Written by Rushrebel

24 Jun 2009

About a year ago I put some stories on this site about my life as a newly free 45 year old male. They included a couple of stories about a woman I met and got very friendly with named Kath.

Well Kath and I have since moved in together and even though I was enjoying being single again, Kath was everything I desired in a woman, basically a slut.

Kath is now 56, a size 16 figure, full and ample with a 36 inch D bust. She loves sex with men , women, toys, vegetables, anything that will please her and will do anything that is asked of her.

In the past year we have had some fantastic times of sex, on our own and with others and now I have a bit of time on my hand I thought I might share a couple for my delight and yours.

I’ll start with something more recent as it is easier to remember what happened.

At the beginning of June we went on holiday to Majorca for a bit of sun, sea and loads of sex. Our hotel was huge and most of the clientele were British, most of them our age or older. We spent the first day sunbathing by the pool with a bit of swimming thrown in. Kath wore a white bikini, but soon discarded the top to sunbathe topless. She wasn’t the only one, but it was still a horny experience for me as I noticed several men giving her sly looks, over their newspaper or past the edges of their novels. At the same time I got a good look at some of the other women and was very pleased to discover a number of women much older than Kath bearing their tits. I do have a thing for the more mature female and know full well that they can be much hornier than some of the younger ones. Before I met Kath I had gone on holiday to Tenerife and ending up fucking a woman of 71.

One woman noticed my glance and smiled at me encouragingly and I smiled back. She turned onto her side to reach her book and I had a much better view of her lovely tits. I lay on my front and my cock grew underneath me as I could tell she wanted me to look at her. At one point she had a quick glance around and then brushed her right nipple with her thumb whilst staring at me. A few minutes after this, Kath turned from laying on her back to her front and asked me to put some more sun cream on her back and my lady exhibitionist realised I wasn’t alone and moved on to her front herself.

About an hour later I had wandered down to the sea and was basically just paddling when I heard a voice behind me,


I turned to see the lady whose tits I had been staring at earlier.

“Oh hi,” I said, “sorry about earlier, staring I mean, most un-english-like.”

She had her bikini top on now and a long flowing blouse over that.

“No need to apologise, I might have even egged you on a bit, but I didn’t realise you were married, thought you were single and I was very flattered that you were looking,” she said.

“Well I’m not married, but Kath is my partner,” I said nodding towards Kath was still lying. I thrust my hand out and said “My name’s Paul.”

She smiled took it and simply said “Patricia.”

“Anyway as said I’m not married and Kath and I have a very open relationship and to be honest when I noticed you I couldn’t stop staring.”

She blushed at that but her smile got broader.

“So are you here on your own or with your husband?” I asked.

“No I am with my sister, but she has gone on the Orange Blossom Tour today. I didn’t fancy it, went last year, so decided to have a day by the pool.”

I guessed Patricia was probably in her mid 60’s and I just had this feeling that she was gagging for it, which is why she had sought me out on the beach.

I was about to speak, when she said,

“So you liked staring at my boobs? Do you think they are okay for a woman my age?”

I could feel that familiar stirring in my loins as she spoke.

“What age would that be, 45?”

She laughed “Now you are being flattering, and anyway it is rude to ask a lady how old she is.”

“No, sorry Patricia, yes I think you have got nice breasts for the more mature lady, nicely tanned as well I must say.”

“Well they get plenty of sun, but not a whole lot else actually.”

“I find that surprising,” I said, “I thought you might have lots of admirers.”

“Oh a few back home my age, but I doubt they could actually satisfy me, what I need is a younger man like yourself.”

I stepped closer to Patricia and whispered “Just what are you suggesting?”

“Well if your relationship is so open, she won’t miss you for an hour.”

“An hour for what?” I teased.

“An hour in your room, in your bed with me.”

Patricia raised her eyebrows and smiled seductively and reached out and just lightly touched my hand.

My cock jerked in my shorts as I looked at this lovely mature woman who desperately wanted a fuck.

