Written by D.I.Y.

22 Jul 2012

This happened to me the other week and I thought I'd get it down on paper while its still fresh in my mind.

Anyway, my wife gets on really well with the woman next door, Mandy who is in her mid 30's, 2 kids, has been on a diet since year dot and does seem to be winning. Her figure is a little chubby around the edges, about 5 ft 4 tall, with a firm set of 38DD. I wouldn't kick her out of bed on a cold night. I get on well with her and we do flirt a lot when we see each other, but its just harmless fun.

Her husband, Steve, is a bit of a prick, always out playing golf during the week or football at the weekend, and always slags her off in front of everyone and anyone.

Three months ago I had finished decorating the bathroom (new tiles, sink, shower, etc), my Mandy had come round for a coffee with my wife and as my wife was dying to show the new bathroom off, took Mandy up to see it.

As they walked upstair, my wife first, then Mandy then me, I had a lovely view of Mandy's arse at about eye level. As she walked upstairs she turned around, smiled and winked in a playful way. Anyway, Mandy was really jealous of the bathroom, saying how much she wanted her's redone, but Steve is crap at anything like that and then added, with a giggle, 'in fact he's crap at everything!'.

Next thing I knew, my wife was volunteering me for the job! Mandy was really excited and said she'd go and choose the tiles, shower, etc.

I had some time owing from work and took a week off, I thought if I start early, finish late I could get most of it done. I turned up at their house at 8am each day, as Steve was leaving for work - he'd pass some comment, clearly he had the hump and he'd leave.

I'd work most of the day and try and get finished for 6pm as he came home.

Mandy would be home most of the day, either around mine for a coffee or shopping or picking the kids up.

I had finished tiling the walls and floor, a few weeks before and left them to set, and arranged to come back and fit the new shower. My wife was out with her mum for the day and Mandy said she'd keep me company as she was home all day.

The shower was fitted in no time, it was the kind that run directly from the boiler and mains pressure and gave plenty of hot water.

I called Mandy and said its finished, she came in the bathroom to look, then said 'I can't wait to try that' put her arms around me, gave me a hug and walked out. I thought nothing of it, and carried on clearing up. Just as I finished putting my tools away, I turned around and Mandy was standing at the door wearing a bathrobe.

'I'll leave you to your shower' I said and went to step passed her, but she blocked my way and said 'don't you want to clean up after working all day?'

I honestly didnt know what to say, we've always flirted but I never thought it would go any further!

She reached up, put her arms around my neck, pulling me down to her and gave me a really deep, long kiss. I kissed her back.

The next thing I know is she's pulling at my t-shirt and jeans, trying to get them off.

'What about Steve and the kids?' I asked

'Fuck him' she said 'he's never interested in me and the kids are out with their friends until 7, so I have you till then'

My wife wasnt due home until later that evening, so I thought 'why not?'

I pulled at Mandy's belt on her robe and it fell open exposing her beautiful 38DD's, I immediately began to kiss and lick her nipples,she let out a little gasp as I did and they immediately went rock hard.

SHe dropped her robe to the floor and stood there naked and began to run the shower.

'Join me?' she asked. I didnt need asking twice, I stripped naked and stepped into the shower. she immediately kissed me and began rubbing my already hard cock while I fingered her shaved pussy.

After a few minutes later, she knelt down and started to suck and swallow my cock for all she was worth, I could feeel myself getting close so I pulled her up and lifted her off her feet, pushing her against the wall, she wrapped her legs around my waist as I buried my cock into her wet pussy and behgan to fuck her.

She was panting heavily and started to repeat 'cummin, cummin'. I knew I was close and said 'shall I pull out' she shook her head and said 'I'm sterile', so I began to fuck her harder and faster.

As Mandy came, she wrapped herself tighting around me, as thought she was trying to stop me from pulling out. I could feel myself getting close and fucked her as deep as I could, then my balls exploded and I shoot my load deep inside her.

Once we had both calmed down, we washed each other and then she took me to her bed and made me lay on the bed while she rode my cock for all she was worth more than once.

As I left that evening, she said 'that was for fitting my new bathroom. I'm thinking of changing my kitchen if you're interested!'