Written by Marge

18 Nov 2007

Hello again,it's Marge.I said that

i'd update you on how things are going

between my "lodger" Derek,and myself,so

here goes.Everyone believes that Derek is

my lodger i think,so there's been no wagging


Trouble is,it's not so easy to pull the wool

over my sisters eyes.June is 68,and a widow.

We have always been close,and i just can't lie

to her.

I'm glad to say she was very understanding,but

she teased me a little.

June lives in Northampton and she came to visit

for a few days last week,it was the first time

she'd met Derek,all the time she kept giving me

little looks,as if to say.."You lucky so and so".

I know it made her feel a little sad to see a man

about the place,and i didn't mind her being a little

bit flirty with him.

In fact i asked Derek to make a fuss of her,i was even

prepared for Derek to do her the favours he does me,i gently

suggested it to her,and i must say i was a little taken

aback with how keen on the idea she was.That was on tuesday.

June likes to go to bed quite early and she reads a little

before sleeping,i asked Derek to take her up a cup of cocoa

before i went to bed myself.On the way past the spare bedroom

i stopped and looked in..Derek was massaging Junes shoulders,i

smiled and said goodnight.

From my bed i could hear the muffled voices from the spare room,

and i felt a little naughty as i imagined what might be happening.

June's bosoms are even bigger than mine,and i knew it wouldn't take

Derek long to want to feel them."Oh Derek..No you musn't" i heard her

say,i bet he was playing with them,he probably had her nightie lifted

up too,knowing him.I know Derek gave June a lovely long massage,and i

could hear her little moans and groans,i fell asleep for a while but

i was awoken by the sound of bed springs and the headboard tapping.June

was making all kinds of funny noises..Perhaps i should have warned her

about how big Derek is.

"Go on June,don't be scared..Suck it for me..Hmm that's nice" Derek was

certainly teaching June a thing or two in there.

A bit later i heard June talking in a panicky voice,while Derek spoke to

her quietly and reassuringly..I heard him say.."It'll be fine June,just relax

and enjoy it"..Then i heard June cry out really loudly..."Oh Derek..It's in my

bottom!,It's in my bottom!"I knew Derek would be gentle and i heard him speaking

softly,next i heard June let out a really loud groan "Oh Derek it's so big",i know

that she started to enjoy it though,when Derek put his whole thing in.

The next day June told me all about it.."Oh Marge..Do you let him do that?"

She said."Of course" i replied "didn't you like it?" "It felt amazing" she admitted.

Well Junes gone back to Northampton happier than when she came,and Derek says he'll be

happy to be of service again.

I expect that when i go to bed tonight,there'll be a great big sausage waiting for me,