Written by Anonymous

22 Mar 2019

It was the time of year to consider something new. This year was to be no different. We did this to keep things fresh and get the chance to meet other people. Most times it worked and we had a large group of people we both knew and had the joy of associating with. I don't know about you but we got bored with the pub scene and had been drinking less and less over a few years. Plus pub conversations tend to repeat the same old discussions whereas by joining a group, the topics are varied and often very amusing.

So it was that the post Christmas search brought my wife Liz in touch with a local amateur dramatics group which was in the next village and they were auditioning for a comedy play, the name of which was instantly forgotten. I on the other hand began exercising and going to a man club where we tinkered with things and built really useful bird boxes while supping tea and scoffing biscuits, thus spoiling all my exercising. Luckily they were on the same night and we travelled together, me being dropped off first and being picked up s couple of hours later from the pub where us gentlemen retired to after gouging fingers or cutting hands and wearing very fetching plasters in various places. This time I had a sore head from not dropping my head low enough to avoid a beam in the loft of the village hall.

Liz joined me and the remnants of our squad of dropouts and had a drink before setting off. on the way she was chatty and then came out with 'You know Jeff, the guy who leads our drama lot, he made a pass at me tonight' I asked what she meant and she said he wanted her to go out for a drink and discuss a role in a play he was doing in another village a few miles away because he said he thought it would be perfect for her. We chatted as we travelled and it seemed he was quite adamant that she should consider the role. I sought some more information but she said she had given him her number and he was going to ring next day.

I thought little more about it except that I would find out soon enough and not put thoughts across that weren't there, but then again I had my suspicions as she had only been with the group for less than a month. Next evening I was at my exercise class and discovered at weigh in that I remained the same weight (wonder why??). On my return home, she was sitting doing some artwork and she had a beer ready for me. I sat and savoured it slowly draining my glass. 'He rang me tonight like he said he would and offered me the part again'. 'Oh yeah, when do you audition for the TV then?' I asked with a hint of sarcasm. 'No he says he needs me for a part that all the others are too old for and he's desperate'. I asked what the part was and she said he wanted to discuss it over a drink. For the next half hour we contemplated what I thought was an excuse for him to chat her up and I said so. She smiled and said she thought that was his aim too. So as we are quite adventurous, we agreed to her meeting him.

It was later that night that she sent a text while in the bath. I found out she had got him hot under the collar when she asked what time to meet and any details he was needing such as did the role involve any special qualities. His reply was that she suited the role but it might require a little eroticism to make it work and her figure from what he had seen in her day clothes was perfect. I said he was obviously after a bit of fun. Liz said he was trying to appear cool but she had read him like a book, his eyes and face were so obvious, plus he made sure he was sitting close at breaks in rehearsal and he never criticised her. Bit sad really, she likes a challenge.

It came to the evening of their meeting and encouraged by me, she dressed to kill. Black underwear and stockings topped by a short dress, not indecent by a long way, but provocatively short enough to allow stocking tops to be seen when seated. I arranged to be her taxi as she had said she would meet him at a pub close to his house (wonder why?). On the way, he sent at least four texts which had her giggling. 'I think he has the hots' she said as we arrived at the car park. 'Bloody sure he will when he sees you' I said as she got out. The arrangements were that I either meet her back in the car park or I become a Uber taxi driver if picking her up from his place. She said she would let me know and perhaps she had it all wrong. 'Yes and I see the pigs flying overhead' I said as I left her looking drop dead gorgeous with her hair looking perfect, her body disguised beneath a coat, it still being winter.

My drive home was one of contemplation. We knew each other well and had this understanding so whatever happened was up to her and no jealousy from me. The evening was quite long. Past midnight and no messages. I was watching a film which ended and then flicked through the channels, avoiding the sex channels which I find very tame nowadays, especially as my wife is probably getting the fucking of a lifetime if she has played her cards right, which I expected at this time of night, she must have done. At shortly after three a car draws in and stops in the drive. The engine is cut and from a position close to the curtains, I see two people in an embrace with the interior light glowing softly. She has been fucked I deduce. Nobody stays in company with another man for seven hours just discussing a part in a play. Fifteen minutes later she emerges and closes the car door. Bugger me, he is also getting out and she puts the key in the lock and in they come.

I am in the lounge in the dark, TV off and standing waiting for them to enter. She puts the light on and jumps a bit when she sees me. 'Hi darling, Jeff has come back with me, sorry we're late.' 'No worries, want a cup of tea?' I couldn't think of anything else to say. Jeff is looking shocked and uncomfortable. 'Please sit down' I add. Liz looks at me and grins 'I took the part' I am coming to terms with this new guy, he is about my height, around fifty and slim, short, well groomed beard. Looks a bit like a teacher. Liz introduces him and we shake hands then she goes to pour a drink for each of us even though I am not really wanting one. Whisky at after three in the morning must be a theatrical trait but I take it. 'Ok, let's get this out, I reckon you two have been fucking. Am I right?' 'Yes' says Liz as Jeff sits tight lipped. 'Fine, that is good' Jeff looks at me as if he did not believe what I had just said. 'There you are now do you believe me' said Liz looking at him.

Jeff watched as Liz lifted her dress, stockings streaked with slivers of silvery white stains, panties missing, cunt looking well used. 'He is tireless, two drinks and back to his place, I am naked within five minutes of getting in and he has fucked me senseless for half the night, what a stayer and I want him to stay the night'. That was a bit of a stunner for me as I had contemplated having a nice fuck myself. 'Would you mind if we use the main bedroom darling, I will make it worth your while'

Ten minutes later we all go upstairs and I peel off right to the spare room and they go left into the main bedroom. I am hardly in bed before they are at it, the creaking is frantic then rhythmic, then static after a while, then a bit of talking and it begins again.

Breakfast is had with hooded eyes as I have hardly slept listening to them and wanking. i have come twice and my cock is tender and my balls feel drained. They come down after ten and Liz looks pretty rough. No wonder. Jeff is quiet but after a coffee takes his leave but has the decency to thank me for the bed and understanding. I said that I hoped her part in the play is as good as her performance last night and he has a wry smile as he leaves.