Written by naughtyboy

3 Sep 2017

So as things developed with miss x rated the fun really started. She let on she had already had a 3 some with 2 guys at a house party! When she was only 16! One was doing her doggy style and his mate walked in and slid his cock in her mouth. With that I said that's not fair I was 10 years older and had got up to all sorts but that had alluded me. So the seeds were sown and I said I need a 3 some with 2 women. As she was curious of a female touch I knew it was only a matter of time. But that's another story.

So as she was a hairdresser she often came round to mine and cut my hair. She also cut my flatmates hair too always wearing a low cut top showing off her heaving tits and a tight skirt. After the haircuts we then hit the bedroom to get dirty. She was insatiable loved sex loved cock couldn't get enough. As she hadn't been with anyone for ages she had let herself go a bit. Overweight she drank too much also smoked and had a hairy bush. She polished herself up a bit and then announced she had a surprise for me. She had a new haircut. I couldn't see much difference she had long dark hair. Then she slowly stripped down to her g string opening her legs as she pulled it to one side showing off her freshly waxed bald pussy. Lovely needles to say I buried my face and licked her out then concentrating on her hard erect clit she went wild having a huge orgasm I nearly drowned in all that love juice.

So now to that haircut. She told me to go over to the salon late 1 night she had the keys. As I got there it was quite dark but I went to the side entrance as instructed. I opened the door abd she is sitting on one of the chairs with her back to me. She spun round and was topless with hard big nipples. She asked if I had an appointment. I said yes for a haircut. She told me to strip and sit in the barbers chair. I did as I was told looking in the mirror opposite at my hard cock. She told me not to

touch as she put the gown over me. I sat there while she cut my hair dangling her tits just in front of me but out of reach. I was desperate to play with her

and cum. Once she had finished tbe hair cut she showed me the back and sides in the mirror. Then it was suck these. She grabbed my head and fed me her nipples. It was like a porno you could see it all in the surrounding mirrors. Im sucking them hard as she runs her hands up the gown and starts wanking my cock. She then drops her skirt and is naked as she slides onto my dick and starts bucking. She comes really quickly screaming the place down. She jumps off and gets on her knees and starts sucking taking my length deep down her throat as I empty my balls she has swallowed the lot.. after she gets the kettle on and have a cup of tea its round 2. By this time I had recovered. She gets me on my hands and knees like doggy style then starts trimming my arse hair and trimming my balls with a pair of very sharp scissors! Next she milks me pulling on my dick like she is milking a cow I can't take much more its so dirty so horny. She knew I was close and reached up for a

hairbrush. I was scared but excited and when she opened a tin of hair gel and covered the handle I knew I would be deflowered. She started to really wank me hard she wanted to milk my cock she knew I was ready to erupt as she ramned the brush handle deep in my arse as I shot my load again with an intense hot g spot feeling OMG that felt good. Aa I lied on the floor she wwnt to the handbasin and washed the brush handle the scissors then cleaned up the cum on the floor! ! lAll ready for the salon opening again in the morning!