Written by One lucky guy

18 Nov 2010

To all you guys out there who long to see their wife being pleasured by another man but she isn't interested, my recent experience might give you hope.

My wife Jill has known for ages that I had a threesome before we met and also knows just how much her being the F in a MMF would turn me on. I've talked about it for a while and she often uses my fantasy to turn me on when we're having sex but, until recently, flatly refused to take part in a threesome.

The bit of the story you're all interested in took place last week, on her birthday. I'd decided to book a weekend break at a nice little country hotel with spa treatments and booked her in for a treatment.

She really enjoyed her afternoon of pamepring especially the extremely relaxing massage. She said she'd never felt so chilled and later as we dined she had a few glasses of wine and aswell as chilled got quite tipsy. It was after dinner that we adjourned to the bar that was fairly busy, the only free table was next to a group of guys. I suggested Jill sat down while I got some more drinks.

Because the bar was busy it took a while to get served and when I got back to Jill she was having a laugh with the guys on the next table, in fact she had one sat on each side of her. She intoriduced me as her husband when I went over and thr guys told me how lucky I was to have such a good looking wife who was a good laugh. I told them not to be fooled as she's really a bit shy thinking this would be what she'd want and that we could spend the rest of the evening together. How wrong was I?

"Shy, me?, absolutely not, i'm up for anything me" she laughed, obviously a little under the influence. "Yeah, not quite anything eh" I replied. At this Jill gave me a glare and, looking me straight in the eye said "yes I am, anything, even things you don't think I am" then turned and whispered to the guy who'd been sitting next to her when i'd returned with the drinks. "Wow, are you sure?" he asked. "Yes why not" she replied, "and bring your friend with you, room 71".

"Jill, what the fuck is going on?" I asked. "Your ultimate fantasy is going to take place in 10 minutes in our room, you coming?" she said with a cheeky look in her eye. I thought she was bluffing so decided to play along and followed her up to our room.

Within 5 minutes of being in the room there was a knock at the door. She told me to answer the door and let in whoever was there. I opened the door to the two guys she'd been talking and laughing with earlier both wearing huge smiles and from the look of their trousers already anticipating a good time.

While I answered the door Jill had nipped into the en-suite and came back wearing a robe. She has a fantastic body and doesn't mind showing it off but usually reserves that for me or on holidays. She strode across to the bed, stood with her arms on her hips and thanked the guys for coming up to the room. "Lets not waste any time" she said, "we all know why we're here" and at that she undid and stepped out of her robe revealling her lovely body, nice pert tits and shaven pussy which already seemed to be glistening, probably due to her thinking of what was to come.

Olly, one of her guests, moved over to her, undoing his trousers as he went. When he reached Jill she took over, pulled them down and knelt in front of him. As she pulled his boxers off his cock sprang up, all 8 inches and pretty thick too. The tip of his cock ended up just in front of her and she leant forward and started to lick and suck him, playing with his balls while he moaned with pleasure. In the meantime John, guy number two, had completely undressed and was manouvering himself behind Jill, putting his hands on her arse and gently raising her to her knees while she still sucked away on Olly.

At this point i'm still stood, mouth open thinking what the hell is going on her then shaking myself and thinking what the hell am I doing just stood here. I quickly threw off my clothes and went across the room to join in. Jill stopped sucking Olly and pointed to the chair "you sit there and watch" she commanded. "You said you wanted a threesome and to see another guy fuck me, well now you're gonna see a threesome and two guys fuck me".

For the next 30 minutes these two guys, younger and fitter than me and, though I hate to admit it, with larger cocks than mine too (I thought Olly's was big until John stripped off. He had about 10" and a girth to make any girls eyes water) had the time of their lives with my wife. Jill sucked them both and squealed with delight as first Olly then John slid their thick cocks into her wet, willing pussy. Both guys seemed to love fucking Jill and she encouraged them all the way, telling them to fuck her harder and to give her their "fucking large gorgeous cocks".

I sat on the chair wanking my dripping cock, incredibly turned on by what was happening but Jill shook her head telling me to stop. I stopped but Olly and John didn't. The session ended with Jill on her back on the bed, Olly deep inside her pussy, pounding away with his rock hard cock while John crouched over her face feeding his cock into her mouth as she slurped greedily on his length.

After so much pounding Olly groaned that he was going to cum, pulled his cock out of Jill's pussy and, with this hand behind her head, held her while his cock shot it's load all over her. She gulped the first spurts down like a little whore and licked his cock while he shot the rest of the contents of his balls all over her lips and face.

John must've been turned on by all this as he too said he was going to cum. To my total shock and amazement Jill shouted "don't cum yet, stick it up my arse, I want to feel you fill my arse". John didn't need telling twice. Now Jill does like it up the arse as i've been up there many times but as I said, John was a much bigger boy than me. He wet her bum hole and then, not too gently, entered Jill's arse. She let out a gasp, part pain mostly joy as he then proceeded to fuck her arse before, after about a minute, letting go and, from the look of it, emptying a bucket load of cum inside her.

"Fucking hell guys that was awesome" said Jill "thanks for coming" she added with a giggle. "No problem, we're here tomorrow if you fancy another go" said Olly as he and John got dressed. I told them that I didn't think she'd be up for another performance and showed the guys to the door.

When I shut the door as they left I wasn't sure how I felt. I'd been turned on beyond belief watching these two studs have their way with my wife but felt left out as I hadn't joined in. "Did you enjoy that?" she asked as I came towards the bed. "It would've been nicer if I'd been able to join in" I said. "Oh no, you wanted to watch and I wanted you to watch and now it's your turn to fuck me any way you choose".

Well I was like the proverbial rat up a drainpipe. My cock was already throbbing like hell from watching the action but for the next 20 minutes we had the best, lustful sex we'd ever had. I fucked her juicy pussy and slipped my cock into her well stretched arse, finally pulling out to shoot in her mouth and on her face just like Olly had earlier.

"You know that's your spunk and Ollys on my face and lips don't you?" she asked. "Yes, and?" I replied. "Well kiss me and lick the fucking cum off my face" she instructed. I'd never considered the taste of another guy's cum but being carried away with the moment did as I was told and to my surprise it didn't taste too bad.

"Did you like the taste of his spunk?" she asked. "Not as bad as I expected it to be" I replied. "Mmm, I suspect you might be a closet bi-boy" she said and winked at me. "What's with the wink and what do you mean a close bi-boy?". She didn't reply straight away but instead went across to her bag and pulled out a bloody great strapon. "Only one way to find out if you'd like cock" she said and promptly started to put this thing on herself. "No fucking way" I said but she wasn't having any of it. "You've had your little fantasy, now it's my turn, i've been aching to use this for weeks and now's the perfect time, on your knees".

Well, all's fair as they say so on my knees I went. She very kindly applied some lube on my arse (not like her and John) and slowly squeezed her new toy inside me. I have to admit it felt great as it slowly stretched my arse. That nice warm feeling suddenly took a turn as, in the knowledge i'd took the 8" of rubber cock comfortably she then began to bang the fuck out of my poor little butt hole. "This is the price you pay for watching me being fucked, so think carefully before you ask again" she said.

Well, what a night full of surprises. No.1 she'd been planning this little event ever since i'd booked the weekend. No 2 was the strange sense of enjoyment I got from being fucked up the arse by my wife. No 3, and i'm still not sure I heard correctly, was her suggesting this might not be the last time.

Fucking great!