Written by Sandm_couple

5 Aug 2007

"it's free for the lady," the barman smiled, "drink?" " Yeah, two whiskies,ice" the guy replied.They were both a little nervous, this was something new they were doing together - thrill of the unknown. He was usually the confident one, easy in any situation, but here, now, it was she who was the more assured, confident in her sexuality,her anticipation.She lit a cigarette, blew away the blue smoke in a smooth curve and said "lets do it."

He pushed open the door and they stepped inside. Adjusting to the light they checked the seating.On the screen a young slim blond nearly dressed in a nurse's uniform was sucking on a hard cock while a second man licked her pussy, dipping his fingers deep inside her.

They sat down. A woman! She drew the attention of all but the man in the front row wanking furiously, soon to shot his load. All eyes were on her.the man next to her began to caress her stocking thigh. For a few moments the lovers took in the scene, the blond was now enjoying a prick in her pussy and one in her arse. Across the aisle a man was engaged in a slow leisurely wank, stroking his cock, watching the blond. All the other men were looking at the lady. Some furtively, some brazenly, peering down her cleavage and trying to get a glimpse of her legs. Her guy checked she was okay with the man's attention to her thigh, before slipping his hand between her legs. She parted them and he felt the silky smoothness of her knickers as he slid his fingers across her pussy still moist from the fucking he had given her earlier in the hotel. She unzipped him and began to fondle his cock. Both looked at the blond and the men on the screen while the guys in the audience looked at them, straining to see what they were doing to each other. She slid down on to her knees and took him into her mouth and began licking and sucking his hardening cock. The men gathered round captured by the sight of her bobbing head locked on to his prick. Most were now opening wanking around them. the atmosphere was charged with electricity. the guy lent his head back, looking through the men at the screen where the blond was now sucking both pricks. he felt amazing: the most sensual woman he had ever met was pumping her lips around his cock whilst 7 or 8 men looked on with real envy. The sensations he was experiencing was like nothing else he had known. He felt his spunk beginning to rise, relaxing to allow his hardness to grow.

The men had drawn in even closer, desperate to touch this fantastic woman who knelt before them. Some stroked her back, others tried to slide their fingers between her legs. her bra was undone and her wonderful full soft breasts were released. Her lover cupped one and gently pulled her nipple erect. She sat up against him, for the first time feeling a little overwhelmed with the attention.

'okay, gentlemen, the show is on the screen, give the lady some space', the guy said in a low firm voice. the men got the message and slunk into the seats surrounding them, their eyes still feasting on her body.

She recovered her composure. He man hoped she felt desired and lusted after. She looked so damn good; a real woman full of passion and sexuality, her hair tousled, her eyes alight. She suddenly rose, her top low over her tits which were now moving freely and went to sit astride her lover. the men quickly gathered around again, but she simply laughed, stepped into the aisle, hitched her top up and skirt down over her stocking tops and with her guy moved to the back of the cinema.

they looked at each other and grinned. 'wow, that was fantastic' he said as they moved back into the bar. A chat with Mick and two more whiskies later they walked into the upstairs 2nd cinema.

Brighter in here, less men - a situation soon to be remedied when the word went round. this time she was on his inside next to the wall. A man from the first cinema asked to sit by them. They agreed, seeing immediately there was no reason to be concerned. They sipped their drinks aware that the men gathered in the seats about them were high on expectation. The barman came in to checkout the action, but he was too soon. On the screen yet another young slim woman announced she was about to be double fucked. No one in the audience cared, they were watching they guy slip his hand inside the ladies top and begin to fondle her tits while she pushed her hand into his pants squeezing his prick which had become wet at the tip. they were more in control here, so when she lowered herself and took him in her mouth her guy could push his fingers into her wet pussy. he pumped harder, making her gasp as she sucked. The men crowded round wanking their pricks. her head beginning down meant she missed the view and he knew watching men playing with themselves turned her on.

the men became carried away with the scene before them - a beautiful woman giving a blow job right in front of them - they couldn't believe their luck. Instead of a boring functional wank to a porno movie their fantasy was being acted out before their eyes.

