Written by robert3

30 Nov 2007

I was feeling ,suddenly,pretty horny this morning.I was up early ..and the feeling was not going to go away.With this in mind I motored to a local spot where there was a distinct possibility!!(I can let you know where!)..I waited for quite a time..but apart from a few damp-looking dog walkers..nothing doing..And then!..A black car entered the carpark..and came and parked right next to me...One catch of the eye said it all!!!The guy left the car and walked to the Gents...I gave it a good few minutes..and followed him in. The light was dim ..He was standing at the urinal..and I went into the cubicle..being sure to leave the door well ajar..I knew he was watching..and a few arm movements let him know what I was doing...The door pushed open and his hand snaked ,firmly,around my very hard cock..He wanked me beautifully..and begged me not to come too soon..After a bit he began to stroke and fondle my bottom..and could tell by my groans and movements that that was really in order..Would he go further???..I did'nt have to wait long as he slipped my jeans to my knees and began to rub his cock against my ass through my wet pants!..Then he tugged my pants down and I felt his hard,wet,cock probe me...'Do you want me to fuck you?',he gasped...As it was obvious that I did..He entered me...paused..and then began to fuck me beautifully....I felt so horny that I could barely stand!!...And when he asked if I would like him to come inside me...!!!! His pace increased...and I just knew he was going to fill me massively.With a groan he did just that..There was a huge amount of sperm inside and running down my shaking legs...It took us both a bit to 'come round'...He quietly left..while I scooped his cum together,used it to lube my cock...and had an amazingly erotic wank!!!All this is true and happened today(30th.).