Written by Marge

5 Nov 2007

Hello again.It's Marge,some of you might remember that i posted a couple

of little confessions about my carryings on with the lovely man

who does my garden.I called them "A charming young man",because that's what he

is,though he's in his 40's and divorced,i'm a grandmother of 70 you may recall

me telling you.

I just thought i'd update you with some wonderful news,Derek has returned to the

area,and he recently moved in,under my roof.It's so lovely to have a man about the house

again,and i've been making a big fuss of him,and it's lovely to snuggle up to him in bed

on these cold evenings..Yes of course we share the same bed.

I expect you randy devils want to hear a rude story? Well ok then,i'll tell you all about last night

if you promise not to tell.

Derek suggested we have an early night,i knew what he was after though! Pretty soon he had me playing with

his great big thing and then i sucked it for him.Then he made love to me in all sorts of different positions.

Afterwards i was feeling very cosy and happy,Derek whispered something very naughty in my ear that sent

a thrill right through me.

He said that he wanted to put his thing up my bottom.I like doing this for him,but i have to be very relaxed.

His penis is very big and it feels as if i can only just manage it.Derek is very understanding though,and once he

gets his penis all the way in,it feels very nice.I know that this really excites him,and he says that "it feels as if

i am milking his balls" and that my "bottomhole" is very tight.

I like the sensation when he gets very excited and his white stuff goes right up my backside.

I'll write some more,when i get a chance.