Written by dressnsuck

21 Dec 2008

i was on swinging heaven checking some hot profiles when i recieved a message,i read the message it was from a woman (tina)she said she liked my profile and sexy pics would i like to get together with her for some hot fun,i took a look at her profile and pics mmmm she looked very horny in her stockings basque ect she was a beautiful black women and she lived about 10miles from me.i replied to her message and said i would love to get together with her,when is she free ? she replied next week saturday around 8pm and dont forget to bring your stockings and suspenders with you i will give you details how to get here l8r in the week ok,isaid ok i look forward to hearing from you soon.all week i kept looking at her pics wanking my cock at the thought of saturday,friday came and a message was there waiting for me,i opened the message it was from tina giving me her address my cock was really hard at the thought of the next night.i left home around 730pm saturday making my way to tina\\\\\\\'s i got to the door my cock was so hard in anticipation,i rang the bell,the door opened there was tina,she invited me in she looked even better in real life she showed me into the living room i satdown she sat opposite she said did you bring your stockings with you,i said yes,she said where r they,i stood up undid my trousers let them fall down to reveal my stockinged covered legs and a very hard cock in my panties,she said wow come here,i went to where she was sitting she stroked my stockinged legs and put her hot wet mouth over my panties covered cock,i was in heaven,she released my cock and took all my hard length in her mouth she started to suck me very hard her head going back and forth mmmm i was getting close to shooting my hot cum in her mouth when she suddenly stopped sucking looked at my face took her mouth away from my throbbing cock,she said sit down its my turn,i thought mmhot wet pussy to suck,she stood infront of me facing away from me she let her skirt fall to the ground then i saw her knickers being pushed down her beautiful stockinged legs she then turned around to face me WOOOOW there was this very hard veiny cock facing me i looked at her face she was smiling she licked her lips and said suck my cock as she pushed it against my lips,i let her hot hard cock enter my mouth she started to push it in n out of my mouth,she tasted great i was sucking her cock n holding her bum she started to groan she put her hands on my head and started to thrust her cock harder in my mouth i could taste her precum as she fucked my mouth harder n harder i stroked her sexy stockinged legs,i fely her cock get bigger n harder in mouth i new she was going to shoot,i looked at her face her eyes were closed she was moaning then i felt the 1st spurt of her hot thick juice hit the roof of my mouth then the 2nd 3rd 4th my mouth was so full of her juice then the 5th i couldnt take it all down my throat it started to run down my chin,but she still wasnt finished 6th 7th 8th came my mouth and chin was full of her hot thick juice she pulled her throbbing hot cock out of my mouth and it shot another spurt of juice over my mouth she let out a sigh and sat down exhausted i was licking my lips to get all her juice in my mouth,i was wanking my hard cock all the time she was fucking my mouth,my juice was rising up my length tina looked at me and said cum on my face now cum on i stood up pulling my hard cock up n down she grabbed my stockinged legs closer to her tina took me into her her hot mouth,i held her head as i fucked her mouth hard it only took 2 or 3 thrusts and i was shooting my juice into her mouth i came alot(4me)hard she held my cock in her mouth as i cum,i finished cumming she let my cock slip from her mouth.

i sat down in the chair exhuasted looking at tina she looked at me and said that was great i agreed with her,we chatted and had a few drinks she said we must do it again i said yes,she said great,she will be intouch.

I cant wait to get together with tina again.