Written by secret me

16 Apr 2015

I have tell you something now I have the bug for writing. I wrote to you earlier today about something I did when on holiday so now I'm in the mood to write things down I have top tell you something else.

This may sound a bit weird and boring to some of you but this started almost by accident. I'm 35, married and I have two lovely kids but since my holiday 'event' my imagination has been running wild and not long after we returned from our holiday I found myself at home alone, hubby was in work and the kids with my mum. I had a nice relaxing bath and was in the bedroom with just my towel round me.

I usually turn out the light but had had totally forgotten so when I took of the towel I was well lit. I was looking through my drawer for something to wear to bed when I noticed the light go out in the house opposite. I glance over and could make out someone standing in the window. There was a small table lamp so could just make out the person standing there.

My initial thought was to cover myself up but I though what the hell, if they don't want to look at me they should move away. No one could see me from the road so I wasn't showing myself to everyone.

The thought of someone watching was quite erotic so I took my time looking through the drawer, then when I had found something I stood close to the window pretending to read a piece of paper letting this someone have a good look at me full frontal.

I glanced at this person out of the corner of my eye and was shocked. I had assumed it was a guy living opposite but in the dimed light I could see that this person was now naked and I could make out large breasts and the owner was touching herself.

By now it was obvious I had seen her but she did't seem to care. I'm not a lesbian or even BI but this situation was very erotic and I found myself squeezing my nipples and rubbing myself with my fingers deep inside my smooth pussy.

The two of us masturbated, in fact I would go as far as saying we fucked each other from a distance.

I grabbed my 'toy', a big rampant rabbit and thrust it deep inside me, I couldn't make what she had but she had a large 'something' and was fucking herself with it, her big tits swinging and she thrust herself onto whatever was in her hand, her head thrust back.

Like I say, I'm not a lesbian and had never considered another woman but I was imagining her breasts in my mouth and was wishing mine where in hers. I wondered what her juices tasted like.

I'm sure the two of us came at about the same time and then that was that. I got dressed and so did she before leaving the room.

We have enjoyed each others 'company' several time, now I know what she looks like becouse now she leaves the light on. She's very attractive, in her 50's with a great figure. On rare occasions she leaves the curtains open and the table light on as lets me watch her and her husband fuck. I stand there with a small light on and touch myself and I'm sure she looks up at me, laying there in her back with his cock inside her and I sometimes wonder if it me or her husband that make her cum.

I don't know if I have the nerve to speak to her. We have passed in the street, the two of us giving those knowing glances but that's all. She's taller than I expected and loved to wear low cut tops to show off her assets.

Now I wonder, when my husband is fucking me what it would feel like to replace him with a big breasted 50 something woman.