fabulous her coat over her arm, while I went to throw on some casual clothes and join her . I drove as I cant drink to much with my drugs, in the car Sue kept asking do I look ok as I want to look nice for you tonight, I assured her she was gorgeous and couldn't wait to walk in with her, she got out the car as we parked straightened her split skirt, pulled up her stockings ,checked her hair as we went in the lads who I only thought would be 4-5 of them there had amassed to 7 of them and wondered if news of Sue coming along had made them turn up.

All the lads came over to shake my hand say Hi and kiss Sue removing her coat from her shoulders in a moment, I saw Sue get pulled over to the table between a 4 of the lads as I went to the bar for a drink with the others, a drink was taken to Sue as she laughed and joked with the lads . We went to sit down I was sat diagonally across from Sue , I think a obvious ploy to keep her apart from me as we all joked .laughed till the meal came along. I noticed the lads Rob and Gary either side of Sue had their hands under the table with Sue trying not to make it obvious that they were up to something under the table, a quick whisper in her ear as I watched Sue lift herself up a bit from her seat and wriggle when I thought I wasn't looking.

I had seen her do that before often for me where she would pull her skirt up so her pussy was easy access for my hands, her face went a little red as I chatted with the other lads they told me only 2 of them there were now married and the rest divorced, after the meal a small dance floor was dimly lit up just off the main room with some music being played away from the tables so not to spoil conversation. I wondered if this was also arranged as I hadn't noticed the room when I arrived as Sue was trying to pull her skirt down as she got up to be led away to the room with 3 of the lads , Rob, Gary and Ian, I could just see into the room thru about a foot wide gap in the doorway from my seat to see 2 lads dancing with Sue.

I made a excuse to use the toilets which were the opposite side of the room from the dance floor luckily there was a part glass door entrance off to the various toilets I took a few steps back from the glass so not to be seen watching from the tables , looking over I could see Gary sat back on a chair with Sue now being bent forwards as Rob had pulled Sue's skirt up around her waist there was now no sign of a g string if she had worn one of course. I could see Gary's hand resting on the back of Sue's head licking along his impressive erect cock as the lights turned around the room, I always remember seeing the lads in the showers but never in that state, I noticed a sign by the door saying Private party guests only, so I suppose the lads felt safe in the dim lit room.

Then I saw Rob and Ian both stroking between Sue's legs and bum and over her stockings, when just as Rob pulled out his cock from his trousers I just caught a glimpse of a old lady heading towards the toilets in a mirror across the room and I dived in to the male toilets . A few minutes later as I washed my face one of the other lads Andy who I knew had always fancied and had been lucky enough to fuck Sue when younger came in to make sure I was ok, I said I was fine ,saying I was having some trouble swallowing the food and would be out in a few minutes, as he turned and left.

When I thought it was safe to go out I stood looking across the room thru the glass to see Andy had now joined the others in the dim lit room , he was stood with Ian chatting as they both watched Rob who was now holding Sue by her hips as he fucked steadily in and out and just as the lights came round on them again I could see Sue's cheeks hollowed out as she sucked on Gary's cock ,as she lifted her head I could see a string of cum from her mouth to the tip pf Gary's spent cock, before it went dark again .

As the lights spun round a few more times , I saw Rob stepping back his cock glistening with their juices , as now Sue was licking on Ian's average sized cock where he had taken the place of Gary who was pulling his trousers up, as Rob stepped away , Andy who I knew was divorced and always a heart throb amongst the girls when young and was over 6' tall and well built dropped his trousers to produce his cock which looked as big as Gary's and was not fully erect yet, he held it rubbing it between Sue's legs .

When the next lights lit them up he was holding Sue thrusting his cock in to my sexy wife rocking her back and forwards her mouth taking Ian's cock deeper at every thrust, I was excited to see them using my wife's body for which it was obviously made for , they had no worries about cumming inside her as she had ,had the op some years earlier and guessed she would have told them all , I also knew that Sue loved to feel a bare cock inside her and knowing the lads like I did I had no fear of her getting a disease, so I felt she was safe amongst them . TBC

I have read some of the stories on here but this is our first and if I can get Sue to tell you some as well I might learn a few more as well, we like that you can comment on the stories and hope you enjoy this one and if favourable we would love to tell you some more of the evening ???