Written by Terry T

30 May 2017

Not sure if this counts as swinging because so far its only happened once and it wasn’t exactly planned.

My wife Andrea hadn’t been getting along very well. She’s younger than me and for health reasons our sex life had slowed down because, basically I sometime have a job getting it up. She’s been understanding to a point but comments now and again that her life is boring and now and again when we’re out she’ll see a guy and say something like ‘ if I was single I’d have him’.

The problem is she’s very attractive, have a great figure and quite a large chest which means guy’s flirt with her all the time. We talked about the possibility of me allowing her to have sex with someone else to satisfy her needs but it just never happened until the last week of our holiday from which we have just returned.

We had a last minute booking to a nice hotel in Spain. It wasn’t where we would normally go because it was loud and full of families and young people but it was a break.

I thought I had made a huge mistake because of all the young lads there in swim wear. My wife would smile at me and shake her head. But the lads would look at her as well and smile.

I’m going to cut to the chase, three lad sin particular took a shine to her and I would see them talking to her when she was in the pool or I wasn’t close and they couldn’t see me. She in turn flirted.

Then one evening she had a headache and I was left on my own at the bar by the pool when these lads came up to me. I could see they had been talking about me and were egging each other on to come over. They were nice lads and after more than a few drinks the subject of my wife came up.

The said the hoped I didn’t mind but they though she was hot and the conversation went on like that. After a few more pints ‘hot’ changed to ‘fucking hot’ then to how if they could they would ‘fuck her in a second’ followed by giggles.

That was on the Wednesday. I left them too it and told my wife what had been said. She went bright red and I could tell what I had said had excited her because her mouth was dry and her nipples which get very big when she’s aroused were big and hard.

Thursday same and went and the usual flirting continued but now it was a bit more obvious. So I leaned over and asked her if she wanted to fuck one of them. She pretended to be disgusted with me and angry but then she giggled and that was that. So I said’ so if they came to your room and asked you for sex and I was ok with it, you would turn them down’. She told me to stop teasing her and she got up and walked away.

That evening she was quite, we went to the bar and the lads were there. My wife was in a nice thin low cut dress. The lads were fussing over her and I whispered, ‘are you sure you wouldn’t’. She asked me if I was serious. I told her to go to the ladies and come back in 5 min. In those 5 min I spoke to the lads and asked them if they were messing around like kids or were they adults and serious about fucking my wife. I could tell they weren’t’ sue if I was messing with them and was going to punch them if they said yes but after a few awkward seconds one of them said that I couldn’t blame them because she was hot.

I saw my wife coming back stopped her and said that fi she wanted some fun with one of these lads I was ok with it and she should just go to our room, if not just sit down at the table.

She looked at me, turned round and went to our room.

I gave it a few minutes and said to the boys, whoever wants to fuck her follow me. As we got to the lift I realised all three were following me. I thought that this was either going to be awkward or interesting.

I opened out room door and the three lads followed me in. My wife looked at me puzzled. I just raised my eyebrows and reminded her that she said she wanted fun.

It was awkward for a little while, the lads clearly had never had an offer like this, I don’t think my wife took me seriously. In the end she took me by the hand and led me out to the hallway and asked me if I was serious about all three. I reminded her that if she sat down it was no if she went to the room it was yes. She was so nervous she said she needed a drink. I opened the door and we went back in. She finished off a drink that she had brought up from the bar and stood there neither her or the lads knowing what to do next, so I heled.

I stood behind her and asked the boys if they still though she was hot. In unison they agreed she was, so I pulled the straps off her shoulder, in zipped that dress and let it was to the floor letting her ample breasts swing free.

One of the lads made an expletive but all three just stared at her tits. So I let her forward and just said ‘fuck her’.

One of them massaged one breast which gave the others confidence to get involved. I just sat down and watched as first one then the other started touching her. The biggest and oldest of the three pulled her nickers down and put his fingers inside her and his tongue in her mouth.

Her heavy breathing told me she was well on her way to an orgasm already. Then he led her to the bed and I watched and the three of them fucked my wife. At one point there was one ad eating her pussy, another rubbing his cock on her hard nipple whilst the oldest of the three was laying across her face fucking her mouth. Her body writhing and her hands holding onto his backside.

The three of them were going wild with her sucking and liking and fucking different parts of the body. It was the most satisfying and erotic thing I have ever seen. Then he told the other to move and he stood by her feet, his hard-young cock at attention. Then, out of breath he asks me if he could ‘fill her cunt’ I told him to go for it. Then he takes his cock and feeds it into my wifes pussy, pauses and asks if he can cum inside her.

I looked at my wife but her eyes were closed and she was massaging her nipples so I told him to fill her if he wanted.

For the next hour, the three of them took it in turns to fuck her hard, her breasts swaying as each one took it on turns to fill her pussy with cock. Then they turned her onto her belly lifted her arse and did the same again doggy style, sometime with one in her pussy and on in her mouth.

And on more than three occasions going bright red and grimacing and they filled my wife with hot cum, both in her mouth and pussy.

In the end, all four couldn’t continue and just lay or sat their limp wet dicks hanging, my wife groaning and shuddering, still in the throes of a deep and long orgasm.

I motioned for them to leave and they got dressed and walked out, my wife reluctant to let go of the older lad’s hand.

I stood over her, soaking wet with sweat, uneable to speak because she was out of breath. I dropped my trousers slipped into her soaking pussy and fucked her, filling her with my own cum, mixing with much younger cum.

The next day we went out and barely talked about it, but we both agreed it was an experience. That evening and for the next four evenings after that these lads used my wife in ways I never thought I would never see.

The three of them bending her over the banister not caring if anyone was on the beach for a night stroll and could see them but fucking her anyway. My wife had her first anal fucking whilst on her knees with one fucking her arse and the other her mouth whilst me and the third lad dribbled cum in her hair in on her back.

On the plane back I worked out that in those 5 days she had been fucked and had cum poured into her nearly 50 times by the four of us. How the fuck was she not pregnant, but I’m hoping she’s not.

We have agreed that this will never happen again and that whilst it was a great experience its not to be a normal thing for us.