Written by Anonymous

2 Aug 2018

So in my last story I was leaving Collins having squirted and cum non stop for two hours but as I walked out of the house I clocked the taxi driver look at my dress which was pretty much hitched up to my cunt and my nipples that were hard I'm the rain...I flashed him a big flirtatious smile as I walked to towards the car ' Good evening'.

I got in the back of the taxi and started making small talk with the usual 'been busy tonight' chat. I noticed the car smelt of smoke so asked 'erm excuse me, have you been smoking in here?' He panicked and started winding down the windows as he apologised. By this point I was sat in the middle of the backseat. I leant forward inbetween the driver and passenger seat with my legs open and top only just covering me, laughed and said 'give us one then' ..He laughed and passed me one back, taking a quick look at my open legs before he put his eyes back on the road. I loved the thrill of it but it still wasn't enough. He looked around my age (turns out he was 35 like me in the end) and had clearly had a boring evening.

We chatted whilst driving across town the whole time me leaning on the seats not caring what was on display and opening up a little bit more when I saw him looking in the mirror. I said I didn't feel tired yet so he asked if I just wanted to drive for a bit..game on.

After a bit I asked if we could pull up somewhere and have a smoke. We went to an old industrial estate and he asked if I wanted to sit in the front seat. As I got out the car I strategically hitched my dress up and made sure that it was clear my 34DDs were about to fall out at any point. As I sat down he gave me a cigarette and I continued to chat aware all the time that his eyes were darting from the top of my thighs to my breasts. He saw me clock him adjusting himself and smirk smugly. 'That's a very short skirt' he said looking properly at my crutch for the first time not taking his eyes off.

I decided to play the innocent ‘ Oh sorry, I’ll hitch it down a bit I didn’t even realise’ I said shuffling around, ‘No leave it, I like it’ he said putting his hands quickly on my thighs, I turned to flick my cigarette out the window, well aware of the fact that when I turned back my right breast was now completely out. ‘Wow, look at that fucking nipple’, I leant back in my seat proudly inviting him to see my perky hard breast properly. He pulled the top down properly and started to tweak and tease it, then cupped it with his hand squeezing gently then harder as he saw me smiling. He leant over and exposed my left breast and started playing with it while I felt his tongue tease my nipples till eventually I signed with pleasure as he latched on and started to suck so hard I nearly came there and then.

When he saw how much I was enjoying it, he moved his hand down and made his way up my leg, I knew he could feel my warmth from miles away. As he got to my pussy I heard him sigh , his mouth still full of tit as he discovered just how wet I was (having came so much earlier and now this I think I was the wettest I’d ever been in my life). He pulled himself off and said we needed to go somewhere more secluded.

I covered my breasts and we put our seatbelts on and he began to drive. I’d left my legs open and as he drove he couldn’t help putting his hand back between my legs. By this point I was so close to cuming, we were on the main road and he had a finger in my pussy anyone who would drive past would see what was going on by the enjoyment on my face. He told how hard I got him so I reached over and had a feel. Hard wasn’t the word, I stroked his cock through his jeans and couldn’t wait for him to get it out. We parked up down an old country lane and in seconds my tits were out and he was finger fucking me, struggling to get a second finger in to my tight pussy. I undid his jeans and got his 9inch solid cock out and started stroking, I could hear his muffled moans as he went back to sucking my breasts which made me squirt all over his hands. I pushed him back and took his cock in my mouth, teasing the end at first , then stroking and sucking with expert timing before I took it deep in my throat. It felt like seconds later when he shouted out in pleasure and I got a mouthful of his hot cum , loads of it. It tasted good compared to others so I carried on sucking for left overs. I looked up and saw the time, 5am ‘well, I guess we should get back’ I giggled. We made nice conversation on the way back, he asked for my name and number, I said no but I took his (Just in case). He dropped me off (not directly to my house) and said good night. I pecked him on the cheek and got out, making sure I slipped a tenner in to his hand for the ride.