“Okay,” I said “ but I’ll have to tell her, it’ll be okay, but we have this agreement that we can fuck other people as long as we both know about it.”

“That is just so strange,” she said “but I don’t mind as long as she says yes.”

Within ten minutes I was lying on our bed snogging Patricia and fondling her bare breasts. Her blouse and both parts of her bikini were on the floor by the bed and I was enjoying her body. She, meanwhile, had her right hand firmly fixed around my erection and was slowly wanking me off. I eased away from her and moved my lips down to her tits. Her cleavage was heavily wrinkled and her tits, though well tanned, showed signs of age, but they were still glorious and I took her left nipple and as much tit as possible into my mouth. At the same time I reached for her aching pussy and curled a finger into her entrance. She was moist, but not wet and I had to feel around for a bit before I could get my thumb and forefinger into her. As I did so, Pat let out a little groan and then a long Yes as my fingers found her clit. I moved from breast to breast whilst stimulating her cunt for a while before moving further down the bed to lick her. Her pubic hair had been trimmed but was still a mass of black and grey hair covering her moist cunt. As my tongue worked its way in, she grasped my head and moaned,

“Oh yes Paul use your tongue, lick me hard.”

I ran my tongue the length of her labia a few times, before delving in to lick her clit with the end of my tongue.

Patricia drew her legs up as I did so and lifted her arse off the bed in excitement. I could feel that her wetness was growing and I was desperate for her to cum so I could taste her juice. As I continued to lick, she started to use her own fingers on herself until she let out another groan and I her love juice squirted into my mouth.

I gulped it down with pleasure and then eased Pat on to her side so that I could lick her arse. My tongue flicked between her pussy and her arsehole until it firmly settled there and I was pushing it into her rectum.

“On you naughty boy,” she moaned “That’s amazing darling, yes lick my bum.”

I was too busy doing this to notice that Kath had entered the room and was now staring at the two of us. In fact both Patricia and I jumped when she said,

“Mind if I join in.”

“Shit!” Pat said.

Kath sat on the bed still in her bikini and said “I couldn’t let him have all the fun with that gorgeous body.” And she reached out and stroked Pat’s tits.

Pat had obviously never had this sort of experience before and she actually pulled away from Kath’s touch, but I moved up behind her pushing my cock against her arse and whispered in her ear.

“Let Kath have a feel and I’ll fuck you from behind.”

Pat turned her head towards me looking for reassurance and I smiled and nodded and pushed against her open wet pussy lips with my erect cock.

Kath touched Pat again and said softly,

“That’s right take his nice cock into your juicy pussy, let him screw you whilst I have a nice fondle.”

Pat closed her eyes as I entered her and Kath squeezed her tits roughly. I thumped at her from behind, hammering my cock home as she moaned in pleasure.

Kath removed her bikini top and knelt on the bed and pushed her left tit into Pat’s face. Pat responded by flicking her tongue out and licking Kath’s swollen nipple.

“Oh yes honey suck my tit, lick it you lezzie whore,” Kath said.

The dirty talk turned Pat on even more and she reached up to feel Kath’s tit as she sucked on it. Kath kept alternating her tits in Patricia’s mouth as I reached my climax and my cum exploded into Patricia’s cunt.

“That’s right cum up her cunt baby, fill her with your spunk,” Kath said.

As soon as I withdrew, Kath was down on Pat’s pussy, licking my cum that was dribbling from her hole. Meanwhile I rubbed my now shrunken cock against Pat’s face, so she could lick the last dregs of my spunk from it.

Kath just carried on licking Patricia and it didn’t take long for Patricia to start groaning loudly again as she had her first female induced orgasm.

After this Kath joined us both up on the bed and Patricia thanked her profusely not only for letting me fuck her but also for giving her the first lesbian experience she had ever had in 66 years of life.

Two days later we had another session with Patricia and a couple of days after that Kath got fucked by me and 2 young German lads in a local nature reserve, but they are different stories.