Written by Les

28 May 2009

Lisa, 37, 36D/25/36, We have not posted since last October but then, there was nothing to write about unfortunately.

However, last night something happened.

I have been trying to replace work lost due to the recession, and had to meet a guy who had some work to offer.

I seldom take Lisa along but it was a quiet night otherwise so I did.

We met up with Alan, and his side kick Angus in a hotel where they were staying. As we got on to the subject of the renovations he needed doing, Lee, one of his legal mob also turned up and joined in.

Lee and, in particular, Angus, kept taking a look at Lisa's tee-shirt, tightly fitted over her chest and showing a reasonable cleavage, Alan did the same whenever he thought I would not notice.

The business was hardly in the bag after an hour or so, and I went to get more drinks when Lisa said she would go and I could carry on talking. She gave me a look I know well, and she made the most of her quite tight jeans on the way to the bar, and her cleavage on her return too! While Lisa was at the bar Angus gave me the opening I needed when he expressed his wish for such a lovely view at all business meetings.

I asked if there was any way I could sweeten the deal other than cost, I am sure you do not need telling how important work is these days!

Angus looked from Lisa's rear to Alan, who looked from Lisa to me and said any thing was possible. So I asked if this was where I was meant to offer my partner as an incentive and Alan said that could not possibly hurt at all, straight faced in the extreme.

I asked if that would get us something in writing and Lee, somewhere about late 20's I think, said he could jot some stuff down on the lap top upstairs.

Lisa came back and bent right over to place the drinks, looked at me and took the tray back to the bar. When she returned and sat down, the looks from across the table said it all. Lisa piped up that she would like to finish her drink before we went upstairs to seal the deal and all three drank their own drinks through wolfish grins.

In the lift Alan stood with his arm around Lisa's waist while Angus stroked her bum cheek. Lee outlined a basic agreement which he would write up and we were soon entering someones room.

Lisa asked if there was a mini bar and lifted the bottom of her tee-shirt with crossed arms, pulling it over her head as Angus said, "Wow, lovely titties Mrs!", and stepped behind to unclasp the bra. As Lisa pulled it off over her arms Angus grabbed the prize and weighed them up, squeezing them and groaning in appreciation. Lee passed Lisa a drink and began to unbutton her jeans but Alan told him he should start the agreement first, to show they were being as upfront as we were, Lisa in particular. So as Lee fired up a lap top, I removed Lisa's jeans and panties and passed them to Alan.

Lisa turned round to kiss Angus, about 45 to 50 with a broken nose at some point, and released his trousers as Alan removed his shirt. I sat with Lee and kept a close eye on the written word.

Lisa was kneeling on the floor sucking Angus's impressive cock as he stepped out of his trousers and Lee asked if we always did business this way. Never, but then needs must I suppose, and lets face it, if the politicians can,,?

Alan knelt behind Lisa and rubbed his cock into her arse crack while fondling her breasts, and soon Lisa was on all fours, still sucking, while Alan rubbed her slit with spit covered fingers, slipping one or two inside now and then, making Lisa groan.

I turned my back for a while so as to concentrate on the legal stuff, a contract to do the work, basic details etc, nothing too powerful, but the job was ours!

Turning back to the other business at hand, and Lisa was now on the bed, on her back with Alan wrapped between her legs thrusting away happily. He must be 50 but is in good order, where Angus has quite a beer gut. Every so often Alan would suckle a breast or work on a love bite just below the right one.

Lisa had just grabbed the newly arrived cock of the quickly undressed Lee when she began to shudder and moan. Angus told Alan to "give her some stick, she's creaming!" and Alan thrust harder, making Lisa cry out as the peak arrived. Alan then went up another gear and sped to his own finish, and emphasized each word with a thrust as he said, "Every deal should be sealed like this!" and then groaned as he rolled off.

Angus was in like Flint, all the way up and taking Lisa's breath away while squeezing out Alan's sperm, he was a fair size. Lee left for a second to pull over an easy chair to the bed side, and put Lisa's hand back on his cock as he sat down.

Angus was not lasting well, but Lisa still came before him. Angus had lifted Lisa's legs to his shoulders and began building up to max power and Lisa just let out a whoosh of air and a noise like a growl, blushing hotly. Angus, taking a deep breath said, "Wow, she likes a good helping of cock your missus, does she do this a lot mate?". I played to the crowd a bit and said she must have at least 7 cocks a week or she gets touchy, the younger the better, or words to that effect. Lisa let it go or didn't hear, and Angus said "Then she'll be ready to take this then, won't you hen?" and let out a small roar as his arse cheeks contracted and he fired away like a machine gun.

When Angus pulled out there was a soppy squelch, and Lee tried to stand Lisa up, I had to help. Lee wanted to sit in the chair with Lisa sitting on him, her back to him. Lisa caught up with the world in a few seconds and was soon in position, bouncing up and down on Lee's embedded cock.

I watched her tits bounce for a minute or so and then pulled her mouth down onto my cock and got in on the fun.

Lisa soon started to tire, so Lee stood up, still embedded, and got Lisa onto the bed, bum in the air, face down into the quilt. He adjusted his stance, pulled Lisa back by her tits and rammed away like his life depended on it. The slapping sound as he fucked her was incredible and dirty.

I got Alan to stop watching Lisa getting fucked and run through the letter of understanding Lee had written, and then we signed it.

Angus was now in front of Lisa trying to get his cock sucked but she would or could, not support her shoulders off the bed so Angus gave up and went for the breasts instead. Lee meanwhile was juicing Lisa's bum hole with his thumb, and after Lisa came again, Lee pulled out to change holes, coming after about a dozen thrusts. I followed him myself when he pulled out, taking a little longer to let rip.

Alan helped Angus to roll Lisa onto her back where Angus once more raised her legs to his shoulders and fucked Lisa for around 15 minutes non stop. Lisa had a hand full of orgasms, some bigger, some smaller, and then Angus pulled out, lifted Lisa up by the back of her head and just got his cock in her face in time to fire, some on her face, some with his cock in her mouth, which was a tight fit.

Alan was ready again and once more Lisa was on her back. It was only a couple of minutes before he was done, and he pulled out to wrap his cock in Lisa's tits to shoot his second load onto her tits, face and throat.

I was nearly ready to shoot too, so I just knelt over Lisa and put my cock in her mouth and fucked it until I came.

I know there will be more from this for Lisa, but I wonder if the people I employ would ever believe what Lisa did for them last night?