Written by Juicy Fruit

25 Jun 2009

When I moved across the country to go to Uni, leaving Bill was one of the hardest things I ever had to do. I’d promised to keep in touch and for a while I did, but study, time and distance messed things up and made it hard to maintain contact. I’d been there for a couple of months and got to know a few students on a social level but no one I was interested in dating. I also got a part-time job to help pay tuition fees. I worked on Saturday evenings and three days a week after class hours at a video store a few blocks from my shared rental house.

Late one Saturday night I was walking home with Paul, a guy I worked with sometimes at the video store who lived nearby. He asked me into his house for a drink and I thought, why not. His dad, Rob, was in the lounge watching telly when we got there. He had salt and pepper grey hair and it was thinning on the top. He started telling jokes and making wisecracks and really made me laugh. The alcohol flowed and so did the conversation and it was the happiest I’d felt for ages. That night was the first time I hadn’t crawled into bed feeling homesick.

We hardly ever worked the same shift but after that night, Paul and I became closer friends and I started calling in on him on my way home on a regular basis. One Saturday night on my way home from work I walked past Paul’s house and the lights inside were on so I thought I’d stop in for a chat and a drink. Rob answered the door and asked me in. He went straight to the drinks cabinet and poured me a bourbon which he knew I liked. We’d been sitting on the settee for a while when I asked where Paul was. He told me he was away for the weekend visiting his mother in Bournemouth. “Oh, then perhaps I should go,” I said. “Don’t run out on me,” Rob said, “stay and keep me company for a while.” It was Saturday night and I had nowhere else to go so I agreed. As usual, Rob had such a humorous way of looking at life and he had plenty to say to keep me amused.

As we talked we drank. I’ve said before that I don’t really handle much more than two glasses of alcohol very well so I figured I’d just about reached my limit because I was getting really relaxed. Rob was great company and the next time he got up to refill my glass, he came and sat back down right next to me on the settee. I put my glass on the side table beside the couch and I was still laughing at some weird comment he’d made when he put his hand on my knee. The next thing I knew he was sliding his hand further up my bare leg. I didn’t mind at all but Rob must’ve got the guilts up because he suddenly pulled his hand away and said, “Sorry.” “Don’t be sorry, I like it,” I said. My juices were flowing and I wanted him to keep going. “But you’re practically a little girl and I’m an old man,” he said. I told him I was eighteen and added, ”Besides, you’re not that old.” I was thinking of my last lover, Bill, who was 64. “I’m bloody ancient,” Rob laughed. “I’ll be 60 next month. That’s three times your age.” I just laughed and said, “I’ve had older.” It honestly wouldn’t have worried me if he’d been 80. Bill had seen to it that I’d never be satisfied with anyone under the age of 50 ever again.

Rob gave me a shocked look for a minute trying to decide if I was telling the truth but then he said, “Are you sure you know what you’re getting yourself into here?” I nodded, “Absolutely.” With that, he put his glass down and undid the zip on his pants. He put both his large hands on my legs, spread them and pushed my dress right up my thighs to reveal my white cotton panties. If I’d known this was going to happen I would’ve worn sexier underwear but he didn’t seem to mind. A quiver of excitement ran across my stomach and into my vagina. I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter by the second. I desperately wanted him and I started unbuttoning his shirt. He had a thin build and his chest was sparsely covered with a mix of light and dark grey hair. I reached down and grabbed his penis. It wasn’t that long but was thick and to my surprise, found he had a Prince Albert piercing in the end of it. Wow! That’s the first time I’d seen one and I wondered if it would hurt me. I couldn’t take my hands off him after that.

Rob was playing with my moistness through my panties but by now I was beside myself with need. I started groaning with every rub and I raised my hips to try to get more of his touch. I didn’t like it when he moved his hands away from my pussy but he slid my top up and over my head and started sucking on my boobs, which I love. Then he pulled my knickers down and off and I thought, thank God!

He moved in to suck at my drenched pussy, insert three fingers into my cunt. “God, you’re so wet,” he said. “I know,” I moaned. He was slowly killing me. I wanted him so much I was going mental. While he sucked and licked at my wet centre and kept the rhythym going with his fingers, he dragged another finger into my juices and then backwards and into my arse. That was it. It was too much and I exploded on his tongue. It had been so long and I was so hot for him that I just went on for ages, my inner muscles pulsing around his fingers.

After a few minutes I started coming back down to earth and realised I must have stopped massaging his member and instead was squeezing it with my hand. I softened my grip on him and said I hope I hadn’t hurt him but he just smiled at me so I guess that meant I hadn’t. He moved up my body and nudged my freshly juiced up vagina with his thick penis. He didn’t even take his time, he just thrust into me in one quick movement and started pounding away. I was loving it. I had really missed this and believe me, there is nothing like the experience of an old guy to give a girl what she wants. I don’t know whether it was because of the piercing but I felt as though he was pushing into my womb. He seemed so far in and it felt tremendous. He built me up quickly and I came again. I cried out over and over as I tried to get my breath back which seemed to make Rob go faster and harder until he came in me hard with an explosive curse.

When he’d finished, he stayed inside me and sort of flopped his chest across mine. He was a bit heavy as I am only tiny but I didn’t mind. The feeling of him pressing down on me was the most wonderful feeling in the world and I just snuggled under the heavy weight of him. I felt like I had come home.