Written by Sheve

1 Nov 2014

This may seem strange to some of you we been married quite a long time and my wife Kay has had a string of boyfriends most have been long term affairs mixed in with a number of of short affairs and I don't know how many one night stands

She is the sort of woman that has a need for sex and no one man is going to for fill her needs, its been like this all our married life, at first she was doing it behind my back I guess she did that and got away with for about five years but as we all know sooner or later a mistake will be made and you get found out this happened when she got pregnant the only thing she knew it wouldn't be mine at the time she was having an affair but at the same time she had three one night stands with blokes she never even knew there names

She had to come clean as she couldn't blame me as my sperm count is very low she always made blokes use condoms but what we think happened was what she would go to a pub that is know for tarts and slags to hang out, so load of blokes would get there looking for a leg over, and Kay had used it in much the same way she admitted that, her words where as long as I am not fussy I would get laid, she was in her mid twenties then she also admitted the blokes that fucked her, the youngest was about fifty and the other two where older, she thought it was the one of the older ones he would of been she guess round sixty he had her in his car and he did put a condom on but she thinks he nipped the end with a finger nail

She said he took a long time to cum but she was enjoying it his cock was really a fat one she said after he cum and got off she was very wet so it was him that set her

After the panic of her getting knocked up and not knowing what to do she came clean with me, also at the time she said she never do t again it was a mistake she got drunk one knight and had a one off, okay I believed her I had not found out the full truth at that stage , sorting this up she lost it any way so the problem when away, I should of thought more about it she used that as a excuse to go on the pill

The boyfriend she had did a rummer thinking he may get blamed, he was married, he was soon sniffing around again but I was now keeping a close eye on Kay. it didn't take long to put two and two together, that lead to a upset once more there was rows in the end she admitted to it again, I don't quite know how it came about but some how we agreed she could have a lover but not behind my back, that didn't work with the boyfriend he have none of it

So moving on at times I would drive my wife to say a pub a club for her to get picked up and fucked I would go in and watch she be in there it would seem she was alone, I watch as she got chatted up she may dance with blokes and things like that and went she chosen one she give me sigh and I go and wait in the car it usually be an hour or more and she come back and get in some thing sexual had happened it could of been she sucked them off or given a wank to getting fucked, it started turning me on and I would fuck the hell out of her when we got home

Then came the night I was waiting in the car and she and a guy came out of the pub and he lead her to the car next to mine Kay glanced at me but he didn't take any notice I sat in my car and watched as my wife was fucked in the car next to mine I cum in my pants that night, she had some cheek when they got out she kissed him then walked round and got in beside me and I drove off as he look on, we where both laughing

From that night on I wanted to watch and the truth was Kay got turned on with being so close and watching, the only problem now was finding blokes that was willing to let that happen, so we starched look on the web

As Kay said we should of used this before, we ended up with a advert I took some photos we said what we wanted and had loads of replies all willing to let me be there Kay said its like shopping you get to see the good first so if you think this is interesting let me know I tell you more if you do