Written by Rose

6 Jun 2012

I told recently of how at over fifty years I finally lost my virginity and learned how much fun sex could be. Roger was still a regular visitor to my home, we would nearly always end up in bed together, we had even had anal sex, which was something that I never thought that I would do, having tried every position in the book and I'm sure some that arn't, Roger wanted me to experience more sexual things, things that I didn't know even happened.

On one of his visits to me Roger introduced me to his mate Steve, he wanted him to join us in the bedroom, this I blatently refused to get involved with, after all Roger was the only man that I had ever had. on many of his visits Steve would accompany him, we would usually go to bed for some fun leaving Steve watching tv, one night we returned from the bedroom to see Steve watching a sex dvd, his jeans were around his ankles, His cock in his hand wanking it furiously, we sat together watching the film I couldn't help but notice Steve's massive erection, maybe I could be interested in letting Roger have his way, a threesome may be good fun, Roger noticed my interest in Steve's cock, saying that I should try it.

Steve moved to sit at the sidee of me, I couldn't help myself, my hand gravitated to his cock stroking it, cupping and scratching his balls, they bent me over the chair and Steve,s cock entered my pussy filling it, pumping into me I felt him cum, just as I was about to reach my second climax of the night, as this was happening Roger stood at my head, pushing his cock into my mouth almost into my throat, I sucked hungrily on it till I felt his cum hit the back of my throat,

This was the start of me having two men, sometimes as a threesome but often individually with Roger or Steve, they would both vist me independent of the other, but the end result was the same we ended up having great sex, about this time I was persuaded not to wear undies which I found to be quite exhilerating, makimg me feel horny most of the time, After a few weeks of this I was asked to be naked when Roger visited me, this I did, it made me feel good to think that anyone would want to see me naked, every time i opened the door to Roger his hand would go straight between my legs, his fingers would immediatelly penetrate me, turning me on, before he was even inside the door.

one night he persuaded me to go out for a drive naked except for my coat, we went to a local beauty spot, we went for a walk along a path and into some tree's, I opened my coat as there was no one about, Roger pulled me to him, squeezing my boobs and fingering my wet pussy, he bent me over a fallen tree, entered me, he pushed his erection into me pumping hard, making mr squeel, looking up I saw a number of men, many with their erect cocks in their hands watching us, it was too late for me to stop and cover up, as I was about to climax and he shot his cum deep inside me. I stood up and the men gathered around us, I felt a number of hands groping my boobs and feeling between my legs, I was very uncomfortable with this, closed my coat and we returned to the car.

That evening Steve visited me so I had another night of passion, although I enjoyed his lovely cock again I now realised that things were getting out of hand, and was starting to feel like a whore, but it was not that easy, after I stopped meeting the two guys I found that I missed my new found sex life, but that as they say is another story.