"lads, lads, the show is on the screen" the guy said jolting them back into their seats. The lady resumed her seat beside him lips wet with his juices, glistening in the low light.

She snugggled into her lovers arms and the guy slid a protective arm around her. Everyone got the message. You can watch, you can wank, but anything else is by invitation only.

As the lady looked the men and their cocks and at the screen where the woman was taking two pricks up her pussy, being turned on by all she saw, the guy cupped her breast from her bra and began to stroke the nipple. She teased the men by licking her finger and caressing the nipple hard. Their attention rekindled they moved closer......

they shared deep passionate kisses while he stoked and softly pulled her boobs. they were surrounded by wanking cocks, some slow, some quickly as tensions rose again.

The men began to shower her with compliments about her tits: "they are beautiful"; "fabulous": "real".

"would you like to see them?" she asked, enjoying the power and charge it gave her to have all these men totally transfixed. There were murmurs of ascent and pace of wanking quickened. The lady eased her other breast into view to a collective groan. She Lent back against the wall displaying her boobs in all their glory. they were truly magnificent. She slowly looked around her almost haughtily, as she played with them to the delight of the watchers. Her guy slid his hand up her legs nudging her skirt higher over her stocking tops so they could all enjoy the view of her legs, her thighs and see the black silky triangle of her now damp knickers.

One man had moved to her left side wanking his prick against her tit. She allowed some to caress her right breast while her half closed eyes took in their pumping cocks. Spunk splashed from the man's prick. Some gasped as the hot thick cream tricked down towards her nipple. At that moment she pressed herself to her lover, moving away the hands which had become more insistent in their searching of her body.

he held her tight full stop. "ok, gentlemen the show in over".

But she hadn't finished yet: she stood aside him and lowered herself on to his rock hard prick despite her wetness it was still an effort to take him. "turn around" he breathed, "let them all see you". She pulled herself from him, turned to face the men and reaching between her legs took him in her hand and slowly sank on to him until she had him all inside her. She began to move against him sliding up and down the prick she craved more than any other. Men bent lower trying to take in this erotic woman being fucked by his big cock in front their eyes. She allowed her tits to bounce free. It was too much for the men to bear and they moved towards the lovers. "Steady" said the guy "you won't be able to see if you all crowd round" but the lady may choose two of you to suck her nipples". He Lent forward and lifted her breasts for inspection whilst biting the back of her neck. She moaned and writhed on his hardness.

"Pick" he said.

The lady aroused by his cock and biting looked at the men. " you and you." the chosen ones moved each side of her and took her nipples into their mouths. her guy bit again. She was in heaven. Riding her guy's prick while he bit her neck, her nipples were being sucked and the rest of the men wanking, looking on.

she had chosen the cleanest and felt able to take each of their cocks and wank them. They moaned as her expert hands rubbed them harder still.

It seemed only moments before firs one then the other splashed spunk over her tits. they spread cum over her nipple, savoring the moment.

" you and you." Two more stepped forward and began to play with now wet sticky tits as she took them in her hands wanking them off, adding to the cream already adorning her breasts.

the other men were silent, jealous of the four chosen and envious of the guy with his prick deep in her cunt.

Standing her he twisted her hair forcing her to take him in her mouth. she choked as he pulled her onto him hard and fast.He felt his juices rising, yanked himself free of er and moving back to her pussy pushing deep into her once again using her suspenders as an anchor against his rapid thrusts.

She groaned with pleasure " harder,harder,harder" she pleaded as he drove her to a shattering orgasm. He legs gave way as he held her up slowly pushing his hardness into her.He licked his thumb and pushed it into her arse. " give it me, give it me"she ordered.

in moments he had cum over her arse. She smiled at the men, re-ajuststed her clothes and stepped out into the warm summer night with her lover.